Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Thanks for all your coments. Guys I had read all your coments. Guys I’ll not tell you about the pairs now. But i’ll tell you one thing that just wait for one more episode then you will know it. Please read it.

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Let’s start it.

It’s already 10 at night. Ragini couldn’t sleep till now. She was preparing herself to face the most difficult phase of her life. Suddenly she got a message. It was from her best friend laksh. He was sanskar’s roommate as well as her best friend. He was the main link between her and Sanskar. Laksh was coming because he wants to meet her and wants to attend sanskar’s marriage. He was reaching very soon.

Ragini – oh god laksh was coming. If he’ll know no that shouldn’t happen. I should prepare myself to hide my feelings. He can came any moment. I should get freshen up. But before she go laksh entered her room.

Laksh – oye madam where you are going? I came haan.

Ragini – laksh I knew it .You have the habit to give surprises.

Laksh – definitely yaar. Are at least give me a hug yaar. Then he hugged her.

Ragini – now tell me how are you.

Laksh – yah but First give me water.

Ragini – okay take it and she gave him water.

Laksh – yaar im fine as always. Are laksh can’t stay in sad you know na. Tell me about you.

Ragini – nothing much just alive.

Laksh – what is this Ragini always you answered that you are alive. Not good yaar.

Ragini – okay tell me any good news.

Laksh – are i forget to tell you. Sanskar and swara are getting married.

Ragini – I know that. Swara had sent me the card today only.

Laksh – then you are going or not?

Ragini – not sure.

Laksh – are you are swara’s good friend na. Days never waits for anyone. So many things get changed in our life.

Ragini – are why you are telling like this. You are talking in senti oho what happened?

Laksh – are nothing like that yaar. You remember our college time sanskar used to love you. He loves you madly na.and just see now he was getting married that’s also to swara.

Ragini – hmm you are right. She couldn’t control more .Laksh i have to make a call.

Laksh – sure.

Ragini went outside. She cried hard.

Ragini – yes, laksh you are right so many things changed but one thing didn’t changed that i love sanskar . I have to go back otherwise he’ll doubt me.

Laksh – oho who calls you mam your boyfriend.

Ragini – laksh are you mad? I don’t have any boyfriend.

Laksh – seriously yaar. You didn’t changed. Are so many boys were mad for you. Actually I was seeing your account there i see.

Ragini – okay stop it. Okay listen i have to go to office. Some works has to be completed. Sorry yaar but promise I’ll come as soon as possible.

Laksh – okay then bye.

Ragini – bye good night. And she left to her office.

Laksh again became alone. He thought to do something. He opened his laptop but it shuts down due to low battery. He puts that on charger.

Laksh – wow now what I’ll do the whole night. Then he opens the draw there he got a diary. He opened that and saw it was ragini’s diary. Oho then it’s her personal diary. I’ll definitely read that. I know it’s not good but I’m her best friend.

And he started reading. Here Ragini reached her office and again remember those things.

After sanskar proposed Ragini she returns to her room. She told everything to her roommate shriya. Shriya was not shocked because she had noticed sanskar from many days. But she hide it from Ragini. Ragini tried to call swara but it was switched off. She became very much tensed. Then she got a call from an unknown number it’s from sanskar. Shriya told her to receive it. She received the call.

Sanskar – thank god you answer the call . are you alright.

Ragini – yah i’m .If you called swara.

Sanskar – no and I’m not going to call her.

Ragini – no please call her. And ask her sometime please .If you really love me then talk with her.

Sanskar – okay then.

After sometime he again calls her back .

Ragini – if you talked with her.

Sanskar – yes but why you told me that i should ask her for sometime.

Ragini – Sanskar i don’t love you. And in this time you will forget me right. Then you can move on in your life.

Sanskar – is it a joke Ragini. I can’t never forget you damit.

Ragini – Sanskar you have to please. Please i’m asking for the first time. I hope you will understand me. And then she cuts the call.

Then laksh started reading

Today it’s already two months get completed of that matter. In these two months i never saw him nor swara . Shriya took me to a ice cream parlour. But there i think i saw him. Yes he was coming with swara . my heart beat increased. They came near me. But sanskar wasn’t seeing to me. I don’t know but i took swara to a side. And ask her. She answered me that now sanskar was trying to forget that girl. And she also told that if she’ll ever get that girl then she’ll kill her with the help of her brother. I left that place. But someone inside me is telling that just to turn once. I want to see if sanskar was seeing me or not. I turned but he was not seeing me. He was busy in talking with swara. I came back to hostel. After sometime i got a video yes it was from sanskar .He has confessed his love for me.

Sanskar – Ragini you are one of the most selfish girl i ever meet. You got what you want. You took promise that i should keep swara happy. I’m doing that. But in these i lost my happiness. Don’t worry she is very much happy. And I’ll never forgive you. Because of you I’ll never be happy. And then he brought a knife and………

To be continued…….

Friends thanks for all your coments. And i hope you all like it. See you all in next part. Till then bye and take care.

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