our fate:twinj os (part 8)


Hey guys I m back again..I m going to finish this os because my exams are approaching near and I m engineering student and you know how much headache syllabus we have..ok now let’s start

Part 8
Next day
Morning at 5:00 am
Twinkle came to kunj’s room and called his name but he didn’t wake up.So she brought a jug full of water and poured on him.He got up with a jerk and saw twinkle standing with jug
K:what the hell was that twinkle?
T:I just made u to wake up that’s it
K:you could have called my name na
T:first I did that only but didn’t wake so I had to use this trick now go and freshen up you have lots of work to do
K:twinkle its 5:00 am don’t you think its too early..??
T:I know if you want to follow my order then get up otherwise
K:wait I will go n get fresh…and he ran into bathroom
After some he came near dinning table to have breakfast..
K:should I help you in cooking?
T:no need..finish your breakfast quickly today you have lots of work because my friends r coming to my house so

They had bf
T:finish washing utensils and clothes then you have to clean this house OK
Kunj just nodded his head..After 3 hours he he finished his work..Twinkle’s friend arrived chinki and karan.Twinkle ordered kunj to bring snacks and juice for her friends he went and brought snacks they enjoyed and chinki left early as she had an imp work so karan stayed back.
Twinkle and karan busy checking office files and in mid they were having some fun
Karan considered twinkle as his own sister
But he pretended to be like close friend in front of kunj because it was twinkle’s plan.
Karan and twinkle were sitting very close to each other and they were laughing. Karan had held twinkle’s hand which made kunj jealous
Kunj’s POV
Saala ko Delhi kesi meri biwi ka haath pakda hai…Mann toh karta hai jaake uska mooh thod dhoo
After sometimes they finished their work and karan got up to leave
Karan: ok bye take care…

And they both hugged eo..twinkle closed door and turned towards kunj and saw him boiling in anger she was about to go but he held her from shoulder and pinned her to the wall
K:why you hugged him?how dare he touched you..
Twinkle pushed him with full force
T:vo kuch bhi kare tumhe kya?who are you to say this?when you were with Alisha you did same thing with me think how I felt that time…and ha you don’t have any rights to say a word against him…and she left
Kunj went into his room and started to cry and that time he determined to get her back in his life..
Chinki is married women she has a son named ishaan who is same age of kushi..
Chinki had called twinkle kunj and khuahi to her house for function.. (Chinki knew about twinj’s present condition and khushi has asked her help to unite her mom and dad) twinkle was wearing peach color saree with sleeveless blouse kunj was wearing white full sleeve shirt and blue jeans pant and kushi was wearing red frock. They went to chinki’s house and attended the function.. After function was they asked for a leave
Ku:mamma can I stay here only plz I want to play with ishaan
T:but what about your school?
Ku:arrey mumma tomorrow is Sunday
C: twinkle let her stay here only both children will play together
T:ok but don’t trouble chinki aunty

Ku:ok mumma
And twinj went back to their home
When they entered house it was complete silence. Suddenly lights went off so twinkle got feared and quickly hugged kunj who was standing beside her.He knew that she was afraid of dark so he hugged her back and caressed her hair
K:twinkle don’t be afraid I m there na with you
T:kunj plz in the candle quickly
He took some candles and lit them she broke the hug and felt embrassed suddenly it started to rain

T:oh no I have hanged clothes outside for drying and she went out to take clothes even kunj went with her both got wet in rain.They entered home and twinkle was about to enter her room but she got slipped and was about to fall but kunj caught her in his arms.They shared an eye lock he made her to stand but they did not break the eye lock.Kunj came closer towards twinkle he removed a hair strand from her face.His eyes fell on her wet rosy lips.Twinkle was also lost in his touch.He procced towards her lips and captured her lips.They had a deep lip lock.The kiss was full of love pain care for each other.After 10 min they broke the kiss.He picked her up in his arms and laid her on the bed he came on top of her and started to kiss her neck.He gave her a love bite on her neck which made her to moan ‘kunj’.He then kissed her belly and again captured her lips.He bit her lower lip for which she opened her mouth and kunj entered into her.They were playing with their tounges.Twi removed his shirt while he removed her saree and threw it off the bed.They. the scene is shown blurred

Twinj were sleeping in each other embrace.They were covered with blanket.Twinkle woke up and saw herself in kunj’s embrace.she remembered yesterday’s night and got up with jerk due to which kunj also got up.Twinkle was about to leave but kunj held her wrist tightly
K:twinkle do you love me?
Twi was silent
K:twi I m asking you something do you love me
T:no…(without making eye contact)
Kunj pulled her closer and switched his position now he was on top of twinkle
K:see into my eyes and say you don’t love me
T:yes I don’t love you
K:then what was this?what had happened yesterday night was all lie ha? Why did you enjoyed my touch…you can’t hide your feelings from me I know u still love me
T(angry+crying): yes I LOVE YOU!! And still love u a lot but I m afraid that again if u leave me n go away

Kunj hugged her tightly and said
K:twinkle I promise you I won’t leave u I will be there with you throughout life
Twinkle also hugged him back
K:I love you twinkle
T:I love you too kunj

Hey guys I m sorry but I have to finish this os with 3 days so I will go little bit fast….

Precap:some family moment and twinj’s romance

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  1. Angel20

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    With Love?

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    Superb episode loved it n love u

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    Its just amazing epi… I so loved jealous Kunj… TwiNj romance tho ??❤❤?? all tge best for ur exams… Do come back with another OS or ff after ur exams…

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    madam have exams on 19th ya m3?
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        hahahah gotu..
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    1. Soumyad

      Computer science

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      Both of u r my seniors….me 1st yr student vtu syllabus

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    Awesome episode and twinj Romance is love it and all the best for your exam wish you never end up this beautiful ff.

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    ohhhhhhh goodness amazing loved it sooooo much 😀
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