thanks guys for much support. ..and comments are getting less…I hope you love it..any suggestions plse tell…and there is a good news….naveena is back…she opened her eyes tday morning 6 .she asked to say hi to all and thanks for all prayers..your prayers have made her alive..she also says she will itself starts her ff by tmrw morning. …so encourage her…and finally I am feeling good to have friends in India …u all guys and tisha di you are rocking…I became a fan of ur ff …surbhi,Sri,ammu,and my dear close friend sowmiya…rocking man…thanks a lot to all who continuously giving feedbacks..

the episode starts with twinkle lost in thoughts…abhi ,purab went to recipition to pay the bill..aliya and ishani left as abhi says dadi is alone…
kunj comes and sits beside twinkle..he calls twinkle….but no response…she is sitting num. .kunj shakes her by her shoulders.. twinkle comes to her senses and says yes..kunj says don’t worry ma will be fine..twinkle says she is the one I know in this world..I will not leave her to go and cries.kunj hugs her and pacifies her. twinkle says in between her sobs …I love ma very much…kunj says don’t cry ,nothing will happen to ma…abhi and purab comes …kunj says I will take care you people go .abhi says are you sure then call me if you want anythg and leaves…kunj and twinkle sits in waiting area…kunj says let’s have a coffee? Twinkle says no . kunj says arey…your mom will feel bad that you didn’t eat when she open her eyes…twinkle looks on and says ok..

both comes to canteen and kunj ordered tea..twinkle was blank…kunj says hey she Wil be fyn ….plse don’t keep your face like this…it doesn’t suits you….twinkle says ha …see who is saying? kunj says shut up…and tea comes.they both drank tea..and by talking twinkle slept by placing her head in kunj ‘s shoulders
soon kunj too sleeps. ..
next morning…abhi ,purab comes and wakes them …and ask kunj to go home…

while he comes out..he sees 90 missed calls from rv and pragya.kunj says oops…I am dead tday.both will not leave me…and goes to pragya ‘s home.he sees rv sitting in living room .he enters and says what’s up….rv looks at him and turns to opposite side. kunj says arrey …rv calls pragya and says oye fuggie. ..someone is asking what happened …explain him..
kunj knows he is in anger and sits beside him..pragya comes..and looks on …kunj says oh…my cute boy is angry on me…rv says haa …very impressive….pragya asked kunj where were forget that yesterday we booked tickets for movie..all flopoed …kunj remembers and says ha…I know…I am in hospital…pragya asked what happened and goes near him asking so you have fever…or hurt …what? rv too asked hey what hapnd…kunj says relax guys…twinkle hey na…her mother just got a heart attack..actually I only admitted her in hospital. .pragya says hope she is fyn now…kunj nods yes…rv says oh…pragya can you see …someone is floating in air ..pragya asked whom..rv says this Romeo…tat too love mood…kunj says stop it..I never believe in marriage nor this stupid love..ok LEAVE me

twinkle enters the room and sees leela..she goes near her and took her hands in her…leela opens her eyes…twinkle says ma and hugs her…leela ask don’t hide the truth …what hapnd to me? Twinkle says ma…leela says tell..twinkle says ma..heart…att ..and cries. … leela ask heart attack. ..and smiles

..twinkle asked why she is smilling…leela says plse wil you fulfil my last wish…twinkle says ma…leela says stop…it’s my turn…you hav to do marriage before somethg happens to me.
.twinkle says ma and hugs her…leela says it’s my last wish beta…twinkle says yes ma I will do …if it gives happiness then ok …I will marry…

days passed on…

all were preparing themselves for cultural program..
rv says let’s go to a set where I have arranged..yuvi looks on..and says go man…you all going to die…and smiles …

all reaches and pragya says the place is good…abhi says yes…all goes in and starts practising…yuvi comes with goons and pours oil and fires. ..

all sides catches fire..bulbul was one to see first and allerts all …everyone comes out…rv asked is everyone is out. .kunj sees and says hey…pragya didn’t come…I hope she is inside…rv ask what. ..arey…
meanwhile when abhi heated it he just goes in and searches for pragya. .ishani and aliya shouts bhai..abhi sees pragya on floor lying unconsciousness and sees a side of wall going to fall on her..he quickly picks her and take her from there and comes out..ishani says thank God and all were relaxed…abhi made pragya to sit on bench and asked to bring water…bulbul goes and gets water..abhi sprinkles and pragya opens her eyes..kunj asked are you okay…pragya says yes…abhi says you see the fire na you must have come out na ..why you didn’t. .pragya says arey. .my shall get stucked …and though I have…..and stops..abhi asked what? pragya says nothg ..
kunj ask rv what arrangements you have done..see what hapend tday. ..rv says wait you are saying me tat it’s my mistake

.kunj says yes …you are careless and see if somethg happens to her…rv says nthg had hapnd na…then…kunj says thank God..abhi saved her ..else…what you will do..
pragya says arey kunj I am fyn ..kunj says don’t stop me today..see by leaving all his mistakes tday he had done a big mistake..if somethg hapnd to you…pragya says please kunj… rv says leave pragya…he has ryyt to scold me..yes I am wrong..what u have to do..kunj says see now too such much ego.rv says ohh ..pragya says ranvi …kunj…both parts their says in opposite direction. ..pragya looks on both sides..

will pragya able to join her two friends…if so what will happen next…keep reading..

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