Is it my Fault??? (DevAkshi OS)

Hii my first os in devakshi

This os is of Dev and Sona and how their lives change when Sona is raped by Vicky giving birth to a baby girl named Nikki. On an function Dev’s sis Ria lights up some candles which create smoke and Nikki has trouble breathing. When they take Nikki to a hospital, the doctors say that she has Thalassemia and they give a DNA test, proving that Nikki is not Dev’s daughter. At first, Dev doesn’t believe it, but later he gets the DNA test again from a different hospital but the result is same. Then, he confronts Sona, and she tells him everything she went through. At first, he ask who assaulted her, but she lies and says she doesn’t know and he had a cloth around him. Dev later gets drunk and stays away from Nikki . Vicky has to keep on donating blood and eventually comes closer to Nikki;playing with her, taking care for her etc. Vicky however, has in own problems. He wants to leave the city but her aunt is telling him that he should get married and then move with his fiancée Neha ). After seeing Vicky emotionally attached to Nikki , Sona tells him not to leave and stay with her mum. Neha on the other side, breaks her relation with Vicky . Dev wants to stay with Sona, but she thinks they shouldn’t as Nikki will always be a part of her life and therefore to reaccept Sona , he will have to reaccept Nikki . Dev cannot do so, so he lets Sona stay in her mothers house with Vicky ,unaware that he is the man that assaulted Sona. Sona lies to her mum about the operation being the problem as to why she needs some rest.. On the other hand, Dev realises he cannot live without Sona and Nikki so he decides to tell Sona to come to his house.Sona tells Dev sister the truth and she is guilt-ridden of hiding it from her overhears this. In the end Dev shoots Vicky and returns to Sona. He tells Sona that he killed Vicky cause first he snatched u away from me and now he was taking away my Nikki so, i killed him. She tells him Get lost ..

LEap of 1 yr
Sona and her daughter Nikki are living in London . The two of them come to ishwari home to visit for Nikki birthday party , in which Sona and Dev have an encounter. Dev begs Sona for forgiveness, and Sina, after reflecting over the course of the year and realizing that it would be best for her son, forgives him and begins living with him again.

The End…..

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