Faults in my star episode 1

Hii guys prachi here first I will introduce a very new members of sdcah and what happened in the past I will tell that as it is also a very important part so let's get started……..

A beautiful girl was in front of mirror her eyes were green her lips were pink she was wearing a white suit she has cried a lot due to which her face became red she took a frame and started crying again saying mama why did you left me why Papa hates me I want all the answers I want to know what was my fault. So she is meher guys she is doctor by profession. And today it was her mother's dead anniversary. She went downstairs where a man was busy with his laptop she went to her dadi and said how could he do this today dadi she was his wife. Soon the puja began. And ended also. She went to change and came down in a lovely dress.
M- dadi I am going to hospital
K- beta go with ur father na
Meher looked at kabir but she know he will never drop her.
 Kabir-maa I have to go to first sanjana as she needs my help and she will manage na take ur med on time hmmmm bye….
He went away. Meher also went in her car. Kusum- kyu khawish aise kyu chod kar chali gaye tum meher ko kyu……??
In malhotra mansion
Sanchi was trying to wake up a girl
Sanchi- wake up kumbkaran wake up
Girl- oho mama how many times shall I tell u do not call me by this name either sanjana or sanju
Saachi- now get up or else you will get late
Sanju- ohhh haa she gets up and hugs her and says to gm
Veer – tum idhar ho niche kabir is waiting
Saachi- ohh shit I just forgot
Veer- tum bhi chalo sanju
Sanjana- sure Papa kabir uncle se to surely milo gi na
Trio went down stairs where kabir was waiting as soon as sanjana came down she hugged him he said so first day of internship
Sanjana- haa uncle I am really excited
Kabir- hona bhi chahiye
Saachi pov
Kaash aap aise meher ko treat karte to aaj wo waise nahi hoti jaise Hain
Veer- let's go
They went

In hospital meher was waiting for kabir he came she went to them
Meher- I know Papa aap mujhse nafrat karte Hain but than also I can't hate you I just only want ur blessings to be with me
Kabir- sanjana beta testing interview will be difficult so just carefully give ur answer .
Meher felt very bad she was upset and was going wiping her tears but collided with a handsome boy he holded her hand as she was going to fall down they shared a cute eyelock
Boy- hii miss
Meher – meher thanks for ur help
He suddenly noticed tears in her eyes he asked hey this tears she noticed it and smiles and says nothing she tries to smile but fails soon the boy starts tickling her and she laughs
Meher- by the way what's your name
Boy – revan…revan sarna
Meher – hii revan meher kapoor here
Revan with a shocking expression- you are daughter of dr kabir kapoor correct
Meher- bas kehne ke liye
Revan- what
Meher – nothing
Revan- so friends
Forwards his hand
Meher shakes hands and says friends
Reher goes but some one was fuming in anger she was sanjana! Meher's friend

Sanjana pov
Meher u know what I will take revan away from u because I love him
Veer pats her forehead and says kaha she says kahi nahi. They also went.
All gave their interviews and meher was only left she goes In the office one of them whispers how beautiful is she na kabir glares at him and says we are here to take interviews not to judge any one's beauty
Dr 1- so dr kapoor looks like you are really a good student so here i ask u some questions
Meher nods he asked her and she answered
Dr 1 – now last 2 questions might be asked by our senior dr kabir
Meher pov
Ab shayad mujhe doctor bane ka sapna chodna padega
Kabir- dr meher what is cardiomyopathy ?
All  drs look at him in shock
Kabir-I can ask  any question related to medical field dr meher do you know the answer if not
Suddenly she said Sir cardiomyopathy is the condition in which heart's cardiac muscles becomes heavy thick and lose function. It can cause sudden death especially in young athletes medications can help but In some cases patient needs a heart transplant.
All were shocked by her answer……….

Precap sanjana jealous of meher

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  1. actually teaser is soo confusing but dear after reading it awesome one yaar
    eagerly waiting for next 1

  2. Riyarocks

    awww……….finally meher has someone with whom she can share her feelings…….but ye sanju….just hate her……..pehle uske papa ko cheena…ab uski dost(Revan) ko bhi chheen lena chahti hai…….& kabir kya psycho hai???meher ko chodkar sanju ke paas ja raha hai……feel so bad for meher…

  3. Anonymousaa

    What a suspense!!!
    Can’t wait to know more about Meher Sanjana and of course my dear Kanchi.
    Plz post next epi asap.Luv uh loads.

  4. Diff concept…loved it…update asap

  5. Amazing….. Update soon… And get well soon

  6. Itna suspence…heart attack padwaogi tum toh yaar…..awesome….can’t have words…lots of love to u sweetie.

  7. Dhruti

    superb dear………….but feeling bad for meher!!!
    can’t wait for next one ………….update soon……………….love you sweetie…………..

  8. Hey prachi awsome epi but feel bad for meher nd yaar ek baat jo mere mann me khatak rahi sorry pehle hi bol rahi bura mat manna kabir meher se nafrat karta h thik h per sanjana se itna lagav kyun mujhe ye achcha nahi laga i mean wo sanveer ki beti h nd all or tumne promo me dikhaya tha ki sanchi kah rahi thi ki meri galti ki saja meher ko kyun agar aisa h to usse sanjana se bhi nafrat hone chahiye thi meher se nahi.. per kya pta unke past me aisa kuch hua ki wo aisa h.. Itna sara confusion nd suspense i hope mere sare sawalon k jawab mujhe mujhe jaldi mil jayenge post nxt asap

  9. Jessicca

    Outstanding. Amazing… To good yarr keep going

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