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Let’s start it

Ragini became shocked seeing the knife. She screams no Sanskar…. Hearing her screams shriya comes near her. When shriya asked the reason she told her to saw the video.

Then they continue to saw the video.

Sanskar brings out a knife.

Sanskar – no Ragini I’ll not commit suicide. Because people used to do suicide who wants to die. And in my case that’s not needed. Because I’m already dead. You are a selfish girl Ragini. I’ll never forgive you. And then he write a big R in his shoulder. And then he wishes Ragini all the best .and I’m promising you ragini I’ll never disappoint you. Swara will always be happy in her life . and bye bye. And video stopped.

Ragini was shocked hearing it. She sits down. She never thought that sanskar loves her so much. She was crying vigorously. Shriya comes near her tried to concole her. Ragini remains silent for sometime. Shriya became very much afraid because she knows that ragini was feeling very much guilty.

After sometime

Suddenly Ragini holds shriya hand.

Shriya -Ragini what happened?

Ragini – shriya I want to meet sanskar.

Shriya -but why ?

Ragini – I want to meet him right now shriya. I want  to tell him about my point of view. If I’ll not talk to him then for next of my life I’ll always stay in a guilty. Please.

Shriya -but how?

Ragini – call in that number from which that video was sent.

Shriya -yah i’m doing. She tried but that number was switched off.

Ragini – call him shriya. Why you are doing late.

Shriya -Ragini it’s switched off. If you have any other number.

Ragini – no i don’t have. Let’s call swara.

Shriya -Ragini wait are you became mad? You are going to call swara. Okay tell me what you will tell her.

Ragini – common yaar I’ll ask her to give sanskar number. So that we could call him.

Shriya – Ragini till now she didn’t know that you are that girl right. Then how can you thinking of calling her. What will you tell her when she’ll ask you the reason.

Ragini – she breaks down . Then what we’ll do shriya. I can’t wait more. Please god help me.

Shriya – I have an idea. Ragini call laksh he was your best friend right. And he was also sanskar’s roommate. He can help us.

Ragini – no shriya he was angry upon me from the starting of this matter. He wants that i should say yes to sanskar. He wasn’t talking with me from last two months.

Shriya – Ragini call him. Now we have no other option. He’ll definitely help us. Just try once.

Ragini – okay. And she calls laksh. After two to three time laksh answered the call.

Ragini – hi laksh.

Laksh – what happened? Why you had called me.

Ragini – iknow you are angry on me but please help me for the last time. You are my best friend na.

Laksh – just a minute why you are crying? if anything happened?

Ragini – how do you know that I’m crying.

Laksh – common yaar we are best friend from our childhood. Tell me the reason.

Ragini – okay first do my work. I want to meet sanskar now. Please come with him in next 15 min .I’m waiting for you both at the backside of the temple. I hope you will come.

Laksh – but why you want to meet him. He wasn’t interested to meet you.

Ragini – I know my best friend will definitely give me this gift. I’ll wait for you. Bye. And she cuts the call.

Shriya doesn’t understand. Both of them then went to backside of the temple. In the whole way shriya asked Ragini about what she’ll talk with sanskar. But she doesn’t reply.

After 20 min

Shriya – Ragini they will not come.

Ragini – iknow they will come. Just wait for sometime. Hey saw there both were coming.

Shriya saw both laksh and Sanskar were coming towards them. Then they reached near Ragini and Shriya.

Sanskar – hi shriya.

Shriya – hi sanskar and hi laksh.

Laksh – hi.

Laksh – Ragini why you called us here.

Sanskar – what laksh we are here because she wants to tell me something. You don’t know her she is the most selfish girl i ever meet. Really yaar let’s go I don’t want to meet her.

Laksh – he saw towards Ragini. He saw her crying and he knows that ragini doesn’t cry in silly matters. Sanskar just talk with her once. Next I’ll never tell you about her. Let’s go shriya. And both of them left.

Now only two people’s are there sanskar and Ragini.

Ragini – Sanskar…But before she could tell anything more sanskar stopped her.

