Fates of 3 Doctors……second shot!!

Hey guys ??? back with the second part here. I couldn’t just believe my eyes when I saw all your comments for the previous part ???. I was giddy reading all and thank you so much for your wonderful encouraging words ???.

As I said on the last part this is my version of SDCH. So after reading today’s part many of you will be sad. I’m saying sorry in advance ???. So let’s go to the story.

Last time on “fates of 3 doctors” Kabir proposed Sanchi on dandiya night and Veer witnessed it. Today we start from there.


“I know it’s a bit sudden but I really like you Sanchi” he got on his knees and held a ring towards her surprising her even more “would you be my girlfriend and hopefully, wife in the future?” he asked her while looking at her lovingly.

Sanchi was like she’s in a trance. Then they both heard a noise and turned to see Veer standing there angrily holding flowers. He threw it away angrily and went away.

“VEER!!! Veer listen it’s not what you think! Veer!” Sanchi started to run towards him but he went without even looking at her. She fell to her knees and was crying badly.

Looking at her behavior Kabir understood everything. That she loves Veer. He was shattered knowing the bitter truth.

It pained him more to see the love of his life breaking down like this. Yes he loves her but he didn’t said that before coz he thought to give her sometime first. But all his hopes are lost now. Looking at the ring he was holding he thought, **How could I be so stupid to think that she loves me? I should’ve known atleast when she agreed so easily to help me to propose to my girlfriend!!! She only see me as her teacher! And she lo-lo- she loves someone else!** He placed the ring in his pocket and slowly stepped towards Sanchi.

It wasn’t easy but he managed to hide all the emotions he was feeling right now and kneeled beside her. He placed his right hand on her shoulder and made her face him.

“I’m sorry Sanchi, I didn’t know that you and Veer were…” He couldn’t say it. He couldn’t say that they’re a couple. “If I knew I wouldn’t ask you” she kept sobbing. “Don’t worry Sanchi, I’ll help you and make Veer understand” he said with lot of effort. She turned to look at him.

She finally looked at him in the eyes and asked “Promise?”

He couldn’t bear to see her so vulnerable. So he agreed to her even if it was crushing his already broken heart in to bits. “Promise!” Hearing his words her eyes filled with relief.

After that she went to the hostal with Isha and Pragya.

Veer was drinking in his room reminiscing his moments with Sanchi.

When Kabir came home Kusum asked “how did it go” and he replied “she already have someone else maa” and went to his room and locked his door. Kabir isn’t a person that drink all the time, only a little but for the first time in his life today he drank until he pass out because he wanted to stop the pain he was feeling and fell asleep.

……….next morning……….

Everyone was doing their work normally. Sanchi was trying to talk to Veer, he was avoiding her like plague and Kabir was witnessing all their drama. He had enough of it and called Veer to his cabin asking him to bring some patient’s file.

“The medication you’ve prescribed are good. Keep observing him for after effects” saying he gave the file back to Veer. Veer turned to go.

“Wait Veer! I want to talk to you! It’s personal” Kabir stopped him.

“With all due respect sir, I don’t have anything PERSONAL to talk to you. Besides it’s working hours and we should be PROFFESIONAL, shouldn’t we SIR?” Veer said with sarcasm.

“Your shift just got over Veer, and for god’s sake! please stop being so stubborn and listen to me!” -Kabir

“Alright then, what do you want to say?” -Veer

“About yesterday, it’s not what you think Veer. No don’t interrupt, just let me talk. True I proposed to her but that was only because maa wanted me to. You now maa liked Sanchi from the beginning. She was always pestering me to ask Sanchi and I agreed coz she’s a good girl. That’s it Veer. I don’t love her” it took a lot of strength to say the last few words to him.

Veer looked at him stunned. “Really? You mean you don’t love her?” He asked excitedly. Kabir nodded smiling weakly. Veer went to him and hugged him. “Thanks bhai! You don’t know how relieved I am”

Just then the door opened to reveal Sanchi standing there with Pragya & Isha. They came in. Sanchi & Veer were looking at each other.

