Our Fate: Twinj os (Part 2)

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Recap:twinj living life together but Alisha came to their life and seperated them.Twinkle became pregnant.Leap of 4 years and Alisha had left kunj.Twinj’s daughter khushi

Part 2
After school khushi used to go to play in the park.It was her daily routine.One day kunj’s car got punctured near that park.Driver told kunj that it will take half an hour time to repair the car so kunj decided to sit in the park.Khushi also came and sat on the same bench she was playing with the doll.Kunj saw her and passed her smile and she also responded back.
K:why r u not playing with those kids?
Ku(sad):They don’t play with me because I m poor and I don’t have those expensive toys.
Kunj felt bad for her
K:where is your mom?
Ku:she has gone for work
K:and your dad?
Ku(sad):I dnt knw where is my dad

Kunj again felt bad so lighten her mood he asked
K:I think that doll is very close and precious for you
Ku:yes its very close to me because this doll is brought by my mom from her first salary.You know she works day and night in office so that I can get good education and all necessity things.
K:you love your a lot
Ku:yes I do she is the best
Ku:can I ask u one question?

Ku:why r u sad? I mean like angry young man
K:no nothing lyk that
Ku:you know my mom says we should live our life like there is no tomorrow so be happy
Kunj was happy listening her words
K:can we be friends?
Ku:OK…they both shaked hands
Ku:but what I will call u?
K:umm..u can call me dost
Ku:OK dost bye I m getting late
Both left the place.All the way kunj was thinking about that girl.He felt happy and he forgot all his sorrows after meeting her.Somewhere he felt some connection with her.
At evening
Twinkle returned from office.She saw khushi doing her homework. She went near her and pecked a kiss on her forehead
Ku:mom you know today I got a new friend

T:wow!that’s nice
Ku:he is very kind and nice.He is not like those rich people.
T:OK now stop praising your friend come let’s sleep….they went to sleep
Next day again kunj came to visit khushi at the same park because he felt happy after meeting her.Daily kunj and khushi used to meet eo and share their talks and played together.It was almost 3 weeks kunj and khushi had became very close to each other.One day kunj and khushi were sitting on a bench talking with eo.kunj got an imp call so he excused and went other side to attend the call.Here khushi was sitting alone and suddenly she heard her mom calling her.She turned and saw twinkle coming near she went and hugged twinkle.

Kunj who was busy on the call heard khushi’s voice and turned to see her.Next moment he got a biggest shock of his life he heard khushi calling twinkle as mom and hugging.After 4 years he has seen twinkle.He suddenly his behind the tree.
Ku:mumma come I will make u to meet my new friend.
She turns towards bench but she could find him.He was no where to be seen in the park.

T:where is your friend?
Ku:he was here only but don’t know where he went
T:we will meet your friend some other day now come we r getting late….and they left the park
Kunj came out.He was still in shock.He was in great shock that the girl whom he used to meet daily was his daughter.He became more happy.
K:that means khushi is my daughter oh god I can’t believe that I have became father..(he jumped happily)how stupid I m I. Couldn’t recognise my daughter.And twinkle is here only in Mumbai wow I can’t believe.His happiness had no bounds
The screen freezes on kunj’s happy face

Precap:kunj hid truth from khushi.

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