Fated to be – Chapter 9 ( Abhigya )

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Chapter 9

Pragya’s pov…

That day, He said about my semester exams to everyone. All 4 grouped together not to make me any other work rather than preparing for my exams. I’m hardly going to downstairs. Most of the time, I stay in my room studying.I have a habit of underlining the important points of every paragraph while reading book.

So, Sumit Bhai n purab Bhai take my books when I’m reading other subjects n prepare notes to me. Samay Bhai gives dry fruits, juices , milk to me at regular intervals without any fail. If I don’t eat them , then bhai will feed me at any cost.

Everyday he (Abhi)  took my breakfast, lunch n dinner upstairs to my room. He feeds me while I’m studying n he also eat from same plate. We sleep either in my room or in his room everyday. Sometimes I don’t know when I’ll sleep alsoalso  my eyes will pain if I study continuously n I sleep suddenly. But when I woke up, there will be no books around me. I’ll be either between my pillow n teddy (day time)  or by hugging him (night time)  blindfolded.

Yeah a different type of blind folded. First time when I woke up like that, I got scared but the next time I woke up with him beside me, hugging in sleep. I asked him y he has done like that n he said…

” I have searched in Internet fuggy for ur problem. If we put potato or cucumber slices on our eyes it will absorb heat from them, so our eyes will cool down. Hence there will be no stress for eyes so it won’t pain more. I have put them on ur eyes directly , but u r moving in sleep na.So, to keep them on ur eyes, I folded cloth around ur eyes “.

O my God, I’m speechless. Every tiniest problem of mine is like a biggest challenge to him n he finds solution to it . I couldn’t control my overflowing emotions n I kissed him on his cheek. My first cheek kiss to him ?.

He smiled brightly n I can do anything to make him happy forever.He kisses me on forehead , cheeks, hair n temple so many times in a day but I couldn’t control my blush once too ??

By doing it (blindfold) often, I have got less pain in eyes so I’m not sleeping in day time anymore. So, I started spending some time with all. At nights, we (Abhigya) chit chat before going to sleep n that’s my favorite time of the day..

I know he won’t like my teddy between us but I purposely put it daily at first. But, everyday he do / says something to remove it n he throws it to couch. His antics r the cutest things which I can see all the time. The reasons he give r like..

Fuggi, I think there’s dust  *sneeze*  in this teddy, I’m *sneeze *  getting sneezes.. *Sneeze*. Remove *sneeze* it..

Fuggi, there r ants on ur * aah*  teddy. They r biting me *ouch *. Take this *ouch * away..

Fuggi, look there’s a spider on ur teddy. What if it bite me ?? I’ll bcom Spiderman n I have to save this world.Pls, darling, I can’t stay away from u by roaming around world ?.

Fuggi , this teddy is this much *long breath * fatty that I’m having difficulty in breathing *long breath* . Pls first throw it away na…

Fuggi, I think itching insect has crawled on teddy. See, I’m getting itchness by touching ur teddy here *aah*  n here too. * He rubs his hands with nails more n screams aahhh then throws it away from bed *

Everyday he do something new to throw that teddy of mine. Really, I wonder from where he get such ideas ???. When I say

But I’m ok na, I’m not getting such problems with this.Then y u only got like this

The only thing he says by smiling sheepishly is…

My skin is very very sensitive fuggi..? ? ?

When I agree to keep it away, the smile he gives is the most beautiful thing on this Earth.

Pov ends

After 2 weeks…

Abhi’s bandage has removed after examining X-ray report n he’s fine now. From tomorrow onwards, he will go to office. Like everyday, he took Pragya’s dinner to her room. Same time pragya completed her studies n is closing her books…

Abhi : Hey, seems like u completed early today..

Pragya : Ha, those r easy topics so…

Abhi : oic, come let’s eat then..

Pragya : ok, but I have one condition..

Abhi : What’s that fuggy ?

Pragya : Everyday u r feeding me na, today I’ll feed u. Ok ?

Abhi : of course darling. That’s my pleasure to eat from ur hands ? ?..

Pragya is eating as well as feeding him.

Pragya : Suniye, is there any pain now too ?

Abhi : No, fuggy. There’s no pain. See

*with that he rotates his hand clock wise n anti clockwise too*

happy now ? ?

Pragya : S, so happy. Can I ask u something ?