“I’m sorry Veer. I hurt you a lot didn’t I?” she apologized. He placed a finger on her lips. “I love you Sanchi!”

Sanchi couldn’t control the happiness she was feeling. “I love you too Veer!” They hugged each other.

Kabir and others went out to give them some privacy. “So Pragya, we have to work really hard for the upcoming charity event if we want to get that HR rule removed as Dr. Neeta said” said Kabir.

“Yes sir! We’ll defineatly get rid of that stupid rule” Pragya said determined and went to start the preparations.

Kabir looked at the duo in his cabin sadly and turned to leave. This didn’t go unnoticed by Isha who was still there.

“Sir, you love her don’t you?” she asked him.

That question startled him. “What are you talking about Isha?” He asked as if he doesn’t have a clue.

“I’m talking about Sanchi, Dr. Kabir” replied Isha.

“No I don’t love her. I just proposed her coz maa wanted me to” he said emotionlessly.

“You can fool others by putting the weight on Kusum Aunty, but we both know that’s a lie. The truth is that you fell for her. You’re just helping her and Veer coz you want to see her happy!! Am I wrong Dr. Kabir” she asked again calmly.

“You shouldn’t interfere in your senior doctor’s personal life Isha” warned Kabir.

“No sir, as you told Veer earlier our duties are over so you’re not my senior right now!” Isha exclaimed. Then a sad smile came to her face. “You tried to change the topic sir. It only means one thing. Everything I said earlier is truth. You’re doing all this for her. It’s hard to find people like you in the real life, sir. I pray to god, to give you strength to do what you want” with that she left him to his thoughts.

Couple of days passed. Veer and Sanchi’s love story blossom behind Dr. Malhothra’s eyes with the help of Kabir. He didn’t knew a damn thing. How could he? He had to handle his dono biwiya ???. Both of his hands are full with Savitri and Gayatri.

Veer is still looking for Sanchi Mishra but don’t have any clue yet. Sanchi decided to tell the truth about the secret of her identity because she loves him and she doesn’t want to betray his trust.

So today she’s planing to tell him. She found Veer and asked him to come with her.

“Kya hua miss Golgappa? What do you want to talk about?” -Veer

“Not here Veer! It’s private. Let’s go to the storeroom” -Sanchi

“Aww my Golgappa wants to talk to me privately? You’re getting romantic today aren’t you baby?” He started to tease her.

She would’ve blushed if it was a different situation. “Shut up Veer! This is really important! Just come with me” she dragged him to the storeroom.

……….inside the storeroom……….

“So bolo what’s so important?” -Veer

“Veer, I wanted to tell you that……that I-I……I wanted to tell you that I’m-”

“Veer! Sanchi! Hurry up and come! Dr. Malhothra called everyone to the front for an emergency meeting!” The gang came to the storeroom and yelled. Sanchi couldn’t complete what she wanted to say.

“Chalo miss Golgappa, let’s see what that guy now and then we’ll continue our talk. Ok?” Veer said kindly.

“Okay” Sanchi replied and all went. She didn’t know that her destiny would take a 180 degree turn the moment she faced Dr. Malhothra.

“Come come everyone. Gather around. Ah! Miss Sanchi Agarval, come I was waiting for you” said Dr. Malhothra with an evil smile ???

Everyone got curious. Sanchi’s heart started to race. **now what kind of a trouble I’m in? I really don’t like how he looked at me. Did he got to know about me and Veer? Oh god what will I do? Would he rusticate me? Then how will I fulfil my father’s dream** she thought.

“Ok so everyone here? Good!” Dr. Malhothra started to speak dramatically. ” today I want to tell you that in this hospital we have not only doctors but also great actors. This so called actor plays a huge role here. She defineatly deserve an award for her performance. Trying to be a nice and honest doctor. But in reality that person’s motive is something else, isn’t it Dr. Sanchi Agarval? Or should I call you Sanchi Mishra? ???”

