Fates of 3 Doctors……Last shot (Epilogue)

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Hope you guys like it!!! Aaand here we go ???

After 3 years.

“I still don’t understand why I have to go with YOU to this conference Isha!!” A handsome guy who was wearing a navy blue suit looking totally hot (???) said irritatedly while driving.

“That’s because I’m your favourite from all the other doctors” Isha said sweetly.

“Favourite!! MY FOOT” the guy grumbled.

“Oh c’mon Kabir!! Don’t be such a spoilsport!! We’re going to Goa. At least pretend to be having fun!!” Said Isha.

“Oh I’m having so much fun driving!! I swear to god Isha, if you start to irritate me there, I’ll ask Jaya maa to throw you out of the hospital!!” Kabir threatened her.

“That won’t be necessary. I have someone else to irritate there” she said winking at him ???.

While shaking his head in disbelief Kabir said, “I still can’t imagine, how you two got together!!”

“Aww that’s becoz we’re meant to be!!” She replied back excitedly.

(??? ha ha ha…!!! Did you thought I’d pair Kabir with crazy Isha? ??? no way!!! They don’t match at all)

Back at SDCH, Another handsome guy, who’s wearing casual clothes, was working. Someone entered there without knocking.

“Abae ooo nalayak!!! Sanchi ka call. Come let’s talk with her” saying that she answered it.

(You know who they are ???)

Phone convo

Pragya – hi Sanchi, kaise ho tu?

Sanchi – fine yaar tu?
They were gossiping.
Pragya – Arre!! Veer bhi aa gaya. (??? wink at Veer) Wait I’ll give the phone to him

Veer – hey Sanchi ??? when are you coming back yaar? Miss you so much!

Sanchi – don’t know Veer
They talked a little and the convo ended.

“Yaar Pragya, why aren’t you telling me where she is? I’ll go there and take her with me!!” Veer said.

“Sorry Veer, kya karu? Even me and Isha don’t know where she is!! Only Aunty knows and Sanchi made her promise not to tell us!!” Pragya said sadly.

“Yeah I understand, but what can I do yaar? Pyar hai woh meri ???” -Veer


3 years ago……

It’s the day after the gang planed Dr. Malhothra’s doom. All are in SDCH. Kabir and Veer together said about all his deeds along with Savitri. Both boys stood beside Sanchi, holding both her hands.

Police came. “Dr. Anand Malhothra, you’re under arrest!” The expressions he gave was priceless ???

While he was taken away he looked at the trio who was holding hands. Just then, Pragya, Isha, Jaya & Savitri too stood with them. Pragya & Savitri on Veers side, Isha & Jaya on Kabir’s side.

(Phew ??? that drama was done. ??? ok let’s move on)

Jaya and Savitri took the hospital’s control to their hands. That day there was a small party.

“Mere paas mere beta hai to help me Jaya” Savitri said looking at Veer.

“Tho kya Savitri, mere paas meri beti AUR beta hai na!” Jaya said playfully while looking at both Sanchi & Kabir. All shared a laugh.

During the party Jaya came towards Kabir. “Thank you beta! You helped us so much. Because of your help, we managed to get justice to my Sunil” Kabir gave a small smile.

“Will you help me to make this hospital the way Sunil wanted?” She asked touching his cheek lovingly.

“Maa, I’m going to US next week. So….” Kabir was hesitant.

“I know beta, and I know the reason why you’re going too” Kabir tensed hearing that.

“Mai ek maa hu. I understand what’s wrong with a child. You want to go away from the pain, seeing them together. But beta, you shouldn’t run away like that. There’s one thing life has taught me. That is you should never run from your problems and your pain. You have to face them. Time is the only thing that can heal a wound Kabir, think about it beta.” Jaya gave him motherly advice.

Days passed in to months. Kabir never left for US. He was helping to make the hospital a better place. Now all interns have finished their internship. Some left for different hospitals, some stayed.

You must be wondering what happened to Riya. Well… Savitri let them stay in the house out of kindness. After Gayatri found how Anand lied about the house ownership and all, she didn’t had anywhere else to go. Riya is still in SDCH trying to win Kabir’s heart, but still no luck ???.

Day by day Sanchi get close to Kabir. Now they’re best friends ???. He became friends with the gang too but Isha is more close to him than other two. (You guys know the reason ???)

Today is the day that court announced Anand Malhothra’s punishment.