Abhi : *by pointing index finger*

This is final time I’m saying. U no need to ask my permission to ask anything. If u ask like this na, I will … Hm.. I will punish u…

Pragya : Acha, what punishment u will give to me ? Bathiyiye (say me )

Abhi : Hmm… Punishment ah… Umm. Yeah… I’ll either handcuff u or scoop u in my arms depends on my mood n take u with me every where I go even office for one complete day n I can kiss u anytime I wa…

Pragya : No, no. I won’t ask like that ever.

Abhi : * by pinching her cheeks *

good girl ? ?

Pragya : *by rubbing her cheek *

ouch.. u pinched me hard

Abhi by holding his ears says sorry n he gave butterfly kisses on her cheek. After that he sees her face which is pink bcoz of his act n says

Awww, my blushy queen ??..

Pragya : ??????..

Abhi : U want to ask something ??

Pragya : Yeah, I want to ask ..

What Sumit Bhai has studied ?

Abhi : Y fuggi ?

Pragya : U know na, sumit Bhai n purab Bhai r writing the important points from my text book as notes.

Abhi : Yes…

Pragya : If I study the notes prepared by Sumit Bhai na, it’s like he’s writing it by studying on his own rather than copying. He sometimes writes like a professor who says clearly with explanation….

Abhi : oh…

Sumit has done undergraduation fuggi. Samay once told us that Sumit always want to study more but….

Pragya : But ..

He takes a deep breath n says his flashback ( which is in chapter 2) to her…

Abhi : Sumit joined clg to do his Masters too but after that incident he always remembers Rekha whenever he studies as he used to teach her. We asked him to continue his studies but he denied. So we never forced him further…

We all changed after u came in our life fuggi….

By seeing her shocked n confused expression he continues further…

Sumit touched books after 3 years only for u. From what u said, I can say that he’s reading ur books also . As for Samay, he’s very reserved type guy who never open up his feelings. But u know Robin comes to ur room for every 30 minutes to check on u which is Samay’s order. He calls Robin / us  wherever he’s n how much he’s busy in his work, to know about u. Now a days, he don’t want to give more work to Ramu Kaka as he’s getting weak so Samay himself prepares juice n milkshake for u…

Even though, Samay n sumit behave normally before, somewhere there r not happy as they couldn’t save Rekha who’s like their own sister. But after u came, I can say that they r really happy n they treat u like a princess..

Purab also changed so much. He’s very reserved guy like Samay.He bcom my friend after knowing me for two years in ug. But , Ronnie told me one day that Purab introduced u to all as his sister on first day itself.

U know ur brother is very very lazy guy. He always tries to skip office n he asks sumit for some ideas so that he can take a leave ? n sumit never leave a chance to blackmail him on that. But now, he’s preparing notes to u.

They argue in my room with one another to do things for u. Sometimes I think that they r ur real brothers who separated from ur family due to floods / in any accident ? ?

Coming to me, I really didn’t think ever that I’ll behave like a teenage lover who always finds ways to spend time with u *by kissing her on cheek * and to kiss u

Really fuggi, u have done magic on all of us. The happiness in this house has increased incredibly after u entered in our life only.

She has difficulty in finding exact words to describe her state. Happy tears r flowing through her eyes n she hugged him unable to say anything…

Abhi : For this also u r crying ? Y fuggi ? ? ?

Pragya : Those r happy tears bhudu don..

Abhi : Whatever it maybe, don’t cry…

They parted from hug. After talking for sometime, Abhi abruptly got up, kissed her forehead ,  said Good night n left the room…

In Abhi’s room…

Abhi is trying hard to sleep but he can’t able to do so as he’s missing her beside him.

I know I only left her room by saying Good night. But what to do, these many days, she slept beside me as I’m not well. But today I’m ok na. How can I ask her to sleep with me now also? What reason should I say to her ? If I spend some more time there, I may ask her to come with me so I left suddenly. But I’m not getting sleep. Did she slept ? No I don’t think so  Hm.. maybe. Let me check…

With these thoughts he came to Pragya’s room through balcony door…

A while before in Pragya’s room…

Y he left suddenly ? I thought he’ll ask me to sleep with him but he didn’t. Can I say him that I want to accompany him. But,  now he’s fine na so what reason I say to him?  Did he really have slept without me ? Can I check now ? No, what will he think by seeing me if he didn’t sleep yet…

She tried to sleep by closing her eyes but heard a cracking sound of door n saw Abhi. She wished to run into his arms  in happiness but composed herself n closed her eyes…


Abhi came to her room n saw her sleeping. He sat on bed n by cupping her cheek he’s ogling her. After sometime

Abhi : I’m not getting sleep without u fuggi. I want to ask u to come to our room with me but it will be unfair na to ask u to sleep with me before marriage itself. But what to do ? I’m so used to u. I’m used to sleep hugging u. Now, what should I do ?

