Where has fate led us? Episode 4 Identity Revealed to Aakash.


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Anjali’s Pov:
I came to my home and was greeted by Anushka who was lying there in the bed with thermometer.I couldn’t meet her while going to take a interview.
Anushka looked at my eyes and said,”Anjali,did that man do something?”I said,”Guess what,I did your interview and also I got a job which I lost it.”Anushka looked and said,”Brute!Anyway you know I could chop him in pieces.”I chuckled and imagined the scene.And guess what,I think the Guy I met in elevator,named Rishabh was her new target.She had some set wet gel and poured into his hair.

Now,I get why his hair was so gelled up.All because of a simple argument about mistakes being taken place.
FB starts:

Anu:How did your store start doing this mistake?

Rishabh(from nowhere appeared):Miss sometime it happens.

Inbetween Anushka scolding store he was flirting with her.

Lossing her cool she said to Rishabh,”So Mr.,You think mistakes happen and can be corrected,right?”He nodded.She took out the set wet gel bottle she had taken for Virat,and she poured into his hand and said,”Correct this mistake by putting back to the bottle.”He looked angry but she did not care and went away.

He muttered,”Old pesky woman.”

She muttered,”Idiot old man.”

The store managers managed to laugh on their comments earning glare from both.

~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I managed to laugh and imagine the scene.

Anyway looking at the time,Anushka said,”Time to go to the place for your charity cause.”

I smiled and we went to the venue.

Aakash Pov:

So guess what?Shreya finally forgave me after I reasoned out I did not want another Bianca.But dad heard me,and when I told him whole thing his expression changed constantly.From a furious to confused to pathetic to sympathetic.

He sighed and said,”You just lost a good secretary.”

I nodded.I hated her.Why?Because first time I had been unreasonable because of her.She attracted me like a moth to fire and I got burnt.

Suddenly,my mom called and asked me to attend her one of socialite charity function.I had promised her so I could not disagree.

In evening,

I was ready in my black tuxedo and some cologne sprayed.

In the charity party,I saw many girls of high class socialite family giving me glances,but who cares?

I just smirked at them.But soon,I remembered her.Her eyes were the most beautiful,her never-give up attitude and so many things.No one could be beautiful than her,in case of her I could say beauty with brains.A tear was threatening to release from my eyes when I saw those eyes.Shit!It was her.I was hell shocked.Her face was covered with that dupatta.

She was dancing on Kehna hi kya(From Bombay movie).The same way when I used to tune on the radio and song came.

The song ended and she ran.I tried to follow her.

I had thought somethings too:

1. Hire her

2. Private investigator to be called

3. Book an eye appointment and

4. calling Rishabh as he saw some girl and went annoyed.

My sixth sense hit me,surely that Anjali and my girl had something in common.She was hiding something.

Suddenly the voice came shouting for help.

I reached the spot and was hell shocked.A man trying to molest Anjali.Wait!Anjali?Here?My sixth sense hit me again and said,”Save your girl!”Your girl?Seriously?
Next thing we saw was Man bleeding and his nose broken.Security escorted him to the police.I saw Anjali crying and her sleeve was torn.

I gave her my jacket to cover.She whispered a broken voice,”Thank You.”

Suddenly I turned to her and said,”Sorry for today.”

She looked at me.Oh the same look.


I-Yeah!I had done some mistake and wanted to see no bad woman tries to take advantage again.

She-I don’t….

I-Please.I will double the income,if you want.

She-No!I just wanted to make sure if…no nothing.

She muttered under breath,”Not right time to tell a past to the boss.”

I caught it but anyway trusted it.

I dropped her home and informed my mom what had happened.But she was excited to meet the girl.

“Who’s the lucky girl?”Mom said.I replied,”Nina Dobrev.”


I-Just kidding.I meant my new sec.

Mom-What’s her name?

I-Anjali Maheshwari.Daughter of Raima and..

Mom-Raima?Her dad is Raj?


Mom-Oh she is my bestie.How cool?Besties to in-laws.

I was shocked.I avoided the talk and ended it.

But I tried to think.And noted it.Same behaviour,same eyes,same first name and same way of so many things.

Was it possible,She was my Anjali?from my village.

I got the message on phone,the pi had messaged me the details.

Ok,I was getting shocked and sure when I read,”Anjali Maheshwari suffered from memory loss after her accident.”

She would have forgotten me.Tears had engulfed me when suddenly I thought.It was time,I make her mine.Only Mine.
But how?To love her was always in my mind but I never accepted it.

Now,I am in love.The girl is in front of me and I can’t confess.She does not remember a thing of me.
And top of it I today showed her my bad side.

Next thing I knew tomorrow to do was turn the tables.Yes,I will behave like a gentle man so that she likes me.Mom and Dad and Shreya anyways like her.
I called my travel agent and said,”Book a ticket to Lonavla for three days for two persons,me and Anjali Maheshwari.”

I just smirked for my plan.
Next part:
The Possesive side of Mr Billionaire

Trapped between his arms,I would have slapped but I liked it.
His warmth assured me I was safe.
He-Don’t leave my side from now on.
I was angry on him but still I was replying.Suddenly I was about to fall when he caught me.
And Lo and Behold,My fake specs broke and my wig swifted away in the soft wind.
He looked shocked first but he smiled and next,I was pinned to wall.
He-Shh!No.Say nothing.Though you look supermodel but….
So what is gonna happen next?Will he kiss her*squeaks in excitement* or something else he is gonna say?Also,why would Anjali be mad at him?Lets think.
And yes Shreya too is adopted.Forgot to mention it.Also the title means Aakash knows who Anjali really is.But Anjali does not know who she is.
Anyways Thanks to Swara,aditi,Hayathi,Advaita,Lakshmi,Liya,Roma,I got again inspired.Also thanks to any of silent readers.
Love you all and plz give comment. <3 <3 <3 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. Hey Tanya, u r superb dear !! I love ur story but u don’t update regularly:-(…..plzzz dear update regularly, if possible. So Aakash got to know about Anjali’s true identity……hmmm , now he’s gonna be a gentleman huh…..nice. Precap is very interesting. Waiting for next update. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  5. Wow, wow, wowwww lovely episode. …awesoooooome Tanya it’s superb. ..anjali is akash’s bestieee…but lost memory in an accident. ..now he wants to turn the table. ..show her his good side n make her his forever. ..it’s really superb. ..going really well. ..precap too exciting. ..trip to lonawla wow…n she without her wig n specs…I’m totally into this story. ..can’t wait for the next episode. .plzzzz upload soooooooon, love you loads and very tight hug. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

  6. Oyeee Tanya!! This one was so cute!! Akash found his anjali!! What?! Wig and specs?! I didn’t get it … I think I need to rewind… I’ll go right away…

    And yes, happy reading… It actually puts a smile on your face in the starting of the story, no matter how the end is… And what are you thinking?! “As I think so, huh?!” You’re one of my online besties and will always be….. You’ll always stay in my heart … ??

    This is the first place where I mingled with so many people at a very short span of time…. Thanks to TU..

    And please… Do update soon…. Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

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