Fates of 3 Doctors……fourth shot

Ok here I am with the fourth part of my version of SDCH. Thank you everyone who commented on the last part ???. I was really happy to know that you liked this fs. Many of you didn’t liked that I ended the previous part suddenly. But sorry guys ??? it was necessary.

So today this part is also a “fill in the blanks” kinda epi like last one. I’ve wrote so many dialogues explaining everything. I really hope you guys won’t be annoyed ???.

And yeah in this story, I broke everyone’s hearts. Kabir’s by letting him know about sanveer, Veer’s by exposing Sanchi’s fake identity drama & last but not least Sanchi’s by letting her know how much little trust Veer had on her. I honestly think the story won’t move forward if trios hearts doesn’t break. Serial guys didn’t do that so instead of them, I did it ???. So hope you’ll like today’s part ???.


Last time on “fates of 3 doctors”

They reached home. Kabir didn’t got down but Jaya insisted. So he came in but Sanket went to his house.

In the house, Sanchi went slowly to Kabir. “Sir I’m so….rr….ry…. ???” she broke down. “Y-you tru-trusted m-m-me so much b-but I lied to you ???” she was sobbing uncontrollably. He held her by shoulders. “Yet y-you hel-helped me. Kyu sir?” He made her sit. Jaya came with a glass of water and he made her have it.

Today we start from there.

“Sanchi, I knew about you identity” Kabir said calmly and her eyes widened at that ???.

“Haa Sanchi I got to know some time ago. When you first came for the interview, I had many doubts. I didn’t think that you’ll be able to become a capable doctor. But everyday you proved me wrong. When you topped the exam and answered Dr. Malhothra’s questions, I couldn’t believe it.”

Sanchi kept giving weird surprised expressions ?? ?? ??

“I’m not an idiot Sanchi, I know that an average student can’t get that brilliant in few weeks. So I checked all your records and contacted your college for more info. They sent me all your college records. There wasn’t anything special. All were average but what surprised me was a photo there. It wasn’t you but the coma patient” Kabir explained.

Sanchi was so surprised to hear all these. “Then why didn’t you-”

Kabir signaled her not to disturb him. “I was so angry at you. I wanted to tell Dr. Malhothra about you but it always came to my mind that there must be a reason for you to do what you’re doing. So I tried to find who you really are. But didn’t have any luck coz I knew nothing about you. One day when I was at the store room, I accidentally knocked over a box. In that box there was the exam papers of the entrance exam we held for the interns. I didn’t know why they still kept those but I started to gather them. My instinct told me to check those. So when I was going through them, I saw everyone’s papers. Veer, Pragya, Isha, Sanchi Agarval everyone. Then there was another paper which had highest marks, 98% and the name was Sanchi Mishra. I was wondering why she didn’t came here when she got this much marks. Then I realized that it could be you. The way that paper was answered is outstanding. Same style you answer the papers. And you both have the same name and if you want to change your identity, you only have to change your last name.” Kabir kept talking. They didn’t know that Pragya & Isha came and listening from the door.

“So I tried to find about this Sanchi Mishra. It wasn’t easy coz I didn’t knew anything other than your name. But with the help of a friend of mine, I got all the info I need. It proved me right and that you’re Sanchi Mishra. Before confronting you I decided to come to your house. Then I met your maa, the day before Dr. Malhothra’s wedding anniversary and she told me everything about Dr. Malhothra. I didn’t believe her. Not even a word. So I decided to tell him about you after his re-marriage. Then that day you and Veer brought Savitri mam back and after hearing Dr. Malhothra kept her hidden, I got suspicious whether your maa said the truth. So I decided not to tell anyone about you until Savitri mam get conscious”

Then Kabir held both of her hands. “After seeing how dedicated you towards your work and curing Savitri mam, I started to believe you’re right and I got proof recently about all Dr. Malhothra’s wrong doings” he finished explaining to her.

Sanchi was overwhelmed with emotions and suddenly hugged him tight. Kabir was surprised at first, then lightly patted her back.

**I’ll help you through anything Sanchi, but please don’t get too close to me. I won’t have the courage to let you go twice** he thought bitterly ??? pand removed himself from the hug seeing Pragya & Isha at the door.

They both came and hugged Sanchi.

In the hospital everyone was thinking how could Sanchi, the epitome truth and honesty could do such a lie. Riya and Dr. Malhothra was celebrating.

“Riya beta, you did a huge favor for me. I wanted to throw that girl out of this hospital since the day she stepped here. Today you helped me to do it” Dr. Malhothra said with a smile.

“Papa don’t say like that! After all main appka beti hun na? ???” Riya started to act.

“Haa beta, but I want to give you a reward for this. Tell me what you want and I’ll get it for you. Anything!!” -Dr. Malhothra

“Anything, papa?” Dr. Malhothra just nodded. “It’s not a thing papa, but there’s someone I like…” Riya said blushing ???. (??? like seriously? ???)

“Really? Kaun?” -Dr. Malhothra

“Dr. Kabir” -Riya

“No problem beta, I’ll take your proposal to him. And now I can remove that rule about dating too coz I put that to separate uss Sanchi and Veer. Kabir will be a good match to you!!” -Dr. Malhothra

“Thank you so much papa, I love you!!!” She hugged him. Just then his phone rang.

