Fates Of 3 Doctors

Fates Of 3 Doctors

Hello my lovely readers ??? do you remember me? Of course you don’t remember me with all the new writers and their interesting ffs in TU ???. So I’ll tell you who I am ???. I’m RuCh23 and some of you know me by my name, Ruwani. I’m the crazy girl who write a weird ff named, “What kind of love is this”. Ah..aa…. Now you know me, right? Good! So let me tell you what I’m doing today!!

As you all know SDCH is giving us a load of crap instead of the interesting medical drama which we initially thought we’ll get. I’m gonna quit this show and stick to the ffs here. And I thought to start a new ff or fs. But before that I thought whatnot try to write SDCH in my point of view and share it with you? So here is my poor attempt to end the story. I wanted to write just a one shot, but if you’ve read my previous ff you know when I start to describe something it gets lengthy. So it’ll be 3 to 4 shots no more than 5. Thelma let’s get started.

This starts on the day of the election. Before that all the scenes were same as the serial. I’m changing this Election Day as per my wish. And I’m trying my best not to make the characters sooo DUMB!!!


Election results have shown.

Dr. Kabir Kapoor – 39 votes

Dr. Veer Malhothra – 37 votes

All the votes have been counted. But Kabir still haven’t won. Three doctors have yet to give their votes. Yep you guessed it right! It’s Sanchi, Isha & Pragya. They had to run for an emergency and just came back.

“Ok you three, hurry up and give your votes” said Dr. Malhothra.

**Now I don’t have a problem! Isha and Pragya will deffineatly vote for me, and Sanchi…. Meri Sanchi also will vote for me, kyun ki woh tho…. Anyway with their votes, my total would be 40!! I’ll win with one point. But still I’ll WIN against Dr. Kabir!!** ??? thought Veer happily.

On the other hand Kabir thought, **oh no! Now what will I do? I’m not sure Sanchi will vote for me or not. These trio are Veer’s best friends and they’ll deffineatly vote him! ??? sorry Sanchi, I won’t be able to make up to your judgement (he’s thinking about the message he got from Sanchi saying that he’s the best ???) **

Both of their trains of thoughts were broken by Dr. Malhothra. “Ok, now we have all votes and it’ll decide who will be the head if the surgery department this year.” He pause for a little. “So the head of the surgery department will be………” Dr. Malhothra was announcing like a reality show grand finale ???.

Veer was smiling while looking around so confident while Kabir was just having a neutral expression. Sanchi was looking depressed ???.

“Dr. Kabir Kapoor……..!!!!!!” Continued Dr. Malhothra saying, “tough competition Dr. Kabir, you only won by a single vote!”

Both Veer & Kabir looked at Sanchi incredulously. While a dashing smile made it’s way to Kabir’s face, Veer’s face looks like it’s covered in a dark cloud. Sanchi avoided their eye contact. Pragya & Isha dragged her to a side.

“Abae ooo pagal ho gaye ho kya? Why did you vote for that hitler?” asked Pragya.

“Pragya, it’s her choice! How can you ask something like that?” Isha exclaimed.

“Lekin uss nalayak ne-” Pragya was cutoff by Sanchi. “Stop it you two!” She started to explain but stopped when she saw Veer.

“Kyun kia aisa Sanchi? Kyu?” He asked sadly.

“Veer, I’m sorry if I hurt you bit I’m not sorry for voting Dr. Kabir!” said Sanchi.

“Why? Do you want your Dr. Kabir to win that badly?” he asked in anger.

“Stop it Veer! It doesn’t matter who won or who lost! But after I saw you breaking rules and throwing a party just because you wanted to win, really disappointed me” she said.

“Wah…! It was your fault Sanchi! If you didn’t mess up my speech then I wouldn’t have to throw a party to win!” -Veer

“My fault? Listen Veer! Firstly I DID NOT wrote that speech! Do you honestly think I’ll write something stupid as that? Don’t know how you got that. And secondly, you’re not a kid! Why didn’t you read the speech before going up to the stage?” Sanchi said getting equally angry.

“Ha ha ha” Veer started to laugh like a maniac. “Haa Sanchi! Sahi kaha tumne. Bilkul sahi! Main ne bohoth badi galathi kiya tumne itna trust kar ke! I thought even if no one vote me, my Sanchi will zaroor mujhe vote karogi. Lekin nahi. You know what? I’m the idiot here, always trusting you. You don’t care about our relationship at all!”

“Relationship? Kaisa relationship Veer? Hamare beech aisa kuch nahi hai. Hum sirf dost hai. I did what I thought what was right!” -Sanchi

Veer looked extremely hurt. “Yeah you’re right. I forgot that didn’t I?” He gave a painful smile to her and went. Seeing him like that pained Sanchi too.