I thought u also won’t get sleep. But u r sleeping peacefully. I guess it’s bcoz u r exhausted by studying whole day na. Anyways, Good night. I’ll try to sleep now ..

With that he kissed her cheek n about to leave when she hold his hand. He’s shocked , turned n saw her smiling. That smile is enough to say that she’s not sleeping…

Abhi : U haven’t slept ? ?

Pragya : No , I too didn’t get sleep..

Abhi : * smiling ear to ear *

Really ??

Pragya : * by lowering her eyes with shy *

Yes. I want to ask u same but stopped bcoz of same reason as urs…

Abhi : Awww, I’m gonna die in happiness..

Pragya : *with angry *

Don’t say that word ever ??…

Abhi : Ok darling. I won’t.

*By giving his hand *

Tho chale (so can we go ? )

Pragya : *by holding his hand *

Yes. Let me take my teddy..

Abhi : Not today Fuggi ?..

Pragya : But..

If I let her complete or if she stay here, she may bring my sautan between us. I’m so happy by hearing her reply n I don’t want to lie to her now bcoz of that teddy …

He didn’t let her complete, he lifted her n throw her on his shoulder n took her to his room …

In Abhi’s room…

Pragya kept her head on his shoulder where his one hand is on her waist n another interlinked with her hand.

Pragya : Suniye…

Abhi : Hmm…

Pragya : I’ll miss u…

Abhi : * by kissing her forehead *

Y dear ? I’m not going anywhere without u na…

Pragya : From tomorrow, u r going to office na. I’ll miss u having u around me..

Abhi : o, then can I manage my work from home ???

Pragya : No. No need. But , come to home quickly n I also try to complete my studies quickly. Ok ??

Abhi : Ji madam ? ?…

They slept by hugging each other…

Somewhere ….

(Call conversation )

Nikhil : Did u find about her ?

Person : No sir. She didn’t came out from MM after that…

Nikhil : U said she has gone to some clg with Abhi na. Didn’t u find anything from her clg records….

Person : No, sir. Abhi put her details highly confidential that no one other than principal know about her n her details r forbidden to professors too…

Nikhil : O , smart guy he’s. But, try as much as u can…

Person : ok sir…

(Call ends)

After 4 weeks….

Everything is going good in MM. As for pragya , she’s writing her exams n tomorrow is her last exam.

Everyday Sumit n Purab took her to clg for her exams. They stay in clg till her exam got over n after that 3 wil return together. Abhi n Samay calls them to know whether they’re fine or not for every hour. Purab stays outside observing surroundings whereas sumit stays in examination hall…

The scenario that happens in class is worth while to watch. Sumit first checks Pragya’s question paper by taking it from examiner who’s going to give to Pragya..

Sumit : *After checking paper *

Choti, no indirect questions. All r easy ones which u have prepared. All the best. If u don’t remember anything ask me, ok ? Do u want me to write it ?

*When pragya nodded as no *

hm. Ok ur wish. But if u have hand pain while writing, tell me. I’ll write…

If he don’t know that subject as Purab also prepared her notes , he asks..

Sumit : Choti, do u know answers for all ? Can I bring ur text book or do u want chits or u want to copy from other person’s papers for unknown answers ??

Other than that he asks / says

Choti r u sleepy ?

Choti r u hungry ?

Choti r u tired ?

Choti, what u r thinking can I help u ?

Choti, u take rest na, I’ll write, u seemed to be weak …

Pragya just nodded her head as No for his questions n just smiles for his care.

Sumit sit on desk which is on dias by putting his gun on table. If any guy see pragya , he directly scares them by putting his gun on the guy’s point black . He don’t allow anyone to go near to her even examiner also to give question paper, to take answer booklet, to give sign sheet etc…

Somewhere ….

(Call conversation )

Nikhil : So, u mean to say , she’s coming for exams with Purab n Sumit…

Person : S , sir..

Nikhil : ok. Tomorrow impliment our plan without any fail..

Person : Ok sir..

(Call ends)

In MM…

Abhi is sweating very much in his sleep. His breathing is becoming uneven n he suddenly screamed



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