Fate will always bring us together (raglak) (swasan) episode: 2

Hi guys…..  thank you so much for supporting me. It mean,s alot to me. So let,s start the story……..

Laksh wake sanskar up. They both heard someone opening the door. Laksh and sanskar get shocked. Two girls enter the hut. The both girls get shocked to see laksh ans sanskar.

laksh and sanskar: YOU (in shocked)

The girls: aap (the girls are in shocked)

laksh and sanskar went to the girls and hug them.

laksh: thank god you are fine, i thought that you…….

sanskar: thank you god for bringing her back to me.

laksh: without you i am like a dead body(lifeless man). me and sankar thought that you both are dead, actually everyone thought like that, but now i am so happy to see you both alive.

1 girls: but we are not happy to see you both here. First tell us what you both are doing in our house??.

sanskar: you know how much we miss you both (try to avoid her question)

2 girl: stop it, just tell s what you both are doing in our house. we just want answer for our question. bas(that,s it).

laksh and sanskar tell the whole story to both girls. like how they escape from jail, and how they reach their hut / house.

1 girl: so you both escape from jail. How can you both escape from jail, you both know the consequences of escaping from jail (in angry).

2 girl: i didn,t expect this from you sanskar, and laksh i thought you are more mature then your brother, but you.

laksh: please listen to us once, please ragini please

(Guys it,s ragini and swara who is living in that hut)

ragini: how can you think that i will listen to your nonsense.

sanskar: please swara see in or point of view. we both are getting this punishment without committing any crime.

swara: (swara laugh) really sanskar, what do you think, that both us will listen to you. please i bag you sanskar leave us, just go from here.

laksh and sanskar try to convince swara and ragini but they are not ready to listen to them.

sanskar: please you know naa how much i love you.

swara: please stop your drama

laksh: ragini please at least you try to undrestand. you really think that your laksh can commit crime.

ragini: stop this nonsense laksh, i don,t want to listen anything from your.

laksh and sanskar: what we have done, that you guys hate us this much.

ragini: really! look swara they don,t know what they have done. Mr. laksh maheshwari and Mr. sanskar maheshwari, you guys try to murder me and swara.

laksh and sanskar get shocked.swara and ragini are crying…..

PRECAP: Reason behind everything…….

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  1. Anju24

    Superb dear… really interesting… excited for the past…

    1. Shobikah

      thank you…. very soon i will release there past…….

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