After sometime Kabir came looking for her. “Sanchi, thank you for voting me. You made me win Sanchi”

“No sir, don’t say like that. I only did what I thought right for the betterment of this hospital” Sanchi said casually.

(I honestly didn’t like the way Veer got to know the truth in the serial and Kabir talking to himself. So this is my version of SDCH ???)

Few day have passed but Veer and Sanchi aren’t in good terms yet. Pragya suggested her to ask him to go to play dandiya. So she tried that but Veer rejected her pretty harshly.

“I don’t even want to see your face! Dandiya tho bohot door ki bath hai”

She was walking aimlessly. Kabir saw her and asked her to come to his office. She came in and asked, “kya hua sir? Sab theek hai?”

“Take a seat Sanchi. Yeah everything’s fine. I just wanted to know if you’re ok?” Sanchi looked at him confusedly hearing this. “I’ve noticed since couple of days you’ve been so gloomy. Normally you’re more cheerful and happy than this. So what happened?” He explained.

**how well Kabir sir understand me! I never thought he knew this much about me! Why can’t Veer understand me like this?** she thought silently looking at him. Then lightly smiling ??? she said “it’s nothing big sir, it’ll be alright soon”

“It’s ok if you don’t wanna tell me. I’m sure you’ll manage it. But don’t get your mood spoiled by your problems. Life is very short Sanchi, if we keep worrying about the problems we have, we’ll never get to be happy. So smile ??? ok?” He said trying to cheer her up.

His words brought a genuine smile to her face. “Thank you sir. You made me forget all that” she smiled at him.

“Ok now that you’re alright, I need some help from you” -Kabir

She looked at him curiously. So he continued.

“There’s this girl I like and I want to propose her. Would you help me for that?” He asked nervously.

**this khadoos have a girlfriend? Kamal hai** “ok sir I’ll help you. But what’re the things your girlfriend like?” she asked.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” he said hurriedly.

“She doesn’t know you like her?” Sanchi asked and Kabir nodded his head like a child. “And you want to propose her and tell her that you like her?” he nodded again. “Ok I’ll help you sir” she agreed after thinking. **hes so cute all confused like that ??? ok focus Sanchi! You have to help him!** she thought.

**kamal hai! She agreed pretty easily!** he thought. “I’m planing to propose her on dandiya night. Would you come with me?”

“Of course sir!” -Sanchi

……….dandiya night……….

Everyone came to a beautifully decorated hall. (Don’t know about this festival much so not gonna describe it) Everyone was beautifully dressed too.

Veer came there because Pragya insisted. “Abae ooo nalayak! Joh hua sab bhool jah bae! She already said sorry didn’t she? She even asked you to come here with her but you refused na. Now it’s enough just talk to her ok?” Pragya was trying her best to make Veer and Sanchi talk. Isha was just watching them silently.

On the other hand Riya was looking at the entrance constantly waiting for Kabir to come. Just then all the chattering stopped and everyone was looking at the entrance only to see a tall and soooo damn handsome guy and a totally and equally gorgeous girl enter the hall. Yep! It’s none other than Kabir & Sanchi!

Riya was fuming seeing them together. The gang was trying to see what’s happening, but they can’t see anything because of the crowd.

“Sir, you go and check the arrangements I’ll come after talking to my friends” -Sanchi

Kabir nodded and went. Sanchi came to the gang. She saw Veer was there and lightly smiled at him ???. He just ignored her. So she talked to others and went saying that she has some work to do.

“Abae ooo nalayak! Ja na! What’re you waiting for? This is your chance, talk to her. Go!!!” Pragya pushed Veer and he too smiled taking a bouquet of flowers and followed Sanchi.

“Pragya, are you sure you’re doing the right thing?” asked Isha concernedly.

“Abae ooo tu chup kar!” Pragya said angrily.

Meanwhile in the garden outside Kabir was waiting Sanchi to come. He heard soft footsteps and turned around to see her coming.

“Sir, didn’t your girlfriend come here yet?” -Sanchi

“Actually Sanchi……about that……I- I mean to say that- I was talking about you earlier” he said and her eyes widened.

“I know it’s a bit sudden but I really like you Sanchi” he got on his knees and held a ring towards her surprising her even more “would you be my girlfriend and hopefully, wife in the future?” he asked her while looking at her lovingly.

Sanchi was like she’s in a trance. Then they both heard a noise and turned to see Veer standing there angrily holding flowers. He threw it away angrily and went away.


