Hi friends. As i had promised I’m back with my next episode. Thanks for all your support from its first episode to today till its ends. I’m really happy because you all like it.

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Okay let’s start it

Laksh and Ragini finally reached in the marriage venue. Laksh senses that ragini wasn’t coming.

Laksh – hey what happened?

Ragini – no laksh i can’t go please you go na. I don’t have courage that i could saw Sanskar marriage.

Laksh – come Ragini After today you have to accept this truth forever so why not now.

Ragini – but. .

Laksh- common yaar let’s go.

Ragini – okay. And they entered inside.

Laksh – okay you just stay here i’m just Coming.

Ragini – please yaar now don’t start drama. I’m alone here because of you only i came here and now you also..

Laksh – please yaar just two minutes.

After sometime Ragini get a call on her number from an unknown number. When she picked that call she knows that was swara. Swara called her to her room as she wants to talk with her. So Ragini went there.

After sometime in the mandap

Sanskar was already sitting there. Laksh was with him only. Pandit ji calls the bride and after sometime the bride came there.

After sometime. …

Pandit ji asked sanskar to fill bride’s hairline. When sanskar tried to put he was shocked because in that ragini was there.

Sanskar – Ragini you are here.

Everyone shocked because swara is not there including laksh.

Sanskar – Ragini where is swara. But she didn’t reply.

Just then he heard swara’s voice.

Swara comes there. Seeing her sanskar gets up and goes near her.

Sanskar – what is this swara?

Swara – what your marriage is happening.

Sanskar – what is this joke.

Swara – it’s the truth sanskar. You are getting married.

Sanskar – but what is this selfish person doing here. Hearing this ragini cried.

Swara – she is not selfish and her name is Ragini damit. That ragini whom you are loving till now.

Sanskar – no i don’t love her. Just stop these let’s go for marriage we are getting late.

Swara – Sanskar your marriage was over only one ritual is remained. You get married to your love.

Swara’s mother came forward .

Mother – what is this beta.

Swara – maa i did right. You know what I’m loving him from these years but till now he never loved me. Before some years when he told me that ragini doesn’t love him i accept him because i thought why i’ll leave my love. But maa i never took ragini’s place. He never made me feel that he doesn’t love me.

Mother – but that girl doesn’t love him.

Sanskar – yes swara i love her but she never loved me why you did these. I did compermise with my life. She took a promise that you should remain happy and i tried my best. I thought we could stay as friends for rest of our life. And Ragini never loved me.

Swara – no Sanskar you did a mistake by not trusting her.

Sanskar – what are you talking about. 

Swara – sanskar Ragini loves you from the beginning when you even don’t know about her. When you proposed her she wants to say yes but I came in between you two. She refused for the sake of our friendship. In the temple she thought to became selfish and told you the truth but ypu thought she told you only for humanity. Then she never contact you because you told her that you want to move on.

Sanskar – he cried happily. Are you sure na swara no this can’t be true you are kidding na who told you.

Swara – sanskar i knew it from yesterday’s night. When laksh read her diary he told me everything. But i wasn’t sure so i told him to confront Ragini. And at that time i was in the line and i had heard everything. Then whole night i thought. Sanskar there is no future in our relationship. You never loved me. So its better you stay with your love.

Sanskar – but what about you. .

Swara – are yaar please let me became good at least for today. I’ll found any one. Dont worry about me. Go and complete the ritual. Hey go yaar otherwise she’ll runaway.

Sanskar – thank swara for understanding. And he hugged her. Swara happily cries.

Sanskar – he went back and sits near Ragini. Hlo mam now I’ll not do any mistake again.

Ragini – let’s see in future.

Then they get married.

At night

Ragini was standing near the window. Sanskar comes and hugs her from back.

Ragini – you are so bad.

Sanskar – haww what i did.

Ragini – why that day you thought like that. You know what i fall in love with you the first day i saw you but you idiot thought I said that for humanity. Sanskar you don’t have any mind why will a girl tell you that she love you but for humanity. If she doesn’t have any other work.

Sanskar – sorry baba okay from today i’ll not repeat this type of mistake again. I love you common tell me i’m dying to hear that line from you.

Ragini – I love you too.

After some days

Laksh and swara came to visit ragini’s house.

Ragini – swara if you found someone or I’ll help you.

Sanskar – yah tell me swara.

Laksh – how bad you both are. Are if i didn’t told swara the truth na then now Ragini was crying and swara and Sanskar are already married. So you don’t think you should thankful to me.

Sanskar – no.

Laksh – but why?

Ragini – because you are my best friend and what you did that was your duty only.

Laksh- okay then.

Swara – okay when you will found someone tell me haan. Are mera bhi toh marriage hons chahiye.

Ragini – swara i think laksh was fit for you. What is your opinion sanskar.

Sanskar – yah that’s good.

Laksh – no please yaar i can’t stay with her.

Swara – same here.

Ragini and Sanskar – please don’t start again. …..

It ends with everyone’s happy face.

So guys Ragini got her real love. Her love was so true that god became bound to give her love back to her. I know all love stories are different. I tried to show a love story in a simple way. Thanks for liking it. Hope you all enjoyed the whole story. Sorry swasan fan because finally ragsan happened. I know you all are thinking to throw eggs and tamatoes on me. So guys you are welcome. Please let me know if you like it or not. If i had bored you then sorry. Please comment dena. Okay guys bye and take care. Haan HAPPY DIWALI guys.

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  4. Ragz_teju

    awesome amazing fantastic superb… loved it to the core… Happy diwali to you too

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  8. Fairy

    Awww!!!!thnku sooo much forsuch a superb endng…..yeyyy!!!m sooo happpy for ragsan..???? atlast dey r together …thnx to swalak,who united dem???keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety???happppy vala diwali????????

  9. Megha123

    Awsm part loved it happy that it ended on a good note

  10. Sindhura

    Yar happy diwali dont takeanywords to heart
    Behave mature and think its just a story not real life

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  12. Akshata

    awesome ending, after all true love always wins. loved it. come back soon

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    Wow…. Awesome ending… Loved it… Glad to see ragini happy….

    Happy diwali…

    N I hope u return with another ragsan ff or ss……. ???

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  18. Spineless sanskar in your fiction proved that he can’t take his decisions, first ragini took then swara and laksh.
    A girl given her approx 8 years of life for him, she was with him in his hard time, took care of him, if he can’t have feelings for her then wat can we say
    I m happy for swara she doesn’t deserve this kind of man

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