the episode starts with abhi continusly looking at pragya.he wondered how she has changed in past years.ranveer was quite ..twinkle asked him not to worry. ishani looks at them.bulbul waves hi to purab.
pragya thinks of flashback …
abhi asked pragya shall we go to movie as no one attends classes.pragya said ok and both leaves to theatre. in same theatre. .ishani and rv was there.abhi sees ranveer close to ishani and comes towards them and starts beating ranveer.pragya asked him to stop but abhi slaps pragya too..ranveer asked not to harm pragya as he has no ryt on her and says it’s my fault na beat me.ishani tries to calm abhi …but couldn’t.he says I believed you more…than others but you with my sister….disgusting. pragya asked him to stop and says not a word about her friend.and says here after he will not meet ishani ..for it abhi mehra..abhi drags ishani and pragya leaves with ranveer.pragya does first aid for ranveer and rv sees pragya’s lips has been wounded bcoz abhi slaps her..blood is coming.he treats her wound saying I will not leave that abhi for hurting you.pragya says leave it..
kunj comes and asked what hapnd.pragya says everthg.kunj hugs ranveer and asked him not to worry….

the fb ends..
pragya for into her senses as twinkle called her .she says come with me.both leaves.twinkle and pragya meets aliya and ishani…aliya says di…how are you and hugs.ishani looks at her.pragya asked so my princess is still in anger.ishani gets tears and hugs her.

the function ends…all were leaving..ranveer asked pragya to come.pragya says you go ..I will manage ,as I want to see our college…ranveer leaves.kunj and twinkle too leaves.ishani and aliya left with purab.abhi also comes around college…both enters to lab and the door was locked…abhi does nt know that pragya is in…nor pragya knows abhi is in.pragya and abhi at the same time says we are in…and both was shocked.abhi says you…pragya asked you…and after few seconds abhi says i think we will go out tomorrow morning so come sit here and gives a place
both abhi and pragya sits …they were talking about past. pragya says about kunj and twinkle’s marriage.and says can I ask you somethg.
.abhi asked what..pragya says why you don’t like know he really loves her.abhi looks at pragya…

kunj and twinkle was in the way
.twinkle says hope everythg will be back to normal. kunj says hope so…if abhi accepts rv and ishani’s marriage.tis will come to an end

ishani cuts her wrist…..blood flows…abhi and others take her to hospital

Credit to: ria Cassandra


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