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Part 3

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Laksh was shocked to read that ragini also loves sanskar. He doesn’t understand what to do now. Then he realised about swara.

Fb starts

After Ragini left sanskar calls swara.

Sanskar – swara come to the temple now please. It’s urgent.

Swara – okay I’m coming.

Laksh – Sanskar what you will tell her ?

Sanskar – truth.

Laksh – which truth.

Sanskar – about Ragini.

Then swara comes there.

Swara – what happened? Why you are looking so worried. Is everything okay.

Sanskar – i want to tell you something . I don’t love you.

Swara – I know that sanskar.

Sanskar – and the girl whom i love her name is Ragini .

Swara – what are you joking right.

Sanskar – no swara Ragini is the girl whom i love for the first time. You know what she refused me because she thought you will be sad. And she took the promise that i should forget her. And accept you. Sorry swara but till now i didn’t forget her. Today she told me that she loves me but only for humanity. How can she. Swara i want to fulfil my promise given to my love. I don’t know what will be our future but please give me sometime.

Swara – she cried. Sanskar i’m sorry. I never know that she was ragini whom you love. Are i always consider her as my bestie but she didn’t. Is she mad that she left you that’s also because of me. Are i can leave you for my bestie.

Sanskar – she doesn’t love me. So leave her.

Swara – okay then I’m with you. Take as much time you want dear. I’m always there for you. And then she hugs sanskar.

Laksh – oho then my jhalli best friend na… leave her she is stupid. Okay guys let’s go. Our semester is near only. And then they left.

Laksh comes out of flashback.

Laksh – he throws that diary in anger. What the hell. Why we don’t understand Ragini’s feeling. That day she told the truth but we thought she told because of humanity. God why??????

Just then he saw Ragini was coming there. Ragini comes near him. She saw he was very much angry. And then noticed her diary was fallen in the floor.

Ragini – laksh…

A sound thud……

Laksh has slapped Ragini

Laksh – who are you? And who i am.

Ragini – laksh youare my best friend.

Laksh – really are i didn’t know that. You never considered me as best friend damit. Otherwise you didn’t hide such a big thing. I’m sorry because till now i thought i’m your best friend but you never thought me as best friend.

Ragini – she cried. Please laksh don’t be angry. I don’t want to lose you also. Please forget everything. Because now nothing can happen. They are getting married.

Laksh – but why you didn’t tell me the truth Ragini.

Ragini – what I’ll tell. That day for sometime I thought to became selfish. I though let swara suffered because sanskar doesn’t love her. But you guys thought that i told that in the eyes of humanity. Are which girl will tell a boy that she loves him only for humanity. Then he deleted all the photos and told me that he wants to move on so. .

Laksh – i’m sorry yaar. I didn’t understand you. Now what you will do?

Ragini – nothing. I’ll live with his memories. They are enough for me. And please stop blaming yourself. Now go and sleep. Tomorrow morning we have to go to swara’s house for Marriage.

Laksh – but. .

Ragini – oho you are asking so much. Good night go yaar.

Laksh – good night. Take care. And he left.

Ragini – she holds her diary and cried. Ragini you convince laksh but how will you convince yourself.

She slept in that position only.

Next day morning

Ragini wakes up and gets ready.

Ragini – i’m going to face my biggest truth of life. I have to stay strong. I’ll not show anyone my feelings. There shouldn’t any obstacles happened in their marriage.

Laksh – he comes near her. Ragini are you ready.

Ragini – yah let’s go.

They left. ..

In the car

Laksh – Ragini if you will able to see him married.

Ragini – yah I’ll. Are please yaar stop that. We are going to attend our friends marriage .Let’s go with happiness.

Laksh – yah you are right.

It ends with laksh and ragini’s sad face…

Precap – marriage…….

Friends sorry for a short update. Guys only last episode remains. I’ll end it with five episodes. Thanks for your suggestions and support. Guys I’ll update the next part on next Sunday that is on 30th October. I know it was too short so forgive me for that. Don’t forget to give your coments. Till then bye and take care.

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