as i said guys here we go with the continuation some precap of earler parts: as we all know that kartik and manish shared a cold bond but manish was always waiting for his son to come back and then came a day when kartik cracked a big deal and goenka’s rival planned a conspiracy against him as that deal was to be cracked by them but kartik snatched it from them and somehow Manish got to knew about it and the result when the shooter tried to shot kartik manish came in between and bullet pierced his heart as a result he was admitted in hospital and was treated and kartik’s heart melted after seeing sacrifice of his father even of his life for him and he gave a grand welcome to manish when he returned home with singing papa kehte hai bada naam karega………….so it was a short precap now lets continuee further

Keerti with kesar milk entered in the room………….Manish opened his eyes
Manish: Keerti beta you in my room this time
Keerti: Papa any problem??
Manish: No no beta not at all….but i got worried if anything was serious
Keerti: no papa i brought your medicines and milk common get up now.
Manish trid to get up and keerti helped him in getting up. Keerti gave him medicines. Keerti was about to leave when Manish felt that kirti wanted to say something.
Manish: Kirti beta idhar aao aur baitho idhar mere paas
kirti came and sat near him.

Manish: Kirti do you want to say me anything mai tumhara papa hun tell me if anything is i your mind.
Kirti:nothing papa i just wamted to ensure whether u r fine
Manish: i m absolutely fine my princess and he softly moved his hand on her head.
Kirti: he held his hand and said PRINCESS!!!! tears rolled down her eyes
Manish: yes My Princess!!!! you r my princess!!! wiping her tears he said these tears are just because of me. my princess had to suffer a lot in her life just because of the sake of her father. Why kirti WHY????? you sufered so much without uttering a word. It was all my mistake i made you married a wrong person. I am sorry my child please forgive me.
Kirti: No Papa please dont say this. It was not your fault at all. there might be some mistake in me only that i led ur faith down.
Manish: no kirti beta who said you that you led my faith down. you and kartik are my strenghths. you guys are my heartbeat. whatever i m today is just because of you and kartik. even if i m alive today thats just because of your prayers. i m proud of you beta! you fought for your rights. Never feel alone i m always with you untill my last breath.
Kirti:i know. i love you papa.
Manish: i love too my princess!!always stay happy may god bless you.

Kartik: So whats happening between my bandariya(kirti) and papa.
KIRTI: papa dekho na yeh mujhe bandariya bol rha hai
Manish: Kartik pitayi padegi
Kartik: hahaha!! shall i call ur bodyguards papa as aap toh bed se uth nhi skte toh mujhe peetoge kaise.
Manish: Kirti your brother is challenging me……..he dont know that we both r team go take this pillow and teach him lesson.
kirti took the pillow and they started a pillow fight and manish started laughing loudly and due to laugh his chest pained as he has suffered the injury due to bullet recently
manish: Ahhh!!!! and he was laughing still.
Kartik and Kirti (Together): Pappaa!!! you did this with us again just as u used to do in childhood
Manish: Soryyy!! Soryy!! But kartik now u understood i dont need any bodyguards my princess is there for me and she is very strong
Kartik: ya ya i know meri bandariya strong waali bandariya hai.

precap: not decided yet but something interesting would be coming for you guys sure.

plss guys comment how did u liked it. and so give suggestions if you want some elements in storyline.

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    Loved it cute father daughter bonding and BANDARIYA Mendhak cute pillow fights.

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      thank you so much fenil broo for ur precious comments your support would ne needed throughout

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