Ok so that’s all for today. On next part you’ll see Kabir’s reactions ???. In the few parts I’m writing every mystery will be solved.

• Sanchi’s fake identity
• Kabir love confusion
• Veer’s hatred towards Sanchi Mishra

So I’ll come with the next part, only if you like this one. So please tell me what you think of this through comments ???. Until then ???

Oh and picture credit goes to whoever made it coz I found it on internet ???

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  1. Khamoshi

    Ruwani dear ..don’t underestimate hour talent dear… it was a dantastic marvelous dhamakedar episode.. i too felt that the original SDCH drama forgot to mention the mystery behind the SPEECH and the one thing is that..KABIR ko idea aa jaana chahiye ke agar Sanchi ne USKI GF ko propose karne main Help karne ke liye maan gayi ho bina hessitation ke …to woh pakka usse pyaar nahi karti..simple si chiz ko kyu drag kar rahe hai..KANCHI pair nahi hai to bol dona yaar..main dekhna to bandh kar du..roz ek hi umeed main serial dekho ke aaj shayad Kanchi scenes honge..crap..
    Let it be..gussa nikal hi jaata hai..

    But dear ur episode is far far far much better than SDCH original..kash tum writer hoti iss show ki.

    1. Sajnana900

      Totally agree wd u mitu dear these cvs r jzt stretching the serial which epi should held on wednesday now that ll be on monday
      How can they keep suspence for so long if they earlier tell that who is the main lead then if its sanveer so may b kanchi fan quit that but not sanveer fan
      If they dont stop draging then dont know who ll the main lead pair bit both kanchi and sanveer fan ll quit that after that let them do what they want
      The TRP ll decrease more and more with passing days
      Any ways im happy with TU FF FS SS TS OS n ollll

      1. RuCh23

        I know how you feel dear ??? I totally agree with you ???

    2. Dhruti

      i also felt same mitu and ruwani dear…….it was so superb, khidkitod, dhamakedar ff……………kash esa sdch me esa kuch hota!!!! cvs ne pura show kharab kar diya…………………….. sachhi me yaar kash un logo esa kuch kiya hota!!!………………. kitna drag kar rahe he show……. …….bichara kabir ise to 1000 volt ka zatka lagega……….jab use pata chalega ki sanchi veer ko pasand karti he but i don’t think veer is perfect he because vo sanchi ke trust karta hi nahi…………..kabir is perfect for he……………..this is so so so so much better than sdch original…………………..

      1. RuCh23

        He he ??? I’m so happy you like it Dhruti ??? yeah they dragged the story to much but still dragging ??? lost all hopes. So writing this one. Keep reading dear ???

    3. RuCh23

      ??? thank you so much Mitu ??? I’m so glad you liked it!! And yaar not just me all TU writers can write the story better than cvs ??? Now please dear don’t be angry ??? I’m writing this fs specially coz all are irritated with the show. So just chill & keep reading ???

  2. Wow nice concept really sdch is horrible

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Divya ??? glad you liked it sweetie ???

  3. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear nd one more thing I didn’t forgot u . I hope this happens in show tooo. Pls post soon . Agar aisa nhi hua to phir Hume ff padha ke hi guzara krna padega

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Priyanshi ??? glad you liked it and didn’t forget me ???

  4. Neha7873

    Wow what a dhamakedaar return yaar ! I mean you should definitely continue. .from the crappy story of SDCh , it is far better and beyond everything. .. kuch bhi likho woh to super se bhi uparr hota hai … love you …take care and update soon …

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Neha ??? glad you liked it dear and yeah I’ll update ASAP ???

  5. Great yaar I am already quiet from the show now I am only reading the ffs and os if fan fiction our kanchi families I am so happy….. So this one was good pls make kanchi pair…

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Prema ??? glad you liked it dear…… And wait a bit to see the pairing coz I’m gonna reveal all their secrets ???

  6. Priyanshipp

    Nd one more thing the pic credit goes to me.coz this is my edit on my instagram account – sabir_kaanchi

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks for telling me dear ??? hope you don’t mind me using the pic for this fs ??????

      1. Priyanshipp

        No problem btw M glad u liked it nd used it too??

      2. RuCh23

        Thank you dear ???

  7. Amazing

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Alia ???

  8. Nice episode

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Anu ???

  9. Hey Ruwani dear u back with dhamake daar fs….amazing finally, u reveal all the secrets in ur own jhakkas way….jo ki humare SDCH ke cvs apne sapnon main bhi nahi soch sakte…..Ya, u are right SDCH is 2 rs serial now…..Never say that again that we forget u …..how could u think…..if u do this again….then, i am not going to talk you….everyone has it’s own writing way….same with u …don’t say again we forget ur ff….ur writing have such a beautiful sories….never underestimate yoursef…..lots of love to u & a big teddy hug to u sweetie…..Update soon.


