thanks a lot guys…and naveena is still in bad condition..hope she will be fine. ..and tday will be more twinj scenes as their fans are asking so I decided but I think I will equalise with abhigya and ishveer enjoi twinj fans….

the episode starts with pragya making her try to wake bulbul..bulbul says di .. I am tired. know that aunty…gave me lots of lectures…I am fed up di …pragya says arey…they are saying for your goodness na..okay get up..rv and kunj will come ..rv says we came fuggie. ..pragya and bulbul turns and rv hugs both. this sleeping beauty ..tday too late…kunj says arey baba leave. ..let’s go’s time…bulbul get ready fast ..we are waiting in hall…

all reaches college.abhi calls pragya as they have to decide for drama…so pragya leaves.kunj also leaves..ishani ask aliya and twinkle to go as she want to meet her friend..both leaves..

yuvi sees ishani standing alone and goes near her.yuvi says are you waiting for ur boyfriend. ..rv ….ishani thinks how he knows tat I love rv…yuvi asked are you shocked? that how I know!!
yuvi shows a video where rv says to yuvi tat I will make ishani to love’s a challenge.ishani was shocked…yuvi asked shocked? ? see u told na it’s just a game with you… ishani then smiles…yuvi asked y are u laughing…ishani says I know this’s old one ..get a new matter if you know..yuvi asked how…

fb starts….
rv breaks the hug and says sorry…ishani asked why…rv says i bet yuvi tat I will make you to love me..but I don’t know what hapnd? I really fall for you..I can’t see you in pain..and I can’t relief till I see you in a day…I then realized its love….pure love…please forgive me…ishani says arey baba it’s k no problem…I forgive you but don’t play these kind of things next run..rv says …sure my lord…
fb ends..

rv comes there and says to yuvi not to interfere in their life and leaves..
in canteen , ishani says you know how yuvi got terrified on hearing tat I know and laughs..rv says good and have this and gives juice..ishani thanks him…

abhi and pragya were rehearsing the dance as they are the main part…pragya ask him to dance properly and teaches him…but abhi didn’t dance well…pragya taunts him…
pragya does a step and ask him to hold…but abhi leaves her..pragya falls …abhi says hmmm sorry…pragya asked why you left me? .. abhi asked paining a??pragya nods yes…abhi says it will pain the same when someone taunts…pragy a looks on…abhi takes pragya in his arms and makes to sit on bench…pragya and abhi’s eyes locks…

next day….
leela leaves from the shop and while getting in car ,she faints …kunj gets her….he rushed her to hospital…and takes her mobile and calls twinkle ( he doesn’t know it’s twinkle..he thinks there may be May people in this name) and calls …twinkle says i am coming….and calls aliya and ishani..
twinkle and duo comes to hospital…kunj sees twinkle and asked is this her mother …twinkle asked what happened… kunj says doctor didn’t say anythg…

doctor comes and says who is lady’s relation…twinkle says i am? says you have to be strong…as it’s her first heart attack…twinkle was shattered…aliya and ishani holds her..
abhi,purab comes there…and twinkle sits without….

all are practising for drama in the set…suddenly it catches fire….all runs out…rv asked everybody reached out…kunj says she is in….

who is?????

it’s too short…I have no tym guys so it’s short ..but next epi will be lengthy…and I decided to take over naveena’s abhigya forever ….what you guys think…

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    Ishveer scenes r the lady in is ishani? Waiting for next.

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  12. ria Cassandra

    thanks yaar…sure all will be equalized….don’t worry …..keep supporting ur support is a big strength to me…..

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