our fate:twinj os (part 7)


Thank u everyone so much for your comments and I m sorry I couldn’t reply to your comments.This is an os and last part will be part 15

Part 7
Kunj came for breakfast he sat beside khushi and smiled at her
K:good morning princess
Ku:good morning papa
Kunj felt happy listening the word papa.He had some tears in his eyes. Khushi wiped his tears and nodded her head in no.He kissed her on her forehead.Twinkle came with breakfast.She served them breakfast
T:khushi finish your bf fast…you r getting late for school
K:can I drop khuushi to her school?
T:no need…we don’t want your any help
Kunj felt bad..twi and khushi had their bf and khushi left for school..twinkle was working in kitchen.Kunj came to her and said
K:twinkle listen to me at once plz I m sorry for the past deeds which I have done…I can’t live without you
T:plz I don’t want to listen anything
K:twinkle mein kuch bhi karne ke liye tayaar hoon
T:tum kuch bhi karoge?

K:ha tum Jo bhi kahegi mein vo karoonga
T:ok so be ready
Kunj felt happy..
T:so Mr.sarna from today onwards you will be my servant…you have to follow my order
Kunj was shocked by her reaction
T:ya..if u don’t want to be then…
K:no no I will be your servant and follow your orders
T:k now go and wash those utensils and clean this kitchen…and ha after finishing this work go and wash clothes also OK
Kunj just noded Hus head in yes and began to work
K(to himself): chal beta ab shuru ho jaa..mujhe kuch bhi karke iss task ko complete karna hoga so that I can get my twinkle back..
T(thinks): so Mr.sarna be ready for your punishment.. Its time for pay back I will teach yiu such a lesson that u will come to know how the person feels when u hurt or break her heart now its time for my revenge..you played with my feelings so now I will play with play with your feelings… And she smirks
Kunj finished all his work and sat on the sofa..he was too tired twinkle came near him and said
T:did I tell you that your work is finished?
T:then y r u taking rest and how dare you sit on the sofa?? Now go and sweep the floor
Kunj nodded his head and went to work
At night
Twinkle was teaching studies to khushi and bechara kunj was sitting on the floor and was massaging his legs
T:do u know how to cook?
T:you are good for nothing..OK I will cook food u come and help me to chop the vegetables..do u know how to chop vegetables?
T:ok now come..
They both entered kitchen. Twinkle gave him some vegetables and told him to chop them..both very busy in work suddenly kunj cut his finger and wincked in pain.Twinkle got tensed and put his finger in her mouth and started to suck his blood.. She started to blow air on his wound
T(not in sense): how many times I have told u kunj to be careful but u won’t listen to me….she came back to her sense and left his finger and she went out of the kitchen.All the while kunj was staring lovingly at her..then he remembered something
Kunj and twinkle were cooking together.. Kunj was chopping vegetables and he got cut on his finger.Twinkle got tensed and put his finger in her mouth and sucked his blood
T:kunj I said u many times to be careful but you don’t listen to me see now want happened
K:twinki calm down its just a small
T:but u know na I can’t see u in pain
Kunj eyed her lovingly and said
K:I love u
T: I love u too…
Flashback ends
K: I know twinkle that you can’t see me in pain bcoz u still love me and one day I will make you say those 3 magical words..
On the other side
T:what were u doing twinkle?you were taking care of him?no u can’t do this..how can you forget that this man had given you so much pain..no u can’t show your feelings for him..you should be strong

Precap:twinkle giving torture to kunj and jealousy kunj

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  6. Roshini125

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