Our Fate: Twinj os (Part 4)


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Recap: kunj to know about his daughter.He took her to the mall and they had lots of fun

Part 4
Kunj drops khushi to her house(twi has not yet arrived)
Ku:thank u dost for this beautiful surprise.
She gives a peck on his cheek
K:this was the sweetest one
Kushi smiled at his words and bid bye to him
At evening
Twinkle came back from office.She got freshen up and sat beside khushi.She saw some shopping bags beside her
T:what’s that khushi??
Ku:mumma I said u na I got new friend…today he took me to the mall and bought so many clothes and toys for me
T:you should have said no to him.You don’t know him clearly and he is a stranger for u khushi
Ku:mumma he is very nice.You know he always keeps me happy.Don’t worry he will not do anything to me OK

T:I want to meet your friend and want to thank him…can we meet him tomorrow??
Ku:ya we will go to meet him tomorrow… We will give a surprise to him
Next day twinkle and khushi went to the park.kunj was busy in his phone call and he was facing opposite side.They both went near him..khushi tapped his hand he turned towards her and……he was shocked to see twinkle with her and even twinkle was in great shock…both were standing like numb.Twinkle was staring at with full anger and pain and kunj could feel it
Ku:mumma he is my best friend and dost she is mom….did you like the surprise??
Kunj looked towards khushi and gave a fake smile
T:(anger+pain)khushi come let’s go from here
Ku:but mom….
T:khuahi I said na let’s leave from here…
K:twinkle wait
T:don’t even dare to call my name and stay away from my daughter its my first and last warning Mr.warns
Kunj went behind them
K:twi listen..

T:I said na stay away from us otherwise I have to call the police
She left the park with khushi.They reached home.
T:khushi from today onwards you will not meet that person..promise me
Ku:but y?
T:do what I said..just promise me
Khushi after thinking said
Ku:OK I will promise you that I won’t meet dost again..
And she went crying inside the room.Twinkle took all the dresses and toys brought by kunj and gave them to the beggers..
Ku:mumma why did gave my things to those people?
T:I don’t want his any things here got it..

Khushi noded her head in fear and went into her room
Twinkle sat on the bed and started to cry
T:Why babaji?? Why he came back into my life..?? I was happy leading my life alone with my daughter but again he is back
Babaji aapko merit khushiyaan nahi dekh sakte na..!!! I hate him..I hate that person..I wanted to forget him but….now I won’t allow him to enter my life and I will show him who is twinkle taneja…

Precap:kunj came to twinkle’s home to apologize but….

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