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The episode starts with abhi making arrangements for holi….aliya says bhai…everything is alright.and you know na it’s long time after we are joining…abhi says ha…I know.pragya calls abhi.aliya asked what’s going between you…abhi says nothing and attends the call.pragya says abhi I could not come tomorrow as I am having important surgery. .I’m the hospital.abhi asked her to cancel it.pragya says you know na… my job is my passion.abhi asked so you will not come.pragya says no.abhi says do whatever you want and cuts the call…
pragya says guys I know he is very much angry …ranveer says cool…let him realize his love for you.pragya blushes…ishani says see who is blushing.pragya says stop pulling my legs.kunj says ok we are leaving as it’s time..twinkle says we will be sure tomorrow to see the drama.
in night…
kunj asked twinkle how she feels after meeting them..twinkle says I am very excited for rv and ishu’ wedding.kunj asked why.twinkle says so I can wear new dress…and moreover we can have fun na..kunj nods his head and says let’s sleep…otherwise I will get angry…twinkle asked why..but kunj switched off lights ..twinkle says how ego he is…

Next day

Abhi was sad …as pragya will not come..he don’t want to celebrate and thinks to leave before someone sees him.but ranveer holds him saying happy holi brother…ishani comes there.abhi says here your lover has come leave me…kunj says how could we …and purab ,bulbul joins with them .abhi asked oye..purab you also that side..purab says what to do..twinkle says bhai you can’t escape..abhi says not like that.aliya asked are you missing pragya..abhi says no…why should I…and why I should miss her..all says hmmm.purab says arey agree abhi that you are missing pragya bcoz we know u are in love with her.abhi thinks for a while and says yes..I love her but I could not able to say bcoz I am afraid if she did not accept .purab says she too loves you…bulbul says ha bhai…that time a group of dancers comes and starts to dance for a song balam pichkari …a girl comes from the centre and it’s pragya.Abhi was suprised.bulbul pushed abhi too dance. ..and both dances..abhi holds pragya close and says I love you…pragya says me too and both hugs…all comes and surrounds them…and all dances
ishani says first you both marry then we will marry …ha …na ranveer ..ranveer says ofcourse and hugs pragya.bulbul says someone is burning.abhi says I am not burning.bulbul says did i said you..abhi says woh…ranveer says sorry bhai.pragya suniye….abhi asked what did you say…pragya says abhi….abhi says it doesn’t sound good…pragya says first we must speak to dadi and ma. ..abhi says anyways as your wish ..ranveer says arey someone seems to be surrendered. …abhi says you will come to know about it once you marry my sister.ranveer says ok ok….
the holi function comes to an end.all were leaving.abhi says I will drop pragya…ranveer says see…someone is taking care of you…pragya says it’s ok..I will go with ranveer …abhi says I will drop you that’s it…ranveer asked pragya to go….kunj smiles at twinkle.when pragya was about to get into the car she feels dizzy …abhi gets in ,so he didn’t noticed…ishani noticed and says bhabhi. .and runs near her and hold a her.ranveer ,kunj and twinkle turns to see…they were shocked…all rushed to her ..abhi gets down and says pragya and lift her in his arms and asked ranveer to take car…all rushed to hospital.

after few minutes the doctor comes out …abhi asked how is she..the doctor says fine and says he have doubt .to clear that he asked to take some test tomorrow. Abhi asked can I take her to home.he says yes …they meets pragya..pragya says it’s paining at the back of head and holds…abhi hugs her saying nothing….don’t worry. PRAGYA feels comfortable. RANVEER says arey we are here yaar.ishani says ha bhai.kunj was about to talk but abhi says i am sorry…

Hope you all loved….

Credit to: Ria Cassandra


  1. sana

    Nice yar but little bit short make it as longer one in next episode but I liked todays episode abhi confessed his love waiting for the next episode

  2. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    thax dear for ishveer pics . love it super waithing for next and what abt the weeding dear ????

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