After the hearing, Sanchi too gave a shocking announcement. “I’m leaving the city”

“Oh wow! Miss Golgappa’s going on a vacation!” Veer said excitedly.

“No Veer, not vacation. Im taking a break from all these drama” she said.

“Abae ooo what’re you saying? Hume yaha chod kar tu kaise ja sakthe?” Pragya asked angrily.

“I’m not going forever. I’ll be back after sometime” she assured.

“Lekin kaha?” Veer asked sadly.

“Sorry Veer I can’t tell you. If I tell you, you’ll come there and try to change my mind” -Sanchi

The day of Sanchi’s departure.

She departs from the hospital coz she doesn’t want anyone to know where she’s going. Everyone in the hospital was sad. After all she had won everyone’s hearts.

Even Kusum came to bid her goodbye. Firstly Sanchi took blessings from Savitri and Kusum, then went to Veer.

Veer started to speak. “Sanchi-” but Sanchi cut him off.

“No Veer. Not now. I’m going, so let me go happily!! ???” she said smiling.

He gave a light smile and hugged her.

Then came her besties. Both were crying ???. “Oh ho stop na!! It’s not like I’m gonna go forever!! Hold your tears for my bidaii ???” she teased them.

“Abae ooo!! Let us cry!! If you don’t want us to cry then stay here!!” Pragya said through tears.

“Haa Sanchi, we’re gonna miss you so much!! Please stay!!” Isha joined too.

“??? Isha…. It’s the first time I’m seeing you letting your makeup wasted ???” Sanchi exclaimed. The trio hugged.

“Kabir kaha hai?” She was looking for him but wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Then he came out of nowhere and tapped her shoulder. She turned and smiled. “I thought you won’t say goodbye to me ???”

“Stop making ridiculous faces!!” She frowned hearing him say this ??? “Besides how can I not say goodbye to you?” This made her smile but what he said next made her smile vanish. “After all today will be the happiest day of my life!! ??? I’m getting rid of your annoyance.”

She frowned ??? and said “I hate you!!”

“That feeling is mutual Dr. Sanchi” he said so khadoosly to her for everyone to hear but in mind he was thinking, **stupid girl, how can I hate you when I’m hopelessly in love with you?**

His khadoos reply made her laugh and she hugged him tightly surprising not only him, others too.

Kabir reciprocated to the hug and whispered to her hair, “Abhi bhi waqth hai Sanchi, stay back!”

“Hmm I know but I need time Kabir” she started to whisper softly too.

“I know Jaya maa won’t break your promise, so I’ll find out where you’re and when that happened I’ll be on your doorstep to take you back here whether you like it or not!” He warned her.

“Of course!! ??? Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! I won’t be able to come this far if it isn’t for your help!” Saying that they finnally broke the hug. Both didn’t want to let go of each other. Kabir coz he loves her (duhh!!) and Sanchi, she couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way. It felt to her like she’s leaving a part of her.

Then she took blessings from Jaya and got in to a cab waiting for her to leave. She looked at all of them for one last time and waved at them ???.

The background scene was like, Veer putting his arm around Savitri’s shoulder, Pragya & Isha hugging Jaya from both sides and Kusum placing her hand on Kabir shoulder. Everyone looked towards the car that’s going away from them. (It’s a nice pose of everyone if you imagined it correctly ☺️☺️☺️)

End of flashback

From that day, Sanchi kept in touch with everyone but no one knew where she was except Jaya.

……..Goa – after the conference……..

“Alright Isha see you tomorrow, good night” Kabir said while going to his room. Their staying in a hotel.

“Wait Kabir, we’re going out tomo, would you join us?” Isha asked.

“Don’t wanna spoil your date” he said nonchalantly.

“Oh c’mon!! Stop acting like an old man!! Even old people are more fun than you!!” ??? Isha said laughing.

Kabir raised an eyebrow at her. She knew she’s in trouble. “Uh oh I think I should go now. Good night!!” She quickly went to her room.

……….next day……….

In a cafe near a park, there’s Kabir, Isha & another so handsome guy which is our Isha’s boyfriend. They were talking about random stuff. Isha’s phone rang.

“Hello……Sanchi? Yaar how are you?” She answered excitedly.

Hearing Sanchi’s name Kabir’s head snapped towards Isha.

Phone convo

Isha – no yaar I’m at Goa… I told you about the conference.

Sanchi – oh yeah right, so how was it?

