Fated to love you – New ff on kanchi (savitri devi college and hospital)

Hi folks ?, its me Aarya….Am back after a long year with a beautiful story….on sanchi and kabir….sorry varun fans ….but i vl make sure to bring something special ….as i also like him a lot(swasan lover?)
But in this story hero vl be Dr kabir?
This story is close to my heart and i hope u vl enjoy it…


Love …what is love ? ?

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning..
No one can define it. It is something so great. Only god could design it . Yes ..Love is beyond what man can define .Love is immortal and god’s gift is divine . No matter what age,colour ,looks ….love is love…

What will happen if a  man who thinks  love is pain  cross paths witha   a sweet lovely girl who believe love is the only thing in this world that  covers up all pain …

What will happen ,where will destiny lead them to…
The path of love is not always gonna be easy…sometimes it’s gonna be really hard…..
Let’s move on to ma new ff……
Get ready  for an amazing journey of true love mixed with a lots of emotions ,drama,twist and turns…..

Cast and character

(almost same with some new characters like sameer as sanchi’s brother ) and Dr Navya Arora and ayaz

Character sketch of main leads

Main cast

Vikram Sakhalkar as Dr. Kabir Malhotra(Male Lead/Protagonist)
He is the elder son of Dr.Anand malhotra and Savitri devi. Director of savitri devi college and hospital.
He is a best known cardiologist and asst.prof in cardiology dept .He already reached heights in his career in a very young age.
He is smart,hot,intelligent but arrogant ,rude and impulsive workholic person. He is also a very dedicated and strict doctor.
He loves his mom,chotu and dadi the most and will do anything for them.
He hates his dad and his second wife as he believes they are the reason for his mom’s death.. He also believes love is pain…and have no rltn with that feeling.

Swarda Thigale as Dr. Sanchi mishra/ sanchi agarwal
A sweet, innocent,beautiful 19 year old girl who loves music and dance. She is jaan of her family..her brother’s angel
Believes in love alot.
She values life and refuses to bound by any rules or protocol. She chooses to be doctor just as her father and bhaiyu..

Varun Kapoor as Dr. Veer Malhotra(second Main Lead/Protagonist)
Second son of Dr. Anand Malhotra and Savitri Devi
His name gives chills to every girls in college…he consider his dad’s hospital as a funplace and is no. One prankster.He is a carefree ,handsome boy..He used to b pampered alot by his mom..later on by his big bro nd dadi.
Total opposite to his brother but still consider him like a fatherly figure. A rockstar now going to b a medical student.

Mohan Kapur as Dr. Anand Malhotra(Main Antagonist)
He is well known docter ,chairman of savitri devi college and hospital and also a business man who is co owner of savitri devi group of companies which is really owned by his late father in law..
He is cruel ,arrogant and selfish person for whom only money matters…He married savtri devi for her wealth and has a brutal past. He had an extra marital affair with gayatri from the begining ..

Shilpa Shirodkar as Jaya Mishra (Sanchi’s Mother/Protagonist)
Owner of  The Roasted Bean Cafe , New york.
Mother of Dr.sameer mishra and sanchi…A devoted wife who always loved her husband . She lives with  her mother in law and children in New York.. She cooks really well. She pampers her daughter a lot as she ws her daddy’s princess. Her son is her pride.
Her only wish in life is to destroy her husband’s murderer.

Aamir ali Malik as Dr Sameer mishra
Jaya and Dr. sunil mishra’s son . Agood doctor …works in Mount senai hospital ,NY .
Loves his mom , dadi, and pari to the core.  He consider sanchi as his baby .very protective to his family.
His mind is full of revenge to his father’s culprit.

Nishigandha Wad as Savitri Devi Anand malhotra
The real owner of savitri devi college and hospital and savitri devi group of companies..
A very kind hearted lady.Loves her family the most..she loved her husband blindly and trusted him.
Later on she came across some malpractises in her hospital and came to know about Anand’s affair ..
She stood against it.
Dr.Malhotra and gayatri plotted against her…
She is claimed to be dead by police five years ago….

Recurring cast

Girish sachadev as  (Late )Dr.Sunil Mishra
Sonica Handa as Gayatri Anand Malhotra(Antagonist)
Akansha Sareen as Dr.Riya Mehta(Antagonist)

Neha Bagga as .Pragya Yadav (sanchi’s friend)
Garv Bajaj as Dr. Garv
Sharan Kaur as Isha Negi(sanchi’s friend)
Alan Kapoor as Sanket Sharma( veer’s friend
Ayaz khan as ayaz khan (veer’s friend …Isha’s love interest)
Shivaani Sopuri as Sumitra Devi Malhotra( kabir and veer’s dadi)
Navnindra Behl as satyawati mishra ( sanchi and sameer’s dadi)
Dr Navya Arora …

Thank u all…..how is it guys…..
Am waiting for ur response…..
Welcoming all sorts of suggestions and opinions….tc cu soon


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