Fated to be – Chapter 2 ( Abhigya )

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Abhi’s thoughts are in Italics between star symbols (*)

Chapter 2

He is so much lost in the moment that he reciprocated the hug n said Calm down.

When Pragya is waiting for the reply, she felt unnamed comforteness when he hugged her back n the way he said Calm down.

He stroked her hair with one hand in order to calm her down n other hand is placed on her waist very softly like she is delicate glass doll.

By this action of his, her heart beat n her breathing becomes stable. They didn’t parted away. They stayed like that for God knows how many minutes. When Abhi sensed that her breathing is normal,

Abhi : R u ok now?

Pragya : Yes.

Abhi : Do u stay here so I will lit up the candle or will u come with me?

Pragya : I will also come with u.

Abhi gently broke the hug. The moment they parted pragya quickly hold Abhi’s hand.

They started walking towards kitchen hand in hand.

Abhi: I don’t know where is the candle.

Pragya : I know it’s in the left cupboard.

Abhi is shocked as how she knows when she came today only. By sensing his doubt pragya says everything that happened during their dinner.

After taking candle n match box , there arises a problem as pragya is not letting his hands n he can’t lit the candle with one hand. By seeing this, he made her hand to hold his bicep n he lit the candle.

From the light of candle, for the first time their eyes met. His whole world has stopped by seeing those beautiful eyes.

Abhi : I think fuse has blown. I will check that.

Pragya nodded her head but never left his hand. Sensing her inner voice they both started walking towards main switch box.

When they both opened the main door, some people are already seeing what has happened at the main switch box n they have torches n candles…

By seeing more light, pragya left Abhi’s hand. After fixing the problem ( fuse has repaired ) , they on the lights.

Abhi n pragya goes into house n sees purab rubbing his eyes like he has just woken up n came downstairs.

Purab : What happened ?

Abhi : Nthg. Power has gone as fuse blown away n now it’s fine.

By seeing Pragya’s face, purab goes towards her ..

Purab : Why r u sweating choti ? R u fine ?

Pragya : Ha Bhai. I’m ok now…

Abhi goes to his room n he freshen up. He’s not in a mood to eat so he skipped the dinner n hit the bed.

He closed his eyes n he saw the events of the day that changed his life which made him to live like the person he’s now.

Abhi’s pov…

3 years back, I and Purab came to Mumbai to do a job. Dadi always say that what’s the need for me to do a job. My parents were work holics. They earned money in a way that my great grand children also can live a luxurious life without doing any work. My dadi has brought me up when my parents are busy in earning money n when I’m 13 they died in Plane crash.

Dadi only taught me values , then how can I enjoy my parent’s money without doing anything at the stake of my self respect.

We used to visit village once a month. We’re working in SA constructions n we’re enjoying our life.

But one day a news which I have read in newspaper have shooked me.


I read the whole case. The girl name is Rekha. She’s an orphan in Mother Teresa children home n studying 10th standard. She has been missing from 2 weeks. Case has been dismissed that there are no strong proofs against that person. She’s an orphan obviously the kidnapper don’t get money then y she had been kidnapped.

My mind said the one n only reason.
The reason bcoz of which women don’t roam on streets during nights. The reason y parents get feared when their daughters don’t reach on time.

I started to get worry n I prayed that my analysis should be wrong, she is just 15 , only 15 years small girl.

I and Purab reached the orphanage n equired them. There we met 2 persons who r equally worried for her.. They are Samay n Sumit.

We didn’t questioned them who r they n y they cased against that person.We told them that we also want to find her n we 4 started finding her.

Later another 20 members ( some are orphanage people n some like us) joined us n we formed a group. We divided into 6 groups n searched each n every place. We had searched her for 3 weeks buy we didn’t find anything about her.

One fine day we get to know there’s a dead body near port side. We can’t able to recognize the person. But , samay n sumit said that it’s Rekha by seeing a big mole on her elbow. Post martum report said that she is cruelly abused by so many people.

After her creamation rituals..

Abhi : Y u cased against that Nikhil?

Samay : For outside world, Nikhil is a businessman but he’s involved in kidnapping girls, smuggling, selling poor girls etc

Sumit : Every one knows about his deeds but he has so many political connections that no one complained against him n no one took any action.

Is there any condition that we should help a person who r our relatives only ?

I decided that I should help them. As long I’m alive , I’ll help them. I told my decision to them. They all agreed.

We teamed n collected the information of bad persons of this city. We’ve gave punishment to them according to their mistakes. After that, so many people started to came towards us for our help n we helped them. Our lawyer Raj handles all the procedures n we’re r not involved in any police cases UpTo now.

