Hi guys …I am back…less comments.I think due to late uodates…I will surely update daily…

The episode starts with pragya asked if you will accept their marriage.Abhi says I have to think about it.pragya says you got anger that day bcoz ..ranveer was a irresponsible person.but now he is one of the great businessman in world.he is one of the top most.and why are you hurting ishani…she os your sister. ..Abhi says leave think how can we go out.pragya says do you have any way.Abhi says you remember …we will get out of the lab through window…to bunk.pragya says yes and both jumps out through window.pragya says still you remember..Abhi asked forgot.pragya says no let’s leave.Abhi says I will drop you…and they reached pragya’s home.pragya before leaving asked him to think about marriage.

Ushani was crying hard remembering past.she thinks because of me.all are suffering…why should I live ..and sees a knife and cuts her wrist…and falls down.aliya comes in and was shocked.she says ishani..and runs towards her.she calls purab,abhi…all takes her to hospital.she was admitted.purab calls bulbul to inform..she informs pragya, ranveer and kunj, twinkle.all arrived to hospital. Abhi sees ranveer and holds his collar saying bcoz of you my sister. ..ranveer says enough…did I asked you to marry ishani to…I left her bcoz you should not hurt her.I left this area,country only for her.but what you did…you hurt after I will not leave…and the doctor comes…ranveer asked what happened doctor.the doctor says please calm down..we are trying out best to save her…Abhi sits on the chair…aliya comes and consoles him.Abhi says because of me…ishani is in this state.aliya says bhai..don’t blame yourself…she will be fine..pragya prays to God.kunj consoles ranveer.he says kunj..if something happens to her I will not be alive.twinkle says nothing will happen to her.the doctor comes and says she Is fine.aliya asked can we see. The doctor says yes.all goes in ..Abhi stayed out. ISHANI opens her eyes and sees ranveer near her.ranveer asked how is she..she says fine and looks all.she asked bhai..pragya says wait ..I will call him and comes out.Abhi asked how is she.pragya says come in.Abhi says no.I am ashamed to meet her.pragya says nothing is your fault…come…and takes him.

Abhi sees ishani and hugs her saying I am sorry…ishani says it’s not your fault bhai.Abhi says but why did you do like thought to give a big punishment for me…till my death.
but One thing I will not leave you…ishani laughs…Abhi says I want to rectify my mistake…so I am going to announce onething.and goes to ranveer and holds his hands ..saying sorry.ranveer says I am so sorry ..and both hugs…all smiles…Abhi says will you accept my sister…ranveer says why not…I will take her today to…pragya asked much eagerness…wait my sweet friend.all laughs.

ranveer says I will not leave you and both runs.and finally ranveer catches pragya.pragya says I am sorry.twinkle says leave her.Abhi says tmrw is holi. .and tomorrow come to my home..In evening…I will announce this as an…happy…ishani says thanks bhai..Abhi says my pleasure…and aliya says its selfie time…all took a groupfie…

Hope you all liked..leave your comments…

Credit to: Ria Cassandra


  1. Muskan{News reporter}

    I did not liked it dear i just cant say………………………………………………how much i loved it.

  2. sandhya

    ria so nice ……i love it ….and y no precap…..i was waiting for ur ff ….since long time…but pls try to upload regularly..

  3. reji

    ria it’s awesome….superb….but it
    s short yaar …pls upload long episode…and your ff is fantastic keep going..

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Devi and shreya both stupid,nonsense. Shreya pls check previous epi of mistake ff and speak devi backwas only told ishveer romance is artificial. how dare she say like this. I don’t get angry for anything bit whatever she told made me cry.. Nonsense devi. blo*dy devi and all bad words… I told that ff writer to keep both shows pics so that it will nice… Ok shreya pls don’t interfere in problem without knowing. I don’t want to hurt anyone in abhigya fans becoz I am also big fan of them. I hate devi if she gets on my hand!!

  5. Nivethitha

    Wow amazing episode. No words to say u nailed it keep going yaar and ask naveena to continue her new ff I am eagerly waiting for hers and ur next part too..


    Thanks yaar……I can’t say how eagerly I was waiting for this episode…loved it soo much yaar……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.