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❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

Dr chandra was about to go when Kunj held her wrist.

He muttered in a slow and faint voice…

DC-What? Are u sure Mr….?

Kunj interrupted her:
‘Do i have another choice?’
He said as a tear dropped…

DC-Mr Sarna i think u should discuss….

Kunj cut her off..
K-no! Termination of pregnancy…now!

DC-ok Mr Sarna. The nurse will give you the form and then we will proceed with it.

Kunj just went on staring the floor.

Dr Chandra just sighed at him.

After sometime a nurse came with a form and a pen.

N-sir, this is the form u have to sign to carry on with the abortion procedure…

The word ‘abortion’ resonated in Kunj’s mind. He looked at the form then at Twinkle through the glass window.

K-Ma..May i…h…hea..r t..the ba..baby’s heeart…beat pls?
He stammered.

N-hmm…yes sure…pls follow me.

She took him to Twinkle’s room
The nurse started preparing the equipment for the echography. Kunj was only looking at Twinkle, who was peacefully sleeping. When the nurse applied the gel on Twinkle’s little baby bump, she opened her eyes…

She looked at Kunj and gave him a smile while kunj was distraught. He was simply lost…

T-u want to see our darling?

He replied trying hard to control his tears.

‘Dhak dhak’

Kunj’s gaze and attention, both were captivated by the sound and the echography machine.

K-is it mii..mine?
He struggled to let these few words out…

Twinkle squeezed his hands and he looked at her. He felt guilty when he saw her…teary eyed, with a satisfying smile on her lips, her eyes twinkling in the light.

Kunj was about to go, as he could no longer keep his tears. He had his back towards Twinkle and was about to excuse himself when Twinkle grabbed his hand and said
‘Kunj….our little bundle of joy!!’

Her dull face appeared to have brightened up all of a sudden. Her voice gained a different intensity.

Kunj wiped his tears and turned to her. He wiped her tears and put her to sleep after pecking her forehead.

Outside, Kunj was confused. He was sitting, with the form and the pen on the table, looking at Twinkle. He recalled all the incidents. Just then he got a call from Leela maa(his mother in law, Twinkle’s mother).

K-yes maa….

L-puttar how’s Twinkle? She’s fine right? Please take care of her…if not for her, i would have died long ago…keep me updated about her health. Jinda reh!
She said in a broken voice.

K-maa..u dont worry…i will not let anything happen to her till i am here….

He cut the phone. He knew what he had to do….

Kunj signed on the form with a heavy heart and Twinkle’s unborn child was snatched from her.

❤️End of Flashback❤️


When Twinkle got to know about it, her whole world shattered. She was ready to sacrifice herself for the baby…she never wanted to let go of it…yet she had to….as her husband needed her more…that particular decision distanced them soo much that they did not even talk to each other…i know its difficult to believe…but Twinkle was so broken that she had to stay in the hospital for 2 months as she fell ill every now and then…she never cried….she kept all her sorrow in her heart…everyone was sad…n the day came…the day where she got back home.

As soon as she entered her room, she saw all the toys and stuff that Twinj had brought for the guest who was going to bring in loads of happiness in their lives…she touched each and everything and finally a craddle caught her attention…she went towards it and felt it….


T-what r u doing Kunj? I know thats our room n i’ve been there a myriad of times before…there’s nothing new there….

K-shut up siyappa queen…ur spoiling it now…just wait na! How can u be so impatient??

T-Haww! Ur soo bad Kunj!
She made a pout..


He removed his hand from her eyes n what she saw left her awestruck.
Her room was decorated with beautiful toys…n awesomely cute flower lanterns were hung on the roof part of the room. The walls were kind of embedded with pictures of sweet n chubby babies.

K-like it?

T-no! Loved it!!
She smiled brightly.

Kunj made a pout.
T-aww! What happened to my jaan?
She said pulling her nose.

K-u love it more than me?

She giggled while Kunj’s face brightened up.

K-Now the grand finale!

T-Grand finale?? U mean there’s more of it right???
She asked childishly.

K-come come…

She jumped…

Kunj pinched her ear…
K-siyappa queen when will u stop doing siyappas?

T-ouch! Aah! Sorry na Kunj! I will not do it again! I’ll be careful..promise

She held her other ear as a sign of ‘sorry’

Kunj released her ear
K-ok now come n take good care of my princess

Twinkle rubbed her ear..
T-Sadu! N what princess? I want a prince only
She said victoriously

Kunj came near her…
K(whispering)-chotu Twinkle first then chotu Kunj….
He kissed her ear

T-AWAY! Right now!

Kunj was startled
K-what happened??

T-no no no! When u come close to me my baby doesnt like it! He says that only he loves mumma!
She smiled touching her belly

K-tell him that had i not loved u he wouldnt have been here
He said, faking anger…

Twinkle’s eyes widened n she made a ‘haawww’ expression. Both looked at each other n burst out laughing.

T-achcha jaan tell me what’s next!!!
She said being excited.



It was a small craddle, of wood, yet very beautiful. It had small beads embedded in it n had flowers on it. It looked like a royal craddle…the only difference was that the king or queen of that craddle would rule the hearts of the Sarna Family.

T-woww!!!! Kunj thats sooo beautiful!!!

(Twinkle kissed him on his cheek)

He said showing his lips.

Said a naughty Twinkle while trying to move back.

Kunj moved towards her.

She was going to escape when her dress got caught in a nail wrongly placed in the craddle. Due to this both bumped into each other and they fell on the bed. Twinkle’s dress got torn a little bit.

T-kunj see na my favourite Kurti got torn.
She faked crying.

K-dont worry jaan we will get a new one n i’ll have to fix this nail so that nobody gets hurt again.
Before that let’s fix our mood…
He said naughtily.

Twinkle put her hands around his neck and said
‘What are u waiting for?’

N they drifted into another world full of love.

❤️End of Flashback❤️

Twinkle’s eyes teared up and she burst out crying. She let out all her anger and frustration on the stuff in the room…she broke every toy n threw every clothes on the floor and tore the pictures on the wall. She sat near the craddle and smiled at it, with tears still flowing from her eyes….

PRECAP: Present Time

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

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