Samay n sumit are also orphans. They started living with us. At first remaining people of our team too live with us. Later I make them live a normal life by giving salary to them n they live with their family.

At first we r busy by solving issues later on they get decreased so, I n purab started our business. Samay n sumit will deal small problems by supervising our team. If it’s a big issue, then me n purab too work on that.

I get happiness by making other’s happy but I’m not keeping happy an important person of my life .. My Dadi. I visit her place only once a year.

I won’t allow her to come to this place.
I have only one blood realtion on this Earth n I don’t want to lose her too bcoz of my rivalry. But like other people, she wants to live with me.

Now, a girl came to live in this danger. I told Dadi that I will make sure she’ll be safe in Mumbai but she’s hell adamant to make her live in this house.

She emotionally blackmailed me n said the entire history of y I’m not allowing Dadi here, blah blah blah n finally I gave up the argument. I need to take extra care bcoz now she’s my responsibility.

She hugged me n her breath tickled my neck .I got Goosebumps all over my body.

For a second, I got some jealousy thinking that she hugged an unknown person like me.

Later she called me samay. When jealousy , anger is coming into picture, she added Bhai.
That word is like water to the fire my mind created.

I hugged her to calm her. But somewhere in my subconscious mind, a voice is screaming that I hugged her bcoz I want to.

We walked towards kitchen. She told where’s candle n guessed my doubt too. So I guess tomorrow, I will get some delicious food by her ???. *Seriously , when u bcome that much hungry to eat food. U r behaving like u haven’t eat for 4 days *

The moment I saw her beautiful face my heart started beating faster. She’s the first girl who created this effect in my heart. I saw fear in those eyes. But how can someone be gorgeous when they’re afraid ?

I think, she managed to become sister to purab n samay in this day. Then it’s confirm that sumit may have given gun to her too for her security. I guess I need to ask him tomorrow…

That’s the last thing Abhi thought before his conscious mind shuts down….

Next day….

6 A.M … MM

Pragya woke up from her deep sleep by hearing her alarm sound. She offed the alarm n opened calendar to put remainder for her clg n she saw that Today is Rakshabandhan.

Yesterday’s events have flashed in her mind. She thought to tie Rakhi to her brothers. But she didn’t buy Rakhi’s. So she thought to made on her own.

She quickly got freshen up n checked her bag. She found different colors of wool n there are some small small beads,stones, pearls (Pragya has a habit of stitching).

She made 3 Rakhi’s for purab, samay n sumit . She thought remaining persons r also nice to her, so she made Rakhis for them too.

She sent coffee to all with the help of servant.She made Gulab jamun n is preparing kheer.

After some time all descended downstairs. All r confused n one is mesmerized by seeing pragya. She’s beautifully dressed in lehenga…

She’s arranging breakfast on table.

Samay, sumit, Purab r whispering with one another

Samay : Is today choti’s birthday??

Sumit : I too don’t know. What she’ll think that I didn’t wished her n didn’t even give a gift ????

Purab : Will she think that we didn’t thought her as our sister wholeheartedly as we don’t know her birthday too??

Abhi is in his world by enjoying the beauty n he came to sense by hearing their whispers.

Abhi : *thinks* Is today her birthday ? Shall I wish her? Should I wish her with a gift?

When he’s thinking like that, he saw a plate full of Rakhis on table. Reality hit his mind…

*O god??. Today is Rakshabandhan?There r so many Rakhis there. What if she ties one of them to my hand? No way. I won’t allow her.She’s the only girl who calmed my suffering heart. Did I love her? Hm…. I donno.

But , I like her ???. I like to see her alwayssss. She’s looking extra beautiful today in this dress ???. How I wish if i have invisible jacket n i stalk her everyday.

Oye Abhi come from ur dream land n solve the biggest problem ever…. O yeah.. Where I’m ? Rakhi right ?

Haaa yes, If she asks infront of all to tie to my hand, I can’t say anything na. Better leave abhi before this festival begins.Yep, that’s the best idea.I think I won’t have chance to taste food today?. Better luck next time dude*

Abhi : Purab, I have an important work at construction site. U have breakfast n come. I’m not hungry. Bye

By saying this, Abhi left the house without waiting for their reply too.???

When he drives some distance, his mind stroked the discussion of sumit, samay n purab. He thought to help them. After all they r his friends.

Abhi calls Purab.

Abhi : Purab, today is not her birthday man. It’s Rakshabandhan today. See Rakhi’s on table. Don’t wish her happy birthday n make urself fool. Say this to sumit first. He’ll wish in a moment too.??

Purab thanked abhi. He sees sumit n Abhi’s indeed correct.

Sumit : Choti.. Happy Bir…

Purab : Bakshabandhan ..

Samay, sumit,pragya r shocked ???????



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