Fated to be together (Swasan)- Prologue


He was an apple on everyone’s eye, a caring son, loving brother, most amazing friend, scholar student, most successful business man and above all best lover. He had everything what one can ever wish for, good looks, insane money, lovely family, most amazing friends and a love who can die for him. He loved her with every bit of him and in return his love got reciprocated with equal measure. His life was perfect, isn’t it? What else one can wish for in this life? His life was a dream and as we say dreams are meant to be broken.

When his dream broke, he didn’t get up to reality instead he got up to a nightmare, a never ending nightmare which was ready to haunt him for rest of his life. He wanted to kill himself and end that nightmare but it was not as easy as it looked. How could he think of dying before punishing those people who made his life a living nightmare? How could he let his traitors live peacefully? Now his only aim was the destruction of those people who were the reason of his miseries.

She was the girl of iron will. She had been brought up this way, her mother and granny both were single parent. They brought her up like a fighter who never loses his battle. Society had also contributed to her nature. Being an illegitimate child is not an easy task after all. All the taunts and hatred that the society threw on her had made her a stone. But inside this stone was a delicate heart which always curved for father’s affection. Only dream of her life was to meet her father once and ask him why he left her to bear all this. Little did she knew that meeting him will destroy her completely? The fighter will break into pieces leaving behind pain that will never leave her alone.

What happens when these two meet? Two broken people who have nothing left for them to live. They had been destroyed and destroyed in the worst possible way.
This is the story of betrayal hatred and revenge and redemption.

Credit to: Ria

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    Awesome…. Seems really interesting…. Update soon

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  5. Betrayal, hatred n revenge! ! ! :-O :-O :-O 3 strong n evil emotion. Intresting.

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  8. nice continue

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    1. It’s a Swasan ff. I can’t think of other pairs

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