Sanchi’s face paled. Everyone started to murmur. “Yeh kya bakwas hai Dr. Malhothra?” Veer asked enraged.

“Veer, this isn’t bakwas this is the truth. If you don’t believe me then read this file. This is the real Sanchi Agarval. The coma patient we have” Malhothra said showing a photo he explained everything to him.

Veer gets shocked. (Kabir isn’t here right now. He’s on half day. He’ll be back in a bit) He looked at Sanchi. Anger, hurt, betrayal was the expressions he was giving. Slowly he walked towards her.

“You lied to me! All this time, all while I while I was looking for Sanchi Mishra, you lied to my face like it was nothing!!” He held her by her shoulders tightly. “Tu ne mujhe itna bada dhoka diya! Kyun? You and your mother, Jaya Mishra want to kill my mother. You two conspired together and planed all this didn’t you? Showing me fake love…! How could you?” He was so angry.

Sanchi tried to talk to her. “Veer please believe me! I was about to tell you-”


She was cut off by a tight slap from Veer. She was turned to the side because of that. Someone came and hold her.


Ok so 2 mysteries solved.
1) Kabir’s love confusion
2) Sanchi’s fake identity

I apologized to you in the beginning, for the way I portrayed the characters. If you don’t like anything please feel free to let me know through comments. And if you liked it, also leave a comment to let me know ???.

So on coming parts you’ll see how Malhothra got to know about her identity, how both Veer and Kabir deal with Sanchi’s lie, how Sanchi fulfill her fathers dream, how Sunil Mishra get justice & finally the pair. So until then keep reading ???

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  1. Nice episode

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      Thanks Anu ???

  2. Palak.Sharma

    OUTSTANDING, FABULOUS, MARVELOUS, JUST SPEECHLESS… these dumb directors and writers need to be replaced by you. Kabir’s sacrifice? and how he wants Sanchi to be happy then her identity revealed. Veer slapping her ??!!

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      Thank you so much Palak ??? glad you liked it ???

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    Awesome ruwani superb start !! An amazing episode like alway !! This is really an honour to read your stories

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    Ruwani Ruwani…..ye tune kya kiya……such an amazing episode…….hamare kabir ne situation bohut ache se handle kiya & he not only composed himself, but also united sanveer…..I just loved his part……& about Sanchi’s identity revealation, I really wanted this coz this is the only way for the union of kanchi as veer hates Sanchi Mishra….so on knowing her identity, he would surely break-up with sanchi…..sorry if I’m sounding rude or selfish….but I want to see kanchi together…..luv u loads sweetieeee……

    1. RuCh23

      Ha ha Riya youre not rude at all!!! But you’ll have to wait till end to know the pair ??? not that long though only 4th or 5th part. So happy you liked the way I portrayed the characters ??? and of course Kabir will handle the situation coz he’s the only one with the brains who can do that (not considering the way serial showed him recently ???) love you too sweetie ???

  5. R u kidding that I dnt like it. Ruwani sweetie writes and I will not like it. Sweetie i loved it to core of my heart. It was everything. Iam speechless. A great great great great great great great grand salute to u and a round appplus and lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads

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  6. hiii dear
    when isha speaking with kabir actually i cried yaar and i didnt realize it
    the conversation btw isha nd kabir is so emotional and i cant stop my tears
    awesomeee dear
    hope atlast u unite kanchi

    1. RuCh23

      Sorry to make you cry Swetha ??? I always want it to be like if Pragya’s gonna take Veer’s side then Isha should take Kabir’s side. Glad you liked it sweetie ???

      1. there is no need to say sorry dear u r amazing writer
        heartfully connected to ur ff

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      Thank you Niyaaa for this wonderful comment ??? I’m glad you liked the way I portrayed Kabir’s character. Love you too and I submitted the next part ???

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    Hey ruwani. It was amazing yaaar. Feeling very bad for sanchu. How can veer slap her withoyt giving her chance to explain ??? I hate u veer for this…

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      Thanks abhi ??? glad you liked it!!! I submitted the next part you’ll get to read it soon ???

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