Fated to be – Introduction ( Abhigya )

Prabhas patan village, Gujarat

Daljeet mehra : Lives in village . A good human being, have developed village so much . All people of village goes to her to solve any problem. Loves his one n only grandson who lives in Mumbai. U will know about all other characters as story proceed….


Infront of a small house, we can see a marriage is going to happen. Bride n groom faces r not visible where bride face is covered with Ghunghat n groom face is covered with sehra. Pandit is chanting mantras. An old lady of nearly 60 have reached there. All people have stood and welcomed her by folding their hands.That lady smiles by seeing everyone n goes to bride’s parents n wishes them with gifts.

Raghuveer Arora : U have came to bless my daughter dadiji, that’s enough for her well being. Y these gifts ? Bura na maniye ( don’t feel bad ) Please we can’t accept these gifts dadiji.

Dadi : I haven’t brought these for ur daughter, but for my Pragya. (in some stern voice) Understand ??

Raguveer n sarala nodded their heads.
Pandit further chants some mantras n asks a lady to do Ghatbandan.

When a lady to going to do Ghatbandan, 5-7 vehicles have stopped in front of house n so many people with guns have surrounded the place. All r amused as they don’t understand what’s happening. From a big car , a person of 6 feet with muscular body have stepped out n all gasped by seeing him. His eyes are Red with angry. He stood in front of mandap n is eyeing the groom.

The groom all of a sudden have lifted his sehra and took a pocket knife and with other hand forcefully dragged the bride n kept the knife on her neck.

Groom : Abhishek mehra, if u or anyone do anything, i will kill this girl..

Abhi doesn’t reply to his threat n in next second we can hear lot of bullet sounds n groom body has nearly 20 bullets n he collapsed on the floor.

Being the head of that village, Dadi intervenes ” Abhi , who is he? Y u people killed him ? Y he threatened u ? ”

Abhi : Dadi, he is a murderer. He often changes his identity , marries a girl and get money from their parents. When they don’t give money , he kills her without any proofs n he make believe all that the girl has committed suicide. This is his 5th marriage.

Dadi : Thank god. This marriage haven’t happened. If so Pragya’s life will be miserable.

Raghuveer n sarala are also happy but it’s short lived..

Some people in that place started to bad mouth about pragya’s fate n some also said that No one will marry her later. Her parents even though felt bad, just bowed their heads n cried.

Dadi : Oye Shyam, what u said? U all know how good our pragya is? Don’t u ?

Shyam nodded.

Dadi : Then how can u say like that. God Will never punish innocent people. An example is just now u have seen that how he ( god) has saved her from that cheater. It’s all her good fate only..

N u Gopika what u said, nobody will marry her? Y not? She is the girl every mother want as her bahu. Did u forgot the way she helped ur daughter for her scholarship exam? She has all the qualities a person need in his soulmate n the house in which she lit Diya will be a happy family.

Shyam and Gopika were ashamed of their behaviour n apologies pragya n her parents.

Two weeks later…

Pragya : Maa , Papa, can I ask u something ??

Sarala : What’s that beta ?

Pragya : I want to do a …. Job. I kn..

Raghuveer : What ? How cou…

Pragya: please let me complete. *Both nodded their heads* I know u won’t like me to do job so only u arranged my marriage after studies. I agreed to ur decision wholeheartedly but after what happened that day, u know I can’t able to see pity looks of some people. I tried my level best but I just can’t able to accept it ma. So, I am thinking that if I stay away from village some days n when u select a groom na, I will marry him. But right now, I need some time …

Raghuveer n Sarala said they will think on this..

Next day, Raghuveer visited Dadi’s house n said what pragya told them. Later pragya & Sarala also came as Dadi called them.

Dadi : Pragya, Raghuveer told me everything. But beta, u know u only gone to our district for Ur exams. Other than that, u didn’t go anywhere. All ur relatives also live here only. R u able to manage alone in other place?

Pragya: Dadi, I am thinking that I will stay in any hostel n will go for any interviews so that I will manage my living cost.

Dadi : But , we can’t believe some people there na. Will u listen to my opinion beta

Pragya : Ji Dadi. U say ur opinion pls..

Dadi : My grandson abhi lives in Mumbai n all knows what he is doing. So, if u stay there we ( raghuveer, Sarala, Dadi) will be relived about ur safety n coming to ur job , u just completed ur Degree na. U r a topper , so u can get free seat in any college there. If u want u can study too. I talked with Raghuveer regarding this n he has no issues for ur studies. If u want to do a job, u can chose that too.
Pragya : Papa , u don’t have any issues if I study more?

Raghuveer : No beta. Before, I said no bcoz I have fear of ur safety n I thought u will be safe if u r married. But Dadi, made me realize my mistake. If u want, u can study beta.

Dadi : So, what u have decided pragya?

Pragya : *happy tears * thank you so much dadi.

Dadi : So, I will inform my grandson regarding this.

Dadi called abhi and said everything. Abhi’s friend cum manager Purab has enquired in some colleges n he informed Dadi about it.

Next day…..
Dadi : Purab, enquired there but beta there is a problem .

Pragya : What’s that Dadi ?

Dadi : U got clg seat in a reputed University in merit students alloted seats beta. But It’s middle of year na, students have to register in the starting of year only to live in hostel ( for merit students ). So , I am thi….

Pragya : It’s ok Dadi. I will try next year.

Dadi : If u don’t have any problem, u …..can stay in …..my Abhi’s home.

Sarala : But, what will people say. We all know he is a gem but staying in same house without marriage … People talk ill about their characters dadiji…

Dadi : I understand Sarala. we have to wait for next year na, so I’m saying this. No one will know that pragya is staying there. I will take care of it. If u have any other issues ???

Raghuveer: But, is it ok for him ? I mean , he may feel uneasy na dadiji ?

Dadi : No , I will talk to him. Don’t worry…

After a week…

Sarala : Pragya, have u packed ur….
Pragya : Ma , ma relax. I have packed everything n I have checked yesterday itself.

Sarala : U will live there na ? U don’t have any problem na ?

Pragya : No ma, I’m very happy that I’m going to do my master degree.

Sarala : Me too beta. But take care of yourself.

After talking with her parents n Dadi.. pragya has gone to Mumbai with purab.

During Journey …

Purab : Hi , I’m purab..

Pragya : I’m Pragya. Nice to meet u …

Purab : Don’t worry for anything, Dadi has told me everything. If u have any problem there, feel free to say me. Don’t hesitate ok. This is my number ……..

Pragya : Thank u so much Bhai?. Sry I mean Purab.

Purab : U r like my sister pragya, u can call me Bhai ??. My choti ??

Pragya : ? k Bhai.

Purab : Ayyyo,I forgot to inform dadi about this. As u r joining now na, u can go to college only during exams also by skipping the classes.

Pragya : ok Bhai. I will think about this.

So the bond between purab n pragya has become strong in their journey…

Mehra Mansion….

Purab n Pragya have gotten down from a car. Pragya is not surprised to see a very big Mansion bcoz she have expected this as Dadi is the most richest person in village n obviously his grandson will also be rich. But pragya is shocked to see …

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