Fated to be – Chapter 1 ( Abhigya )

Chapter 1 – Unexpected meeting

Pragya is shocked n she dropped the bag which she is holding whereas purab have walked some distance a head n realised pragya is not beside him. He looked back n saw what pragya is seeing. He laughed like mad by seeing her expression. He reached her n shook her.

Purab : ??? choti, don’t panic. It’s common here. U should get used to it n moreover every month this day is cleaning day here. So they r cleaning them.

Pragya : But Bhai, is it necessary ? Doesn’t it harm them while cleaning??

In the open garden, 20-25 men are cleaning a small pile of guns and knives.

Purab : No dear. They have removed bullet cases from guns already. Coming to them * pointing to knives , they will take extra care while cleaning. Yes, it’s necessary na to clean weapons so that they will work properly in the life or death times.
Come I will introduce u to them. Don’t be afraid, they r very good n loyal ones.

Hey guys, meet my sister Pragya. She’s going to stay here. Take care of her in my absence ok?

* Purab is an orphan & abhi , purab are best friends from their under graduation. All knows purab don’t have any family. Even though they didn’t questioned him. Because , they understood the care n protectiveness of purab in his words. *

They all greeted her. By talking with them, she observed the genuineness of their smiles n their care , so the fear which she has few minutes back has evaporated in the fraction of seconds.

Purab received a call and he excused himself. When he returned after 10 minutes, the sight in front of him shocked him to the core.

Younger members of group , Samay n Sumit are explaining to Pragya how to use a gun whereas Pragya is listening, exploring the gun in her hand.

Samay : Not like that pragya. U have to change the angle. Ha, yes like this only.

Sumit : Wow, choti. U have learned everything in this much short span. I guess u would also learn to make bombs in a half day itself.

Purab jerked from his shock by hearing the name bombs.

Purab : Oye Samay n Sumit . Pragya came here to study not to learn these things. Y u r teaching these things to her ( a little bit angry)

Samay : We know, my sis came here to study.

Sumit : We r teaching her for her well being only.

Purab : What u said samay, my sis hun? She’s my sister. I have to give permission to u to call her as sis n u sumit only I can call her choti.

Sumit : What? Purab Bhai u r my Bhai na. Ur choti is also my choti na ( *with puppy face *)

Purab melted by his words n faces.

Purab : ha, ok ok . I’m giving permission now change ur puppy looks & what u said for her well being means?

Sumit : She’s going to clg na. * Purab nodded* If anyone teases , flirts with her, she will use this na.

Samay : Ha, if anyone do ragging na, then also show this to them. Don’t use frequently choti, we can’t handle more court cases, just threaten them.

Sumit : But don’t control urself more too. Don’t worry Bhai, I will definitely convince our lawyer Raj bhaiyya with my puppy looks. What say ?

Samay n Sumit HiFi ‘ed each other.

Purab : For God’s sake, she came here to complete her Master degree not to become Lady Don of Mumbai.??

Samay : Hey Lady Don… Nice idea ??

Sumit : Yes , abhi Don – my choti lady don. Hurray ??????

Pragya is laughed in a way that her cheeks n stomach r paining even though she’s laughing by hearing their conversation.

She always crave for sibling’s love, but unfortunately she didn’t get any such love till now. She prayed to God that whatever happens, they all should live like that.

There’s no rule that only love happens suddenly ( love at first sight). Any relationship can also form like that.It just take less than one second for our mind to accept a person wholeheartedly.

Only thing that needed to accept a person by our mind in that second is the person’s pure love n affection towards us. That’s the thing happened in purab, samay, sumit to get connected emotionally to Pragya.

Purab have introduced the cook Ramu kaka to Pragya. Other than Ramu Kaka , the men , no one are able to enter the Mansion.

Later purab have shown Pragya’s room. She got to know that samay, sumit , purab also live there and in upstairs samay, sumit, abhi, pragya, purab rooms r in order.

Downstairs there are 7 rooms other than big living room, kitchen, store room & guest toom.5 rooms r used by people who work under Abhi. All have their own families so some people who work as security in night ( shift wise) uses those rooms.

Remaining 2 were full of their weapons, important documents etc…

Due to long journey, pragya n purab had their lunch n they took rest in their room.

Later in the evening, purab visited Pragya’s room n knocked the door.

Purab : Pragya?

Pragya : Ha Bhai. Why r u asking me? Come na .U no need to knock the door Bhai pls… * Purab nodded*

He observed that she didn’t put her clothes in her closet. The bag seems to be opened but unpacked n placed on bed.

