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N yes do read the last part after the epi….it is in english…no dialogues but still hope u’ll enjoy it?

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

A big room was shown. Its walls were symbols of a wonderful story…of a bond…an epitome of love.
The fragrance of young love lingered in its air….a sense of warmth was being felt…the silence talked so much…it narrated the untold story of two hearts…two bodies..yet one soul, bound by the sacred tie of mariage, the tie which blossomed to love, to passion…

The silence spoke so much…what did he want to say?

Darkhast hai ye meri
Ki rakhna na mujhe khud se door
Dilon jaa se jisko chaha
Usse kabhi ho mulakat
Toh Pyaar ki mehek se zindagi ka rukh badal jaaye
Saason ki garmi se mann pighal jaaye
Baahon ke jahan mein iss kadar so jaaye
Kabhi haseen palon ki aar mein zindagi fanaa ho jaaye


A hospital corridor was shown. A guy was nervously pacing in front of the laboratory door while a girl, in a cute mickey mouse nightie was seated on the chair in the waiting room area.

She was gazing at the guy with restlessness..

Girl’s POV
Babaji! What was wrong with me? Out of the whole world how did i land up with MR KUNJ SARNA?? Just look at him! He’s going right and left in his simpson boxer and a loose tee. I mean ok i know its nearly midnight but….oh god! He’s one kind of a unique specimen…thats why maybe i found only this monkey! Jaise ko taisa….what? No! I am Miss Amritsar! He should thank me for having come in his life…but wait…he does it everyday…ok pause! We’re getting away from the topic…where was i? Haan! Mr Sarna n simpson…but why is he nervous??? I should be right? I will show…i will get fat…i will have bitter meds…n…

She looked up to find the nurse and Kunj staring at her. She intently waited for them to say something. The nurse smilingly went from there.

Girl’s POV
Why is she smiling?? If thats because she’s checking my hubby out then she better watch out cuz i’m gonna kill her! Aankhein na noch loon iski! Huh!
Wait! Is it because of my results?..

Kunj hugged her tightly n said happily:
‘Twinkle!!! I am going to be a father!!!’

The girl is none other than Kunj’s Siyappa Queen…Her eyes shined as she heard his words. Tears of joy expressed their happiness even though each n every tear seemed to be only a drop out of the ocean of love that they carried in their hearts….



The same room is shown…however…it was no longer the same…it was just not the same epitome of love…it carried the feel of pain…

Baby Clothes were haggardly scattered on the floor, with broken glass pieces highlighting and adding to the tensed atmosphere…the bed was full of toys and teddies with more clothes and a bottle of milk…

In a corner of the room a girl wearing a creme churidar, with her hairs tied in a loose ponytail seated down. Crouched on the ground she was looking at a wooden craddle, beautifully decorated and was smiling at it.

Just then a guy enters the room, his hands were hiding something behind his back… He let go of that stuff n hesitantly went to the girl and placed his hand on her shoulder. The girl looked up…she jerked her hands and got up. They shAred an intense eyelock…but this one was of pain…which had been inflicted to them by each other only…


Twinkle was happily living her first months of pregnancy. She was the most beautiful mother-to-be as she was pampered and loved sooo much by all the family members. Kunj was a special nurse to her. He used to abide by all her wishes n always curved himself as per her mood swings. Everything was going on very smoothly.

However as from her 2nd month Twinkle started to adopt a weird behaviour…She insisted to go for check-ups alone…She never let Kunj have a word with her doctor whatsoever. She used to hide all her reports or lie about it everytime Kunj insisted to know….

Kunj found this very suspicious but he trusted her more than himself. So he did not pay much attention to it…until one day Twinkle suddenly fainted. Kunj rushed her to Dr Chandra’s medical clinic…Dr Chandra was Twinkle’s gynaecologist who was monitoring the growth of the baby from the start of her pregnancy…

Dr Chandra immediately gave her first aid and put her in a room…she was still unconscious and was under medical supervision. Kunj went to the doctor’s cabin. He restlessly started asking her a ton of questions. Dr Chandra was shocked at his questions.

DC-Mr Sarna…u know that your wife has multiple complications in her pregnancy right?

She asked doubtfully. Kunj’s eyes widened.

K-doctor what r u saying?

DC-i somehow knew that she would keep it to herself….
(She sighed)
Mr Sarna…this pregnancy is very dangerous for your wife. She is not fit for this baby as she has many complications and i am sorry to say that despite all the treatment she’s been going through, they’re only increasing. Her state is very delicate. She is not able to sustain this much pressure at the moment…

Kunj was dumbfounded. His eyes had teared up and he felt his heart slowly breaking into tiny pieces.

DC-i am afraid that if she continues this pregnancy u might have to lose either of them…or maybe both….

K-no! Doctor there must be a way out right?
He asked with hopeful eyes..

DC-well Mr Sarna i told this to your wife when i first got to know about her complications…she has 2 options…either she continues with her pregnancy, the outcome of which cannot really be predicted…or….


DC(looking down)-or she lets go of the baby….

Kunj’s world stood to a still…

DC-Mr Sarna her state is very critical…you have to take a decision quickly as she will be entering her 4th month soon…after that termination of pregnancy can be fatal to her and the baby….

Just then a nurse called Dr Chandra.

N-the patient is very critical mam…please come…

Dr Chandra looked at Kunj and both of them rushed to the observation room to find Twinkle struggling with pain, still unconscious, on the bed….

Kunj’s tears started to flow endlessly…he touched the glass window n desperately looked at Twinkle. A fear overpowered his mind…that of losing what he loved the most…his wife and his unborn baby….

He lifelessly sat down on the bench opposite the room and tried to figure out what had to be done…
Dr Chandra came out of the room and put her hand on Kunj’s shoulder.

DC-As of now she’s stable…but u have to decide now…she is very weak…i can help her to continue her pregnancy but it’s a tough way ahead…

She was about to go when kunj held her wrist.

PRECAP: What does destiny reserve for our lovely couple and the unborn soul?

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

Hey guys i am back! U know i cant stay away from u n the reason why i wrote this is bcuz i wrote something similar for my English exams….that was way shorter…yet it contains the same idea…i have written it in 3 shots. Already written them cuz i am in no mood to drag this one cuz my ff is still on…do check it out if u have not yet…

N yes my ff will be hopefully posted in the week to come.

N this was written a month ago…on my ipad….finally dad’s back from his business trip n i got it so enjoy!

Love u all❤️

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