FATE – Ragini + Swara (Episode 1)

Hi guys..Dis is shailu..The one who is writing SOUL OF LOVE-RAGSAN.Dis is my second ff.I named it as FATE.as I thought dis title would suite more for dis story.
And about the introduction I ll introduce all the characters in the next episode.
Keep supporting me guys..


The room was beautifully decorated.A pleasant smell was coming in the room.The bed was fully decorated by Roses.And the room was filled with scented candles.
A girl was sitting in the bed.Actually today is her first night.Instead of being happy she was crying.Her heart is full of pain.
Girl:Y god Y u did dis to me.I always listened to whatever my parents told.And my sis I thought her as my life.But she betrayed me god.she would have killed me instead of dis betrayal.I thought her as my everything.But today she proved me wrong.She today proved me I m nthng to her.I wont forgive u di.
Suddenly she heared the room door was opening.She was so scared to face her so called husband.She knows her husband loves her sister a lot.She knows dis is a arrange marriage.But after engagement she saw her sister and her husband dating for more than six months.Infact she knows her sis and her husband was so crazy about each other.But her sister’s one fault changed everything.
`The man came near the bed.The girl closed her eyes in fear.But to her surprise he took the pillow and went near couch and laid down on the couch.
The girl felt a little bit relaxed.Actually the reaction she thought from her `husband was different from whatever happened now.She too was very tired after the drama whatever happened from today morning.So she too laid down in the bed and slept unknowingly.

Whos the girl?Whos her husband?Wat happened in their life?What will be in their fate?
Keep reading guys.

Credit to: Shailu


  1. Yar sailu u rocks as usual but yar poste regularly plzz nd I think the girl is ragini nd husband is sanky nd I wish it would happen

  2. Azure

    Your other story is beautiful and this one has started nicely too. I hope this bride is Ragini and her husband is Sanskar. Their dynamic is usually nice and we are in serious dearth of Ragsan stories these days with almost all stories are swasan

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