Isha – it went good. Ab mai aur mera hottie came out for coffee!!

Sanchi – KYAA??? (Screamed)

On the other hand Kabir who heard what Isha said spat the coffee he was drinking.

Isha & her boyfriend started to laugh ???

Isha – woh wala hottie nahi hai Sanchi, chill ??? I’m talking about my soulmate, Dev!! (Dev is my imaginary character for Isha’s boyfriend coz show doesn’t have anyone for her ???)

Sanchi – thank god!! You almost gave me a heart attack!!

Isha – kyu…..? (teasingly)

Sanchi – (understanding what’s on Isha’s mind quickly said) kyun ki Kabir itni bhi unlucky nahi hai, tumari jaise nautanki girlfriend ke liye milne ki!!

Isha – ??? you’re so mean Sanchi!! I don’t wanna talk to you!! Talk with Kabir instead!!

She angrily passed the phone to Kabir, but in reality, she wanted them to talk.

Kabir – hey, how are you?

Sanchi – good, you?
They talk and talk and talk many things. Isha & Dev went to the nearby park giving him privacy.

Sanchi – how are the new interns? Are they troubling you?

Kabir – oh god!! They give me headaches ??? but not as bad as you guys when you were interns. You people almost drove me insane ???!! Your batch was the WORST batch I ever got!! (??? our school teachers always used to say this to us ??? but still they know we are the best ???)

Sanchi – ??? I miss your khadoosness…!

Kabir – yeah right! I don’t miss anything about you at all!! ???

They talk more and then end of convo……

Isha & Dev came, Kabir gave her phone back saying, “um… Isha…. You might have to find a way to return to Mumbai”.

“WHAT? Why…? ???” she started to whine.

“Oh stop your melodrama!! I have to go somewhere” -Kabir

“Ok….???. HEY!! Wait a minute!! Did you find out where Sanchi is? ??? yes yes yes!!! Batao na Kabir, kaha hai wo?” Isha asked jumping up and down.

“I’m not sure it’s just a guess, hope she’s there. So bye!” Kabir said and left.

“Good luck Kabir!! Jao aur wapas ajao apne dulhan ke sath!” Isha said to herself but Dev heard her.

“Dulhan? What do you mean? She loves Veer na” Dev asked curiously.

“Oh yeah I forgot!! Veer ki dulhan” she replied back irritatingly. “Enough of that! I have to book a cab for me to go back!! Or else you could drop me too” she winked ???.

Next day

……….Somewhere faraway……….

A little girl came running. “Di hide me!!” A girl whose lot older than her picked her up. “Now what did you do, Shanu?”

“Nothing big!! Choti galthi!!” Little girl said cutely. “Shanu!! Come here right now” a woman screamed. “Mumma will scold me” said Shanu.

Just then the door bell rang. The woman who screamed earlier opened the door revealing a handsome man. She was staring right at him.

“Namaste didi, is this where Sanchi live?” The guy asked and she came to her senses. She frowned hearing him call her didi ??? “who are you?” she asked.

“I’m a friend of her from Mumbai. I work at SDCH. Jaya maa knows me too” he replied.

“Ok come and have a seat. Sanchi….! Tumari dosth yaha hai tumhe Milne ke liye!” she said.

“Ji Chachi, I’m coming!” The little girl Shanu and her di came to greet the guest.

The guy who was sitting stood up instantly, seeing her, he called her name softly. “Sanchi…”

“Kabiiirrr…!!!” Sanchi was so surprised to see him. She couldn’t control her happiness, so she ran and hugged him tight. He too reciprocated.

They broke the hug.

“How did you find I’m here? I asked maa not to tell anyone!” -Sanchi

“Maa didn’t tell me, I found out!! Remember what I said when you were leaving? I told you I’ll try to get you to tell me where you are and then I’ll come to take you back with me?” He asked & she nodded.

“Yesterday when I was talking with you I figured that you’re here, in Bareli” he said smiling.

“But I can’t come” she protested.

“It’s been 3 years Sanchi, please think na, everyone miss you!” -Kabir

“But yesterday you said you don’t miss me” -Sanchi

“Yeah everyone except me” -Kabir

“Ok then come back when YOU miss me ???” -Sanchi

“??? then you’ll have to stay here forever ??? ok ok I missed you too! Khush?”

“Bohot khush!!” she replied excitedly.

