our fate:twinj os (part 9)

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Part 9
Khushi came back from chinki’s house.She went and hugged twinj
Ku:I knew you will become one
Ku:bcoz it was my plan
Ku:yes it was planned by me and chinki massi. I told her about the problem between you so I requested her to help to sort out the problem between you and then according to our plan I stayed back there only…
K:bilkul mujh pe gayi hai
T:nahi woh mujh pe gayi
K:oh hello tum ek number ki siyappa queen ho tumhe siyappa karne ke alawa kuch nahi aata hai
T:you called me siyappa queen..you you sadu sarna
K:siyappa queen
T:sadu sarna
Ku:ohho stop it!!!! Mein aap dono pe gayi hoon…now you both are happy??
Twinj smiled at her and trio hugged they went back to sarna mansion. Twinj entered their.Twinkle was having tears in her eyes
K:what happened twinkle? Why are you crying?
T:I saw our room after long time…and it has not at all changed
Khushi entered with angry pout face.Twinkle quickly wiped her tears and went near her
T:what happened to my baby?
K:I think our princess is angry on us
Ku:yup you both have forgot something
Twinj:what we have forgot?
They started to think
Ku:you both forgot na that tomorrow is my birthday
Twinj:oh ya
Ku:and you have not took me for shopping also
K:ok get ready we all will go for shopping
Trio got ready and went for shopping. After 2 hours of shopping they returned back home

Next day
It was khushi’s birthday. Sarna mansion was decorated like barbie land.Twinkle wore pink saree with silver sleeveless blouse and was looking gorgeous. Kunj wore black formals and black shirt.Khushi wore pink maxi frock and wore crown on her head.It was time for cake cutting.. Khushi cut the cake along with twinj she fed to both of them
K:what birthday gift you want my princess
Khushi thinks for some time and says
Ku:mumma and papa you both promise me that you will give me that gift which I m going to ask you now
Twinj:ok we promise
Ku:I want my own brother or sister to play with me
Twinj were shocked to hear
T:khushi wwwhhat aaarre uuu saying?
Ku:mumma you have promised me that you will give my gift so I want small brother or sister
K:ok princess we will give your gift but you have to wait for 9 months
Ku:ok no problem
Kunj gave a naughty smile to twinkle while she looked at him with shock

@ twinj’s room
Twinkle was standing near mirror and was removing her jewellery. Kunj came and hugged her from back.
K:you are looking gorgeous jaan
T:thank you
K:I just want to eat u up
T:shut up kunj
Kunj started to kiss her neck..twinkle turned towards him and said
T:what are you doing?
K:I m just fulfilling my daughter’s promise
T:you have become naughty
They both smiled at each other.Kunj came closer to her and captured her lips.They kissed passionately. After 10 mins they broke kiss.kunj picked her up in his arms and laid her on the bed.He came upon her and started to kiss her neck..he gave her a love bite while she moaned ‘kunj’.He removed her saree and kissed her all parts of the body.She removed his shirt and kissed his chest.He again caputered her lips and the kiss lasted for 5 mins.Now both were naked.He came closer to her ears and whispered”are you ready” twinkle blushed and nodded her head in yes.He covered themselves with blanket and took their relationship to next step.

Twinj were sleeping in each others embrace.Twinkle got up and saw herself in kunj’s embrace and she blushed.She was slowly escaping from kunj’s arm but he caught her wrist and pulled her closer.She fell on top of him
K:good morning Mrs.Twinkle kunj sarna
T:good morning Mr sarna ok now leave me
K:no first give me my morning kiss
K:ok then be like this only I won’t leave you
T:hmm OK
She came closer and kunj closed his eyes.She kissed on his cheek and into bathroom
K:twinkle its cheating
T:everything is fair in love and war
K:oh god she is driving me crazy…I love u siyappa queen

Precap: twinkle becoming pregnant and kunj taking care of her

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  1. SidMin23

    This is so cute episode and can’t wait to read kunj taking care of twinkle and I love khushi ask for her gift
    Keep post and will miss your ff because it one of my favorite and eagerly waiting to read everyday.

  2. Hey soumyad cute epi… Kushi asking TwiNj to give her a little brother or sister to play is so sweet… TwiNj romance tho??❤❤?? freaking excited to see twinkle pregnant and Kunj caring husband… Post next asap…

  3. Chiku

    Hey somu
    Woaaab its soo lovely?????very cute. Loved it
    Post next soon

  4. Angel20

    It was superb! Really amazing! Loved it!Was waiting for your update eagerly. Good that you posted. And post the next one soon!

    With Love?

  5. Superb episode I loved it?

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…….srry for not commenting on last epi

  7. Wow its awesome… Love twinj romance very much….precep looks soo swttttt…..plzzz post next epi soon….
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    Awesome soumyad superb amazing episode loved it

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    awesome one yaar

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    Loved it Awesome the episode was sos sweet 🙂 Beyond words Twinj moments were so cute and Khushi Omg she the cutest child 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

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    Hey dear…
    That was superbly written … I’m so sry for late comment..
    Well that was damn good yrrr ….waiting for the next one soon….
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  14. Aanya_pandey

    Soo cute it was

  15. Hey Soumyad, it was awesome amazing cute n too romantic epi… loved twinjs romance n khushi omg aajkal ke bachhe iske siva aur koi gift mangte hi nahin apne parents se…hehehe… loved whole epi…. post next asap.
    Lots of love


  16. Ayu

    OH my god i am this late!!! Sorry dear! ??
    Khushi rocks! She is so damn cute! Finally the lovebirds are together…it feels good to have them together despite all the odds…loved it! ?

  17. Baby

    ohhhh my god amazing…..
    khushi is best she nailed evrything to its place 😀
    loved it soooo much d romance haha soo cute perfect
    thnkgod kunj is bck to his rich business tycoon title n now twinkle n khushi hv evrything which lacked behind 😀 osm fabulous marvalleous loved it di 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥

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