Faults in my star episode 10

RECAP- Reher got married revan promises meher to find the culprit 

Next morning

Kapoor mansion

Kabir on phone

K-what! Is she alive officer please tell me

O- I don’t know but we are trying

K- please sir please find her

O- sure dr kapoor

Phone cuts

Kabir pov

Khawish itne saalo so jo main meher ko nahi keh paya ab wo tumhe hi kehna hoga you have to tell me who was she khwahish kaun thi wo


Sarna mansion

Reher’s room

Meher sleeping in his arms he woke up and saw her in his arms he smiles seeing her sleeping peacefully he was looking at her suddenly she woke up

M- good morning

R- good morning

He kissed her forehead

M- let me fresh now

R- hmmm

She goes

His pov

Haye ab to iss khobsurat cherha ki addat dalni hogi love you a lot you meher

He was working on laptop meher came out in a beautiful suit she was drying her hair and he was staring at her and soon came back to her took her towel and throw it on the bed her started moving and she came to the wall he blocked her way and started romancing with her  (you all can imagine) he was going to kiss her just than sanjana came he frowns

S- revan I wanted to discuss about

  1. Swethaa

    mystery…waiting to unfold..

  2. Anu88

    So so interesting episode yaar

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