    1. RuCh23

      Aww Niyu ??? thank you so much for this wonderful comment dear ??? ok I won’t say again that you forgot me. So happy now? Then smile like this ??? yeah I’m fed up with the show. And for those who are fed up just like me, I’m writing this fs ??? glad you liked it too sweetie ???

  10. Riyarocks

    Ruwani…..finally u returned after a long gap….2 long weeks………..so good to see u back………& dear, u returned with a bang……..really yaar, I wish, kaash tum sdch ki writer hoti….kamse kum aise weird storyline toh nahi hota sdch ki……….I just can’t understand, ki ye log clear kyun nahi kar rahe hai..whether its sanveer or kanchi plot……….anyways, agar I sit to describe abt the makers, toh din se raat hojayegi…..leave it……..now dear, I really want ki tum plz sirf luv story par nahi, infact sanchi ke mission par bhi thoda likho………I hope u don’t mind by my this request………….luv u loads sweetieeeeeeee………..

    1. RuCh23

      ??? Riya don’t wish me to be SDCH writer dear ??? if I was their writer the actors will send me to a mental asylum thinking I’m crazy ??? but it’s good if Kabir can be my doctor ??? ok jokes aside, I don’t mind your request dear ??? don’t ever say that. Sanchi’s mission is the most important thing in SDCH. I’ll deffineatly write about that. But only Sanchi won’t solve it she’ll get help ??? to know from whom and how you have to wait and keep reading ??? luv you loads too ???

  11. Palak.Sharma

    What a dhamakedar come back!! And I totally agree with you I have lost many hopes for this show!! And honestly they spend too much time building up and on family matters. But I am guessing that Sanchi’s truth will be revealed and Veer will hate her and Sanchi might marry Kabir for her mission, just a thought. Anyway… your version is amazing. Loved it so much!! Hopefully you can update soon.

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Palak ??? glad you liked it dear ???

  12. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing bang dhamakedaar fadoo came back dear… Nd u seriously think that we forget u if yes then only in ur dreams..hehehe.. Thanks tumne veer ki selfrespect nd kabir ka dimag dono ko bachcha liya warna seriel m to inki ijjat ki aisi taisi kar rakhi h.. Hope they learn from u.. Unnecessorily they drag the crappy boggy track of lovv triangle.. For what for both pair fandom..uhhh but what happened no one like the current show track if they r sanveer /kanchi fan atleast now makers realised their mistake trp not raised more than 0.9 nd this week trp is 0.7 wow.. Leave it nd the great referee pragya yahan bhi apni nose bich me dene aa hi gayi.. Sorry for lengthy boring commnt kya karu frustrtion nikal hi jata h.. Lovvv u tc nd post nxt asap

    1. RuCh23

      Niyaaa…… Your comment isn’t boring at all dear ??? when you guys give long comments it make me understand what you guys like and it help me to write better ??? and ok I won’t say you forgot me ok? I’m glad you liked the way I showed Veer & Kabir here coz in the show their characters have cut in to pieces ??? I’m quite irritated with Pragya in the show and I show her as same in here for a reason ???. To know more dear just keep reading I’ll try to update next ASAP. Luv you too ???

  13. Anee

    Hey Ruwani dear……………aaj toh maza hi aagya yaarrrr… wat a story yaaarrr….Even i don’t like the way were shown to dumbbb veer, deumboooo saanchi,,,and poor kabir in the serial……But dear….tum ne aaj uss plot ka way hi badal diya….yaaarrrr…kash really yeh idea Original SErial walon ko kiun nahi aaya….Mitu was right……….even I was thinking like that Agar saanchi kabir ki help ke liye maani hai it’s simple no need of explanation that she don’t like him…..My kabir….anyways……Great work dear.

    1. RuCh23

      Anee dear…… Thank you for this lovely comment ??? I’m glad you liked it sweetie ???. By the way, YOUR Kabir? Who gave him to you? ??? ok don’t give me that look!!! You can keep him to yourself coz I think of him as a brother!!! Just imagin how fun it’ll be to annoy such a khadoos brother ??? if he could he’ll give me record room duty for saying this ??? but dear please be careful!!! You might make other TU writers and readers burn ??? in jealousy ???