Purab : Choti, y the bag is unpacked. R u tired. Can I help u ?

Pragya : No, Bhai. I’m good.* With some uncomfortableness* I will manage like this bhai.

Purab : How can u manage ? Is this room not good or u have any problem here??

Pragya : No Bhai. Not like that.

Purab : Then? I think u don’t like this room. Let me change..

Pragya : No, no no. The thing is there r only ….. 2 pillows …. here na bhai so….

Purab : so…

Pragya : U won’t laugh na, if I say ??

Purab : No, y would I laugh choti?

Pragya : I’m afraid of … Ghosts ….Bhai. So, I need 2 sides covered while I am sleeping. There is only 2 pillows na.. I thought to use my bag on other side of mine.

Purab : There will be no ghosts here choti. This house is not a Haunted one????. Let me help u to unpack…

Pragya : * shouts* Noooo… They can come to any places Bhai?. So, if u remove that bag, what if a ghost came from that side n harm me . O god, I can’t sleep ??

By hearing Pragya’s shout samay n sumit too reach her room as it is opened. They didn’t understand anything. Suddenly purab started laughing loudly ????????

Pragya is embarrassed.

Samay : Oye, y r u laughing ??

Purab with much control says what happened to them.They also burst into laughing. They saw pragya n stopped their laughing.

Purab : O sis, u r so childish. Don’t worry, I have 2 pillows but I use only one, wait I will bring that , tomorrow if u need new one we will buy ok.

Pragya nodded. Purab gave pillow to Pragya n she unpacked her luggage.

Later, purab, pragya, samay n sumit r having dinner.As purab has gone to bring pragya, Abhi is the one who’s managing the business so he can’t able to have dinner with them.

Ramu Kaka : Purab baba ?

Purab : Ha, kaka. Boliye ( say )

Ramu Kaka : Today afternoon, I got to know that my brother’s health is not good. Can I go tomorrow morning after breakfast, I will come by evening ?

*Ramu Kaka is an honest person n cook. He daily comes to cook n after everyone ate dinner, he will go to his house which is nearby only*

Purab : Ha Kaka. Aap jayiye ( u should go ) . We can manage tomorrow. Be safe.

Samay : But Kaka, how can u able to come by evening. Only traveling it takes 2-3 hours na. U come next day morning.

Purab : Ha Kaka. I also agree with Samay. Come next day..

Ramu Kaka : But, u People don’t know how to cook too na, no worries baba, I will come by evening itself ??

Pragya : I can cook na Kaka. U take a day holiday or u can take 2 days. Stay a day with ur brother ???

Purab, samay, sumit too agreed to it.

All completed their dinner n gone to their rooms. As it’s new place, pragya didn’t get sleep n she is tossing on the bed. After nearly an hour, she felt thirsty n realised that she forgot to took water bottle.

She reached downstairs and gone to kitchen. After drinking water, while she is coming, the power is gone.

She didn’t have mobile phone to on torch. She is so afraid of dark that her face had sweat beads n she’s shivering. She started to take tiny tiny steps.

She heard some foot steps n she guessed a tall figure is coming towards kitchen. She immediately started running n hugged that person.

Her hands r surrounded across his neck n she is standing on her toes. Her body is pressed against his as there’s no gap. She closed her eyes to calm herself down that there’s a companion in this darkness.

Pragya : * with shivering voice * sa… Samay Bhai… U came… I thought…. I thought… I will… die … Can u … on ur torch … or a candle???

When the person is not replying anything she shook him without breaking the hug…

Pragya : say something na?

Person : Um…. I’m….. Um… Abhi…

Pragya never thought that she will meet him like this. In shock, she suddenly break the hug. But in next second, she again hugged him with fear.

Pragya : I’m … sor.. sorry. But pls don’t think….. bad about me. I’m very scared ……of dark. Will u pls …..help me ??

Abhi doesn’t know what to say. This is the first time a girl is very close to him. He can able to know the rate at which her heart is beating. Her uneven breath is saying that she is so much scared now. He is so much lost in the moment that he reciprocated the hug n said Calm down…


Cast :

Abhishek Prem Mehra by Shabbir Ahluwalia

Pragya Arora by Sriti Jha

Purab Khanna by Vin Rana

  1. Samay Singh by Kushal Tandon

Sumit Singh by Sidhant Gupta


If this episode / fiction is boring, so sorry for that n pls ignore it.

Keep smiling all
Take care everyone

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