Hello everyone
I was really very heart broken when I saw yesterday’s precap that Thapki is playing with Bihaan’s feeling to know the RAAZ.So I thought to write this article and share my grief with my THAHAAN LOVER friends.As u all know sharing grief reduces it. SO PLZ DO COMMENT.
I presume that simultaneously Thapki will come to know that Bihaan was innocent n Bihaan will know that Thapki was fooling him.Thapki may realize her feelings thereafter but our poor Bihaan would have been heartbroken till then .Bihaan after knowing the truth goes out of the house,Thapki may try to stop him by saying sorry but he willnot listen.
Bihaan walking on the seaside which is devoid of any human being at night.
Bihaan remembering Ma,
To whom to ask, why is it so,
this world is, as if mute..
Where to find moments of joy, Even time is like without a sign.. –
There are so many complaints on my lips,
there are many distances from the life..
Why do the dreams dampen in eyes,
when the line leaves these hands, for no reason..
The wish I had sent, that collided with the sky such that a call has come back
I, here, think this again and again.. a smoke of memories is walking with me.. –
Bihaan addressing MA,
BIHAAN:I considered u as my God. U remember the day when I put my hands over the broken glass to prevent u from stepping on it. I am always ready to give my life for u. I did as u wished.i married Thapki only for ur sake n never let her know that u were the mastermind behind it who blackmailed me.But why u did like this to me?In childhood u gave the bigger orange to Dhruv n me the smaller one.U made Dhruv get the first Tilak always.U made me marry thapki only because u didn’t want dhruv to marry a stammering girl.U gave out my old cycle as u wanted to keep dhruv’s childhood memories with urself.U made me stand in front of the Yam diya on Diwali just to prevent ur son dhruv from seeing it.u kept a condition before thapki for saving my life by giving ur blood.
I was not ur son?We did not have a blood relationship?i was an orphan child?

When I started out to look for love in the world, I found out that I had begun with the wrong address with me. When I started out to find god in her heart, I found out that I had begun with the wrong address with me. –
The one with whose arrival life had become complete,
and joys had knocked [at my door] every lack was fulfilled,
why did (she) gave me such a punishment,
why did (she) give me dreams and then took them away,
if I live, it feels like a torture,
such pains (she) gave me.
The one whom the heart looked for a hundred times in every moment,
Without her, the morning is angry, evenings are angry, the day is angry.
She should come and take
her memories that are here..
I don’t have the way, or the address,
where shall I find her now..

Bihaan remembering Thapki,

Why is the moon surprised in the street of clouds,
who knows,
All the wishes of the desires (themselves) are disturbed,
why so?
Tell me O heart,
why this time
what is it that you’ve told me?
Tell me O (my) heart,
Why have you given me this love,
all full of surprises..
O.. your name..
I’ve explained to you so much, still (it was of no use)
You did just what you wished for..
You went and sat in the street of love only.

There is nothing in my control now,
There is nothing in your control now,
Whose mischieves are they all, of love..
(the heart) has become clueless, lost..
I know, you are right..
But why are you not mine?
Whose intereference is here in the heart,
all is troubling, all away from me..

Even when within me, why are you away from me?
Bihaan addressing Thapki
BIHAAN:I knew I had done wrong with u.I really regret what I had done.Thats why I tried to make u smile everytime u were sad.I protected u from all evils.i was there with u when no one was there.I was very happy when I heard that have decided to give me a 2nd chance.I promised to give u all the happiness which I had taken from u.i thought now I can get rid of my sins.i had started loving u.But u were playing with me.U played with my feelings.I am not complaining that u broke my heart.Bcoz I know that I deserved this.I had made u away from ur love so this time it was my turn to suffer.But I only have a single complain.When I am able to read ur heart through ur eyes then why did u not read my heart n see my sufferings.Why u did not see my pain when I saw u crying.The marriage was a shock to me too.But did I leave u alone to suffer?I was always there at each step with u.Have I given u any other pain other than the false marriage?Ever since the marriage I listened to all ur complains against me.i tried to join u n dhruv by my false death.u suffered bcoz u have stammering problem n ma did not like it.
I only did what my mother compelled me to do?I feel in love with u?I was trying to rectify my mistakes?

I had lived in your love I had fallen only in your love
Return Don’t torment me. My heart hasn’t been able to forget you
I cried in your love I laughed in your love Love me once Remember me once
You too shall feel my love You too must be waiting for your lover
You will come close to me You will saty in my company I am living just in this hope I am writing letters again and again to your love.

BIHAAN:Why both of u could not see my selfless love?What more should I do to make u both feel that I love u and can even die for u.But finally I realized the fault is not in u but FAULT IS IN MY STARS.B for BIHAAN is B FOR BADKISMAT.He cannot get anyone’s true love whom he loves truly.

Credit to: Payal

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  1. why u end like this payal?
    i thought in the middle that thapki will come & confess her feelings but u haven’t express
    the same feeling by which bihaan is suffering our thapki is also suffering.
    bihaan who listen to the heart & try to bring happiness in her life but thapki i know she will realise her love her true love
    Hope our thahaan unite soon.

    but why its incomplete.U have to include thapki in it
    who come & told bihaan that he deserves love he deserves everything which a person need in the life.
    U don’t need any one love my love is enough for u.
    i m also hurt when i m leaving the house.I love u bihaan pandey.Will u not give me the chance that I’ll will bring love in ur life pl z na

    i want this to happen in tpk
    loved this

    1. i too want it anu dear.But after seeing yesterday’s precap i think thapki’s realization is far away n when she will realize then Bihaan will be far away from him.When i see some development on thapki’s side then i will write her feelings too.But for now she has no feeling of love n i am very hurt to know this.That is why i wrote only Bihaan’s feelings.

  2. Well that was quite awesome , but i think you dont have to write the song here…….there was many things to pity on bihaan ….but the most important thing were i always get sad to know is that ….bihaan never gets a true love, from his loved ones also….he can die for them but they generally wants him to die ….poor bihaan

    1. thnks.i wrote the songs as i felt each line of these are aptly describing bihaan’s state n pain.

  3. what a realistic writing yaarrrrrr.i feel so much of pain from each and everylines.I wish if you can pls write another one based on their love,trust,destiny.Because,when i read this i could feel Bihaan lost everything….i cant like to see him a such a state of mind.

    1. thnks.i will try dear.

  4. Awesome yaar…very sad for bihaan.i hope tht thapki also realize her love for bihaan .

  5. Silpa k sivadasan

    Superb yaar
    Really touchd ma heart….
    Pöor bìhaan
    Hope thahan unite soon

  6. Omg you make me cry dear ???…hope everything will be okk after Vasus trust come out

  7. Really very heart touching and after reading what bihaan felt i really felt like crying

  8. I have no words.. its so well written.. 🙁

  9. Hey nice one shot Payal I feel even more bad for Bihaan after reading this the portrayal of Bihaan’s emotion was too good

  10. Really heart broken ….
    I am really crying

  11. what a writing yaar

  12. nice……..i am also crying

  13. Its too good..bihaan deserve s love yaar.

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