FATE – Ragini + Swara(Episode 1)



The girl got up from the bed early morning as its her daily habit of getting up early morning.She saw the couch.Her husband is still sleeping in the couch.She dint care abt him.So directly she went to bathroom and got freshened up.She don’t know wat to do next.So she went down and sat down in the hall sofa.
After sometime her MIL came near her.She stood up immediately from the sofa.
MIL:Ragini.(Yes the girl is Ragini).U gotup immediately.
Ragini:Yes aunty.i used to it
MIL:Ragini.u can call me Ma from now itself
Ragini smiled a little and said Ok Ma.
MIL:Ok Ragini.Today u have to make food for all as it is a ritual.I know wat u r facing after whatever happened yesterday.If u feel gud then u can make it.No prob
Ragini:Its ok ma.I ll do it.
MIL:Ok Ragini.Do any sweet u know.
Ragini:Ok Ma.
Ragini started to go to Kitchen.
MIL:Ragini.Whr is Sanskar.
Ragini:Ma.He is sleeping
Yes her husband is Sanskar.
Ragini Gadodia(A) Maheshwari:Younger daughter of gadodia family.Caring and sweet.Dont know the word Hate in her life.She loves everyone in her life
Swara Gadodia:Elder daughter of Gadodia family.Bold and arrogant.A bit selfish.Wants to achieve everything she likes at any cost
Sekhar and sumi:Parents of swaragini.
Sanskar Maheshwari:Elder son of Maheshwari family.A businessman by profession.
Laksh Maheshwari:Younger son of Maheshwari family.Lives in London.Studying MBA in London.
DP and AP:Parents of Laksh and sanskar.

Ragini went to kitchen and started preparing some sweets.AP came to kitchen and asked Ragini to wake up Sanskar.Ragini hesitated for a minute.Then she agreed and went to her room.There Sanskar was not in the couch.She thought for a minute and went near washroom and said Ma asked u to come for breakfast.
From inside she dint get any response.So she again told the same and started leaving the room.While she was nearing the door she got the response from inside washroom as I ll come.
She dint reacted much and she went to kitchen again and placed all the dishes in the dining table.
DP And AP came and sat on the table waiting for sanskar.Sanskar came down and came near dining table.AP asked Sanskar to sit for breakfast.
Sanskar:No ma.I have important meeting.So I m leaving now.
Saying dis he went to office without having his breakfast.
AP:Ragini.U don’t worry.Sometimes he will leave to office without having breakfast.Hereafter u only have to change him in many things.
Ragini simply smiled to AP.All finished their breakfast and gave their present to Ragini.
AP:Ragini u go to ur room and take some rest.Some of our relatives will come to see u.I ll call u at that time
Ragini:Ok ma.
She silently went to her room and lied down in the bed.Her mind was fully occupied by the thoughts which are happening in her life.How happy she was.How her life changed within a minute.Her faith on her sister made her life hell now.She cant accept dis life as she think dis belongs to her sisters life.She has to wait until her sister return.Till that she cant decide anything.


Credit to: Shailu

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