Then Sanchi’s Chachi came with tea and snacks along with Shanu. “So you’re Dr. Kabir! Sanchi told us about you and others in the hospital. I’m her Aunty Khushboo!” Ashok and Khushboo are now in Bareli.

“Oh ho so yeh handsome guy here is your prince charming, di?” Little Shanu asked and Kabir choked on tea ???.

Sanchi placed her hand over Shanu’s mouth, whispering to her “not now Shanu”

Khushboo smiled and tried to change the topic. “You’re right on time Dr. Kabir! It’s just yesterday Sanchi gave her resignation letter to Bareli Central Hospital. She wanted to surprise everyone by coming tomorrow”

“Yeah you ruined my plan ???” Sanchi told him accusingly.

Kabir was happy to know that she decided to come back. He said she can go with him tomorrow. Khushboo asked him to stay there but he kindly refused and said his belongings are in a hotel.

Next day

Kabir came to pick Sanchi and they both reached SDCH. Kabir asked her to go first.

She entered through the entrance but couldn’t take a step more coz she slipped (courtesy of Riya, who spilled oil near the entrance).

She closed her eyes expecting to hit the hard floor, but a strong pair of arms instantly wrapped around her waist, not letting her fall. (Arrangements to welcome her) Just then rose petals started to fall. She slowly opened her eyes to see Kabir staring at her lovingly while holding her.

Riya fumed seeing them together.

Savitri and Jaya cleared their throats “ahem ahem”. That got Sanchi and Kabir back to their senses.

**god!! It’s been 3 whole years and she still have the same affect on me. I still forget every damn thing, when she’s around. This isn’t good! Kabir, remember! She loves VEER not you** he tried his best to convince himself.

“Welcome back Sanchi….!!” Pragya, Isha, Veer & the staff welcomed her. Miss Fernandez gave her flowers saying “we missed you Dr. Sanchi”

Couple of days passed like this. Sanchi now have her own cabin and all. All were having lunch together in the cafeteria.

“Soo Miss Golgappa, would you like to go out for dinner with me tonight?” Veer asked casually.

Everyone knew he’s trying to get her to go on a date.

“Sorry Veer, I’m busy today, same goes for tomorrow as well as the rest of the week” she refused kindly.

Hearing that Veer’s face fell. Pragya opened her mouth to say something but Isha kicked her foot hard, signaling her to keep quiet. Pragya frowned at her.

All went back to their duties. Kabir and Sanchi stayed behind coz their shifts are over.

“Sanchi, don’t you think it’s time you and Veer try to mend your relationship?” Kabir started.

“Kabir, we’ve talked about this before. I only consider him as a friend. Nothing more” she replied softly.

“But he still loves you!” -Kabir

“And you don’t?” Sanchi asked quietly.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t hear you.” -Kabir

“I said Riya’s here” she pointed at the door.

Riya came and talked about a patient and tried flirt with kabir but he dismissed her quickly.

“Yeh ladki bhi na! She’ll never let me live in peace!” He said while sighing.

“Well there’re 2 options.
Option 1) try to make her understand that you don’t like her.

Option 2) find a girl and get married.” Sanchi said thoughtfully.

“Both options are useless” he said and sipped his coffee.

“Then option 3) get married to Riya ???” -Sanchi

Kabir’s expression turned horrified ??? “sheee… I’d rather die” both laughed.

Scene changed to Kabir’s cabin. He and Veer were discussing about a patient. After that Kabir said “Do you still love her Veer? Then don’t give up! Tell her!!”

Veer smiled and said “thanks bhai! I’ll propose her on dandiya night” before leaving. Someone was listening from outside.

**Dandiya night… How could I forget that day? The day my heart broke 4 years ago. This day will always remind me, that she’ll NEVER be mine!!** he thought bitterly placing his head between his hands.

He didn’t notice that someone came inside his cabin until the person speak.

“Kab thak Kabir? How long are you going to hide your feelings?” The person asked.

“Not now Isha” said Kabir.

“If not now, then when? You’ll never tell her how you feel!! 4 years ago you lied to her by not telling her and now you’re doing the same!! Why are you hurting yourself like this?” Isha exploded.

“I want her to be happy, Isha. If she’s happy, that makes me happy too. I can do anything for her happiness!!” said Kabir looking at the ceiling.

Isha got teary eyed.

……….dandiya night……….

Isha had invited Dev, who was in Mumbai for a while and Pragya invited Satish to dandiya. Veer was waiting for Sanchi to come but Sanchi was trying her best to get Kabir to go to dandiya. Unfortunately he was busy with work and said that he’ll come later.

