Where has fate led us? Episode 3 Slap Day for Aakash


Aakash Pov:
(before interview)

So,I entered my office with an air of arrogance.The juniors wished me morning.I did the same by just nodding.I was about to enter the cabin when my elder sister,Shreya was sitting
there with a chocolate.

I was surprised to see her here outside my cabin.

I-“Hey sis!What brings you here?”

Shreya-“Well! I have heard dad just fired your lovely sec,heard rumours that she is selling our papers.

I just nodded.

Shreya-“By the way,till you get a new sec,I am your today’s sec.Managing your day and you have a appointment with this girl Anjali.

I nodded again.

Just then,Shreya received a call and looked at him with anger.She dragged me into cabin.

Shreya-“What did you do with your sec?”

I didn’t say anything.

She slapped me hard.Well, I can’t fight with her for this.I was a jerk.

Shreya-“Sort it out.And get her out of this completely or else your image and position is gone.”

I said ok.

So,Bianca came,the ex-secretary of mine.

B-“Hey honey!missed me?”

I-“Not at all!”

B-“Well if you don’t retain me,you are gonna face damn consequence of this.”

I-“I don’t care.Just get out of here.”

B-“The reporters are gonna enter and see you kissing.”
And she kissed me.Yuck!What did I even think?

And then I heard a knock.Do the reporters come knocking?I kept on wondering when I saw that girl.Bianca was shocked.I just smirked and told to get out else and she left.But that girl,I hope she isn’t that reporter.Then Shreya mouthed Anjali.So I stopped her and made her sit in my cabin.

While our conversation,I noticed many things:

1. She is awesomely sarcastic

2. She has pretty nice hazel eyes

3. She has wit

4. She is not like any other girl

5. She somehow reminded me of Anj..

Lets leave it here.But somehow I thought she was hiding her real face.Maybe just assumption.But somehow,though she did not want to meet me,I wanted to meet,I don’t know why

Anjali’s Pov:

As I got out of the building,I almost ramped into Mr Shekhar Singhania.Yes,I had seen his pics in the magazine.I said sorry.

He called out me.He seemed nice old man like my father.

Shekhar-“My child?Are you hurt?”

I-“No Sir.Thank you.”

Shekhar-“May I know the reason you were here?”

I-“Yes sir.I was here to take interview of Mr Aakash.”

He asked me to show the whole recording.I showed it but forgot to delete my sarcastic answers between.

He chuckled at my replies and said,”Well,clever of you.May I know your education details?”

I nodded when he signed me to enter his college.His office was in 28th floor same as Aakash.

He saw me and smirked.I seated in Shekhar sir’s office.Whatever he asked,I answered.And look what he said-

“May I request you to join the Singhania Industries by becoming Aakash’s secretary?”

I was shocked.However,I hated him,I had to get experience to work somewhere else.I was getting a huge fat pay,experience and so much more.I nodded and he congratulated and
handed my joining letter.

I thanked him when he said,”Please call me uncle as everyone here calls me.You may want to introduce your boss yourself.”

I said yes.I knocked in Aakash’s cabin when he again in his dominating and bossy voice said,”Come in.”

I showed him the letter and he smiled his usual but mysterious smile.

He suddenly came to my side and he pinned me to nearest wall.His breath hit me and my hormones..betraying me.

I-“Aren’t we too close?”

Aakash-“No Miss Anjali.”


He just put a finger on my lips.Hell!I was never so nervous.

Aakash-“Shh!Now before we set this place at fire.Come at my pent to show me your skills which you showed to my father.”

And with that,hell with my hormones,I set the place at fire.

Smack!Smack! With 2 slaps on his both cheeks.

He looked at me angered.

I-“What you seeing Mr?You know what you don’t deserved to be the one to place this place at fire.You are just that pesky cat,who does not even trust anyone.Look you don’t trust me its fine but you can’t even trust your own dad.Great!I got this job on my work not with those skills.”

Aakash-“You don’t know me!”

I-“I know you.You are cold,rude man who had a bad past.You know what,just move on!I bet I had even bad past then you.”

Aakash-“Really what was that?”

I-“As if I am telling you.Thank Shekhar uncle for the job and please tell him,the son he trusts the most does not trust him at all.”With that I was going to walk out when Shreya was standing with tears in her eyes.She just said to me at low voice,”Thank you for supporting dad.”Oh she was Shreya Singhania.I nodded and a lone tear escaped my eyes.

Next,I heard was Shreya shouting at Aakash,accusing him and some nice slaps.Well,he deserved it for being rude and cold and…I have no words for such man.
Next Part:
Aakash Pov:
My Mom has dragged me to one of her social events.There are so many socialite and high class girl.But no one matches her.I still remember her no matter how hard I try.
I already was going to have tears when I saw her.Yes,I saw her.I ran behind her but she disappeared.
Then,She appeared.What the hell was she doing here?Wait How could I mistaken her as her?I called my bestie Rishabh and booked an eye appointment.
Was she really her?or my eyes betrayed me?

What do you think?Aakash had a truly slap day 😛 , but he deserved it,right?Anyways who do you think Aakash has mistaken for whom?Is the girl he is waiting is the same he hates?
Plz give comment and suggestion and I once again thank Hayathi,Swara,Aditi,Krity,Lakshmi and Sara for supporting me.Love you all

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  1. interesting i think anjali

    1. We will get to know soon.Anyways Thanks Swara for commenting.

  2. Yaaaa I think it is anjali I hv a doubt did anju slapped akash fr coming close to her or for insulting his dad plzzzz cmnt update everyday will be waiting

    1. Well you will soon know it.And Anju slapped aakash for insulting his dad and he is also saying that Anjali is getting this job not for her working skill.Anjali has self respect so concluding lets say she slapped for 1.Insulting his dad 2.For insulting Anjali by saying that she has no skill and has got job by sleeping with his dad.
      Anyways Thanks for commenting Aditi.

  3. Wowww nice slap anju

    1. Thanks for commenting Hayathi.I know Aakash deserves it.

  4. Nice episode. Thanks for posting twice . Plzz post regularly, if possible. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. I will try.Thanks Advaita.

  5. Nice episode yaar and yes this is truly slap day for akash ?..lol..I think the girl he’s searching for n the girl who he hates both r same n may be that girl is anjali.will be waiting for next update. Love u ??…take care..

  6. He deservd dat slap. . . . He must hav seen anjali dere, he already had douts dat she is faking her looks. . . And u said akash is the nly son n his parnt were childles. . .den hu is shreya? Luks lyk akash fears for shreya. . . And i luv anjs way f answerin.. . . Wel done dr. . . Pls updt nxt part. . .pls 🙂 😀

    1. Well,Shreya is also adopted.Yes,Aakash loves his sister a lot and fears too.And yes thanks for commenting Liya.

  7. Awesome episode, tanya dearrrr it was hilarious, slap after slap…..poor aakash…kiska face dekha tha subah…lol….I’m curious to know his bad past,also anjali’s past…precap is very interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Lol,your comment made me laugh.Yes,you will soon know the past who they were entwined to each other.

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