      1. Anee

        hahahaha…OMG yeh kiya horaha hai meer saath sab ko pata chal hai… mere dill ki baat ….and yeh kiya main sun rahi hoon As a kaanchian you treat him as a brother…yaar tum bhi kar li na swarda wali baaat…anyways….luv uuu loads swettie.

      2. RuCh23

        What can I do yaar ??? I never fell for characters ??? (& their actors) besides always wanted a bro like him ???

  14. Wowwww wat a come back sweetie. Thank God u came warna mein pagal ho jati tume wait krte karte. Ur comments always really means a lot. As well as ur ff .This was amazing superb mindblowing awesome lovely khidki tod ravishing awesome outstanding grand salute to u. It’s beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond everything. Waiting for next part. Love you loads

    1. RuCh23

      Aww thank you so much Ashu ??? your comments always make me smile dear ???

  15. Sajnana900

    Hey Ruwani dear
    Long tym no
    Missed u alot and ur ff WHAT KIND OF LOVE
    i miss this alot alot even many ffs are ended but this is the one i missed till now
    And cmng 2 the epi that was sprbbbbbb ooossss.mmmmm mindblowing
    And this should be actuall story
    But they are (cvs) jzt draging this
    Anyways the epi was bestever
    Cant wait for further plz update sooon dear

    1. RuCh23

      Hey Sanjana ??? I’m fine dear… I missed you guys too ???. You have no idea how happy I’m to know that you missed my ff more than other ff that ended ??? really to write something that readers remember even after it’s finished is the best achievement a writer can ever get ??? and I’m so glad you liked it dear ??? I’ll try to post next part ASAP ???

      1. Sajnana900

        Pleasure is all mine dear im glad that u remember me
        And seriously i didnt want that this ff never end but afterall anything take birth to die one day so like that only

      2. Sajnana900

        Never came in btwn by mistake never ko kat k baqi pura padho ???

      3. RuCh23

        Yeah I know that the nature of the world ??? they do say “never say never” for that reason ???

  16. Ur eriting are amazing….. U dont need to underestimate urself……. The story is amazing…. Update the next part soon

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much Amnaa ??? glad you liked it dear ???

  17. Yaashi23

    Ohhh dear was just awsome yaar. Cvs should learn something for u .. i just hope sanchi proposal accept kar le.. fingers crossed

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Yaashi ??? glad you liked it dear ??? and about the proposal…… You’ll have to wait to know ???

  18. So,,u came back wth a dhamakedar FF…loved it…post nxt soon…wanna see Kanchi’s reactions afterwards…

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Sanjukta ??? glad you liked it dear and yeah you’ll get to see Kanchi’s reactions on the next part ???

  19. AnahitaAnnie

    Looks who’s back!!!! My Ru is back with another fabulous story. And do you know the best thing about this one is that it connects to the show and we forget the hideous things they are showing us becoz we have such a beautiful POV from you!! And you always have such fantastic dialogues. I definitely want to write a petition to make you the writer of the show. And I was laughing so hard when u said “dr malhotra announced as if it was a reality show” ?? anyways I am so happy to have you back. I was crazily waiting for you to start over again and you cake with such a beautiful concept. And yes a big congratulations for your second ff on kaanchi. And let me inform you from before sometimes I might miss out to comment due to my busy schedule but always know that I will reading and loving it. So excited for you to start and really happy to have my friend back.. love you loads ❤️?

    1. RuCh23

      Aww sweetie you always give such wonderful comments ??? I’m on cloud 9 right now, and if you look at the sky you’ll see me ???. Thank you so much dear and so happy you liked it ??? don’t worry lil sis I know how busy you are! This comment of yours is enough for me to continue the whole fs (but do comment when you got time ???) love you too dear ???

  20. Abhilasha

    So finally our ru is back with a combo of all emotions in sdch in ruwani style…..plz just send this script to rashmi sharma …maybe she get some goo ideas ….dear loved it so much and really excited to read next part ……..and really me too want sdch in this way!!

    1. RuCh23

      Yep ??? it’s defineatly “Ruwani Style” ??? glad you liked it Abhi but I’d rather not send this story to RS coz who knows what’ll happen to it? They’ll turn it just as crappy as the show ???

  21. Ruhanika188

    Wow!! this is superb. Far more better than the boring serial. Love it. please continue

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Ruhi ??? glad you liked it!!! I’ve submitted the next part too. You’ll get to read it soon ???

  22. Jessicca

    Waoooo… Sweetie it was so cute… Amazing… Loved it… Why don’t you start working in the serial add the writer… You are much better than those actual ones..

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks Jess ??? glad you liked it!!! There are 3 more parts are posted, read them too ???

      1. Jessicca

        I’ll surely read…

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