Sanskar – why Ragini. Why you are making the things difficult for me. It’s already…and then he stops. Seriously you just thought only about swara. You never cared for me. You just want to became mahaan na but in this you took all my happiness. And i don’t want to listen anything from you. You are selfish girl and you will be. And saying this he left.

Ragini – she breaks down. She cried hard. Sanskar please listen to me please. I’m not selfish sanskar. I never thought. ..and she couldn’t tell anything more. She was crying hardly. Suddenly she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder. She holds that hand and without seeing who was that she hugs tightly. I’m not selfish. Please try to understand me. She thought that person was shriya.

But he was sanskar. He returned because he can’t saw tears in ragini’s eyes.

Sanskar – it’s okay now tell me.

Ragini release him.

Ragini – Sanskar please don’t hate me. I’m sorry. Before you iknow swara. Always she told about her love sidharth. I never know that sanskar and sidharth both are same person. I was always happy for swara. She loves you truly. When you proposed me i didn’t understand anything. Because at that time I was thinking about only swara. You know she and her brother were trying to find me. They were dangerous.

Sanskar – common yaar please stop that. I know you never loved me. Just then the aarti in the temple started.

Ragini – Sanskar i want to confess something I love you.

Sanskar was shocked to listen that.

Sanskar – Ragini please stop it. I know you are concerned for me .I know whatever you told that was only because of humanity right. I know you. Don’t worry after this I’ll never come infront of you. And after today i’ll never hurt you or blame you. Bye and he left.

Ragini returns with shriya.

Then Laksh stopped reading.

Laksh – it means whatever Ragini told sanskar that was only for humanity. God this ragini bhi na.

Then again he started reading

After Ragini returns she was silent. Shriya came near her.

Shriya – Ragini what happened everything is solved. Now he doesn’t blame you dear. And you know what i laughed so much. You told him that you love him . that’s also because of humanity.

Ragini – no I said what’s reality. I really love him.

Shriya – you are again lying.

Ragini – no I’m saying truth.

Shriya – seriously Ragini but when and how.

Ragini – shriya you remember when sanskar proposed me i told you that idont know him. But that’s not true. I’m loving him when for the first time i saw him yes. On the first day of our extra classes i saw him . and i started loving him without knowing anything about him. Then after some days i met with swara. Then one day i saw laksh with him . When i asked laksh he told me that his name was sanskar. Then i used to see him in classes. I started dreaming my whole life with him. When swara used to tell me about sidharth her love iwas feelingguilty because I was hiding about my love. I was thinking to tell her that day but unfortunately that day only sanskar proposed me. You know what when he proposed me i was feeling to dance but i face another truth that swara also loves him. Then i refused him. You know what i always cried for him but whenever you noticed i lied you. But today i confessed the truth but he thought i did that only for humanity. You know what i went to meet him after seeing the video. Because i love him shriya. I thought let swara suffer because her love was one sided. But..

Shriya – what happened?

Ragini – she wipes her tears and tells he told me that.
Fb starts

Before going sanskar turns and told her -Ragini after today you need not to care or worried for me. Because from now onwards I’ll definitely forger you. You want this na. And then he brought his mobile and delete all her photos. Ragini i send that video because i thought in these two months maybe you started loving me. But today at least for humanity you told me that you love me. Thanks and good bye. And then he left.

Ragini – he wants to move on shriya . Now I’ll never come infront of him.

Shriya – oh god. Ragini but if you will able to forget him.

Ragini – don’t know but i’ll try.

Shriya – and promise I’ll don’t tell anyone. I know you are going to take it.

Ragini – thanks and they hugs.

Present time

Laksh was shocked to read it.

Laksh – oh god Ragini really loves him. Thatday we thought. ..what we did…

Here Ragini saw her diary wasn’t in the draw. So she became afraid that if laksh will get that.

Precap – Sanskar and swara meet each other in the temple. And laksh confront Ragini.

Guys please read it. And don’t forget to give your coment. Till then bye and take care.

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