Little did she know that he planned not to go there. “I’m sorry Sanchi, but I can’t come. I can’t see him proposing to you” he said to himself.


All were dancing. Sanchi was waiting for Kabir but her besties dragged her to dance. Then Veer came to her and said that she wants to talk and they came out.

“Sanchi, I know a lot happened and even if you already forgave me for my mistakes, they were unforgivable. But can we start afresh and forget the past?” He kneeled before her holding a red rose. “I love you Sanchi, will you accept me?”

She was so surprised that she couldn’t speak for a moment. Then she said, “I’m sorry Veer, I consider you as a good friend! I don’t love you the same way! Our relationship ended a long time ago. I moved on, so should you. I don’t want to go back to the past. I’m sorry!!”

Veer gave a weak smile. “Yeah I expected you to say that. But what can I do? My heart didn’t listen. Still wanted to ask you” he said understandingly.

“Whoever he is, he’s a very lucky guy to get your heart!” He continued.

“Thank you for understanding Veer!!” Sanchi smiled.

Back in the hospital Kabir saw Veer passing by, through the opened door of his cabin and called him in.

“How did it go?” -Kabir

“She rejected me, we decided to stay as friends” -Veer ???

He left and he collided with someone. “Have you gone blind?” A girl screamed.

“I’m sorry miss, it really was my fault. Hope you aren’t hurt!” He apologized quickly.

The girl looked at him and said, “it’s alright. You seem to be upset. Care to share? You know when you share your problems with a stranger, you feel so much better!!” She tried to be cheerful.

Veer thought a little and said, “okay miss, since all my friends are busy today, I’ll just tell you. Besides what would I loose by telling you? I don’t know you, and you don’t know me!!” And gave a small smile.

Kabir went straight to the hall where everyone was and dragged Sanchi out.

“What were you thinking?” he asked angrily.

“What’re you talking about?” she asked puzzled.

“Stop acting Sanchi, you know what I’m talking about! Why did you rejected him?” still angry.

“Kabir, I’ve told you plenty of times… I don’t love him & we’re just friends!! Why can’t you understand that?” Now it’s Sanchi’s turn to get angry.

“Because I know you’re lying!! You’re lying to him, us as well as YOURSELF!!” -Kabir

“No I’m not lying damn it!! I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE!!” she screamed.

“Now you’re telling another lie!!” He said nonchalantly.

That made her even more angry. She stomped her foot hard on the floor and turned to to him.

Then she grabbed him by his neck and placed her lips on his. Kabir was shocked by her sudden action. After about 5 seconds she moved away shyly.

“Now do you understand that I’m not lying?” she questioned him, but he haven’t come out of the shock yet.

Then she took out a ring and showed it to him. “This is the same ring that you used to propose me, 4 years ago. I found it on the dustbin of your cabin, few days after you proposed me. I didn’t know what came over me, but I didn’t wanted to see it in a trash can. I took it out to tell you not to throw it but never got the chance. Maybe destiny wanted me to keep it with me forever!!!”

He was listening to her in surprise.

“4 years ago, on a day like this, you were asking me a question. And I didn’t gave a reply which broke your heart. Today I want to ask you the same question”

Then she kneeled before him.

“I love you Kabir…..,would you be my boyfriend and hopefully, husband in the future?”

“You love ME?” He asked dazed.

“More than anything……” replied Sanchi.

“I can’t believe it” he whispered to himself.

“I just said how I feel Kabir, how long do you plan to make me stay like this?” She asked still in kneeling position.

He realized and hurriedly made her stand. “Sorry jaan, I love you too” he was so happy that he still think all this is a dream.

“If this is a dream, I never want to wake up” he whispered while slipping the ring to her finger and kissing her forehead.

“This isn’t a dream… I love you… More than anything….!!” she said looking at him lovingly.

“But still, I love you more…!!!” He leaned towards her, holding her waist while her arms wrapped around his neck. Their lips met in a sweet yet passion filled kiss under the starry sky.

That’s the story of Fates of 3 Doctors. All 3 are gonna have new beginnings.

………………….THE END.…………………

Ok now please don’t look at me like that ??? I honestly don’t know what I just wrote ???. I know you guys won’t like this but thanks for reading anyway ???. So this is the end of my version of SDCH. Until I get another idea to write and make you crazy, ???

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