“Hello…. Yes inspector, what’s the matter?…… KYAA???? She got bailed?? How?” Dr. Malhothra looked horrified and ended the call.

Riya guessed by the convo that it’s about Sanchi. “Papa, kya hua? How did she got bailed?”

“Kabir had helped her” he said biting his teeth in anger ???.

“Kabir?” Riya gasped ???.

……….next day……….

Veer was home.
Kabir took leave and ignored all calls from Dr. Malhothra.
Sanchi was obviously home.
Pragya and Isha also took leave.

……….in Kabir’s house……….

Door bell rang. Kabir went to open it. It revealed to be Savitri and Veer. They came in and sat. Kusum joined them too.

No one said anything so Veer broke the silence. “Sir can you tell me why are we here? Maa said we need to go somewhere and then we end up here. What’s going on?” His tone isn’t as cheerful as it used to be always.

“Wait a little more Veer, there’re some other people that would join us” Kabir replied calmly. The door bell rang again. This time it was Pragya & Isha.

Veer got up from where he sat. “I’m sorry for being disrespectful but I’m not gonna stay here with liers!! I’m leaving!!” He turned to leave.

Savitri spoke. “Ruk jao Veer! Apne maa ke liye, ruk jao!”

That made him stop. “Maa-”

“No Veer, enough is enough!! You always talk too much!! Today you’re gonna listen to what WE have to say. Chup chap baeto aur SUN!!” Savitri said sternly and Veer agreed quietly looking down ???.

Savitri started to explain about the past. Her, Dr. Malhothra’s, Jaya’s & Sunil’s story. How Sunil died (same story as the serial and I’m not gonna type it ???). Veer was shocked ???. He knew that his father has many faults but didn’t thought he’ll turn out to be this bad.

Then Kabir, along with Pragya and Isha told him about Sanchi’s fake identity wala drama and how Kabir got to know about it.

“So you knew all this and helped her?” Veer asked Kabir.

“At first I didn’t believe her. You know how much I respected Dr. Malhothra. But thinking about how honest and passionate her towards her work, I started to have faith in her. I started to trust her” Kabir said in a low tone. Savitri looked at him.

Veer held his head by both of his hands. “Yeh main ne kya kiya? I didn’t even gave her a chance to explain. I was supposed to give strength to her!! Instead of that I said so much to her. How could I be so-” he couldn’t speak.

Kabir placed his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry Veer, talk with her. Say how sorry you’re to her. She will definitely forgive you. Pyar tho aisa hi ho. She loves you na Veer!” He said gently.

“Thanks bhai!” Veer hugged him.

Pragya smiled looking at them. She was happy that Kabir was helping to unite Sanchi & Veer. But Kusum knew how painful it was for Kabir to help them. She saw how hurt he was just by looking at his eyes. He covered his emotions by giving them a smile.

Door bell rang again. Kusum asked Isha to open the door. Sanchi and Jaya came in.

Veer ran towards Sanchi and hugged her. “I’m so sorry Sanchi, kitni galat tha mai?”

Kabir smiled seeing them. It wasn’t only Kusum who saw the sadness and pain in his eyes. Jaya and Savitri saw that too. After all they’re mothers too ???.

Isha wiped the tears that dropped from her eyes. She knew even if he smiled, he was crying from heart.

Veer broke the hug while talking but kept his hands on her shoulders. “Maa aur Kabir sir ne mujhe sub such bataya. I’m sorry Sanchi, please forgive me?” He pleaded.

“It’s ok Veer, you are not the one who should say sorry. I’m sorry for lying to you!! I said many lies” Sanchi said softly.

“I’m so sorry for not trusting you Sanchi!!” said Veer and tried to hug her again. But Sanchi placed her palm on his chest stopped him and pushed him slightly away from her.

“Why are you saying Sorry for that Veer? You NEVER trusted me!! Always accused me for various things without letting me explain!!” Sanchi said raising her voice.

Veer looked at her puzzled.

“Trust is the base of every relationship. We don’t have it. We never did. So it’s better if we stay as friends. Nothing more” she told him as well as herself. It wasn’t easy for her too. After all it’s her first love. But she needed to let it all go.

Veer looked like he just died.

“Sanchi!! Yeh tum kya-” Pragya started but Sanchi raised her hand and cut her off.

“No Pragya!! I didn’t came here to talk about these. I came to discus about Dr. Malhothra’s deeds”

Then they discussed about the proofs they had and how to expose Dr. Malhothra.

“Ok tomorrow’s gonna be a very memorable day to all of us as well as Dr. Malhothra & the whole SDCH!!” Kabir finally said with determination.

Sanchi looked at hi adoringly.


Soo that’s all I got for today. Next part will be the last and the ultimate ending ???. How do you guys want it?

Option 1 – a simple ending that contains arresting Dr. Malhothra and revealing the pair?


Option 2 – a crazy ending with a time leap with flashbacks, how everyone’s relationships with each other changed and a dramatical scene which would reveal the final pair?

You guys can tell me which ending you like to read through your comments ??? and if there are any suggestions please tell them too!!! Then until we meet again to read the next part ???

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