Our Fate: Twinj os (Part 5)


Thank u everyone… I thought first all will feel boring after reading my os but u all loved it…thank u once again love u all
Recap:twin shocked to see eo .Twinkle warns kunj to stay away and twinkle’s breakdown

Part 5
Next day @ sarna mansion
Kunj’s POV
I know twinkle I did very big mistake. Its your right to be angry on me.But I can’t stay away from u both.Mein aap dono ko paane ke liye kuch bhi karonga.I want to lead rest of my life with u twinkle…
He took his car and drove off to twinkle’s house.He knocked the door. Kushi opened the door and was happy to see him.She went near him and hugged him tightly,he also hugged her back.Twinkle came out from kitchen and saw kunj hugging khushi
She went near them and seperated khushi from kunj
T(strictly):khushi go to your room
Ku:but mumma
T(angrily): I said go
She went to her room with sad face
T:why did you come here ha? I said u to stay away from us.Now get out from here
K:plz twinkle listen once I came here to apologize. Please forgive me…tears were flowing from his eyes..
T(laughing): I should forgive u? I don’t know you then y I shld forgive u
K:plz twinkle don’t say like this plz…
T:now u r getting hurted by my words ha..when u did same thing with me I was also hurted badly Mr.sarna but u didn’t care about me and my child.Ab kyu tumhe humare bare mein fikhar ho raha hai??
K:I know twinkle that time I was mad stupid idiot but I understood about your love when you left me plz twinkle give one chance plz
T:u need chance?no you won’t get it because I have no relationship with u now
..no one is there for me only me n my daughter understood now get out….and she closed the door
Kunj: I will not loose..I will get u both back…(he gets an idea) now u can’t escape Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna. And he went from there
Ku:mumma he is my father na?
T(shocked):w..hhoo said u?he is not your father
Ku:I heard everything
T:u will not call him father ok .Vo papa khelaneki layak bhi nahi hai
After 2 hours kunj again came back to twinkle’s house
T:why u came….she was shocked to see lawyer with kunj
T:now what is cooking in your mind Mr.sarna
K:wait I have called lawyer to discuss about our family matter so plz listen carefully
T:we r not a family
K:Mr. Khurana(kunj’s lawyer) u plz begin to ask question
Mr.khurana:can you call your daughter
K:ya sure…he called khushi.She came and sat near her mom
Mr.khurana:so twinkle ji u don’t want to stay with Mr.sarna am I right?
Mr.khurana:and mr .sarna you want to stay with your wife and daughter
K:yes Mr.khurana
Mr.khurana:but now the decision depends on your daughter whether she wants to stay with her both mom and dad or only with her mom.If she wants to stay with both means you will be given 3 months to stay as a family after that decision will be taken OK
T:he is nothing to us and who are u to give the order
Mr.khurrana:twinkle ji its the rule that both mom and dad has equal rights to take decision about their daughter so plz don’t break rules.So tell me khushi what is your decision?
Kunj and twinkle were looking at khushi nervously. khushi looked at both of them and said
Ku:I want to stay with both mom and dad
Kunj was very happy after listening to her decision. Twinkle was sad but somewhere she felt happy but she ignored it
Mr.khurana:so from today onwards for 3 months u will stay as a family OK
And he left the place
K:now u both pack your bag we will go to sarna mansion
T:no we won’t come other you will only shift here
K:OK no problem…

Precap:twin and khushi together in home and some masti

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  1. Angel20

    It was awesome! Waiting for the fun in the next episode!

    With Love?

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    Super happy now Twinj will once again back with their daughter… post soon next love u…

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  9. Hey soumyad
    Amazing episode… Loved it to the core… Dear I have a request plz don’t let twinkle forgive easily… Let him struggle to seek forgiveness from her as he had hurt twinkle so much and he even dint care about his daughter and asked twinkle to abort… I want to read Kunj twinkle ku manao mission… Plz try to put this if possible…

    Plzzzzzz try to post next soon….

  10. Ayu

    Cute epi par soumu i want him to suffer! He cannot get them so easily!!! What if Twinkle had done that?! I am sorry but i am so much angered right now! How can he claim them as if they were some piece of furniture?! If that is the law system of the country then sorry its total shit!
    Nevertheless i love good pieces of writings…do cont soon…

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    Loved it so sweet πŸ™‚ Such laws are so good πŸ™‚ Love you πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚

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  14. Well…honestly I am not able to believe that kunj left twinkle when she needed him the most. It will be absolutely fine if this story does not have a happy ending. Am sorry if I sounded rude.

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