Our Fate: Twinj os (Part 6)


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Part 6
Kunj shift to twinkle’s house.
T:don’t think that u have all rights to do whatever u want.We will stay like a strangers and don’t act to be nice with us
Kunj felt bad by her words but he agreed to it
@ night
They had dinner and khushi went to sleep.Twinkle was standing in the balcony.kunj also came there.She saw h and just ignored him
K:twinkle i didnt knew we will meet again like this.When i first saw our daughter…
He was cut off by twinkle
T:our daughter? She is only my daugh. r
K: why r u saying like this i m her dad

T:oh just shut up…i think u have forgot about those words that u had said me let me remembers those words to u..u said that we are no more husband and wife and u cant give love and name to my daughter. You had said that u will abort her but it was too late

K:I know twinkle I m very bad husband and father but plz I m sorry
T:sorry? Now u r saying sorry ha u know when u thrown me out of your house I was 5 months pregnant. I alone lead my life..at that time I needed u badly I wanted u to be beside me but u were busy romancing with Alisha.When I was pregnant many people thought that I m a cheap girl.. Then I gave birth to khushi I wanted to share this good news with someone but no one was there with me even I don’t have family bcoz I m orphan but I became strong for my daughter .Khushi needed u badly but I alone made her to walk,talk,eat everything. You know society talked very bad about us bcoz I was alone women staying in this society many men looked at me with bad intensions bbuutt(choked) I ignored them and showed them that an alone women can also lead her life.

I have come across many difficulties but they made me strong. Now I m not feared of anything ….so don’t think that I will forgive u…I will not forgive u in my whole life…..you know what was the biggest mistake of life…was that I loved u…
And she went inside the room.Kunj was having tears in his eyes…he sat there for 1 hour and went inside. He entered twinkle’s room.He saw twinkle and khushi sleeping peacefully. He went sat beside twinkle

Kunj’s POV
Meri wajah se tum itna sab kuch seh Liya..u alone fought with this world but I didn’t even looked at u…I m very bad very big idiot,fool,stupid u can call me whatever u want but the fact is that I can’t live without u…and he cried silently.He kissed her forehead and left the room

Kunj got up and heard someone singing rhymes… He came out saw twinkle and khushi singing.Twinkle was cooking and khushi was sitting on the dinning table.Twinkle was teaching her rhymes.Kunj was just adoring them.Twinkle saw him and stopped singing she gave an angry look to him.Kunj gulped in fear and went inside to get freshen up

Precap:mission twinkle manao

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  2. Simiyy

    Well written Soumaya Di
    i was happy with how Twinkle told kunj she wont forgive him.
    please try to post the next episode soon
    loads of love

  3. Aanya_pandey

    Such an emotional episode.. twinkle’s dialog?

  4. SidMin23

    Superb episode and wating for kunj manao twinkle and hope khushi also help him in this case.

  5. Presha

    fabulous dear

  6. Angel20

    Awesome episode! Sad that twinkle had to face so many difficulties. Post the next one soon!

  7. Very emotional n superb episode

  8. Ramya

    Superb dear plsss asap loved it

  9. Chiku

    Woaaah awesome…,,,..lovely. Sooo cute.
    Sad for twinkles pain but kunj will manao her????
    Post mext soon
    With love ❤️

  10. SidMin

    Loved it ??
    Post soon
    Love you ??

  11. Ayu

    Amazing!!! Ab aaya na line pe vo sada hua Kunj! Kehne ko to Twinkle were saying those lines where she was struggling par lag rha tha ki kunj ko thappar pad rhe the! Loving it!!!?

  12. Anshikajainn

    Yrr u r awesome

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  14. Sohi

    The episode was emotional twinkles dialogue were amazing now kunj will understand waiting for the next update do continue

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    Plsss post soon… can’t wait.more.. precap is interesting…
    Loads of love…

  19. Twinjfan.tamanna

    so emotional epi yaar… I m in love with this ff

    love you

  20. Hey soumyad
    Thank you so much for fulfilling my wish… Its just amazing… Loved it to the core… Damn excited for twinkle manao mission… Dear plzz don’t let twinkle forgive easily let Kunj struggle hard to seek forgiveness from twinkle… Post next as soon as possible…

  21. Shreya098

    Loving it❤

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    awsm story..simple yet good..and realistic..
    keep up the good work..
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  24. Baby

    hahahaa amazing loved it soooo much
    twinkle ka angry look or kunj ka darawa look hahaha 😀
    loved it cute one emotional too twinkle’s pain was indeed amazingly written 😀
    loved it♥♥love u lods♥♥♥♥

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