Where has fate led us? Episode 2 The Interview


Anjali POV:
So,here I am.Singhania Industries.Classy is the word for the office interiors.I enter there and ask receptionist.Her name Ms.Kriti.She smiled at me and I gave her one too.She talked to someone and said,”Yes,Ms Anjali.You might go to Mr.Aakash cabin.Its on 28th floor.And yes,all the best.”

I thanked her and went to the elevator.On the way,I bumped into a handsome man.He had good brown hair sure gelled up.He looked way too cute.We both mouthed sorry and entered the elevator.I clicked on 28th and he clicked on 15th.We both were alone in the lift.

He said,”So?”.I said,”Umm..do I know you?” He just smiled and said,”No.” I said,”Well I am Anjali Maheshwari and I am here to take interview of Mr Aakash.Well you?”.He said,”Well,I am in accounts section and I am your Mr.Aakash’s best friend,Rishabh.”Superb!I could really ask him.His floor came and said,”Good to meet you!”I said,”Mutual feelings.”He smiled and went away.What a beginning.This office sure had good employees.

Ding!Finally my floor.I just got out and saw a cabin.I went there and I asked but the girl here answered way before,”Hey!Are you Anjali?”I nodded.She said,”Please wait for some time.My boss has said to give him few minutes.”I said sure.

She continued introducing,”Hey!I am Shreya.I am his way old secretary just like a elder sister though I am ain’t .I am a single child.”I said,”Well,I am Anjali.I don’t know his age so can’t say and yes you can be my elder super sis and I am not alone but I have a elder brother,Virat.I guess you both can sure meet and chat over a coffee.”She looked at me surprised.I just smiled and said,”I know you are a great person and I am pairing you up.”We both laughed.Suddenly her phone rang and she said,”Time to go for a meeting of outside.Hope to meet soon and meet your bro Virat.Anyways bye.”I just said bye and was already imagining things when I looked at my watch and thought ready to go in.
I knocked and he said,”Come in”.He said in an dominating voice.I entered but I was shocked to see the sight.Yuck!The girl was kissing him.Uhh!I said sorry entered wrong time when he looked at me.But I was exiting and was going to press the button when he just grabbed my hand and dragged me into the cabin.

His girl,was gone.He said,”Look I am sorry!I didn’t know its you.I thought its my bestie.”I gave him a sarcastic smile and said,”Of course you thought me as your bestie afterall you wouldn’t differentiate between a male and female voice.”He gave me a shocked expression.I said,”That’s right.I met your bestie in the elevator.”He said,”Already started the interview things?”I said no.

He said,”Anyways start your questions.I don’t have a whole day”

Anjali-“Even I can’t waste a whole day with a person like you.”

He gave a shocked expression.I suppressed a laugh and started:
“ To what do you owe your success?”

Aakash-“I guess sixth sense and experience.”

I-“Who do you find inspiration?”

Aakash-“Umm…Anj..no its actually family.They are huge inspiration.”

I- “Any regrets?”

Aakash-“I cannot change my past.”

I-“Umm,did you have a bad past?”I asked concerned.I thought I wouldn’t write this stuff but surely it will help abandon his worries.

Aakash-“Not any of your matters.”He said in his really arrogant way.

I-“Surely,does not matter.”I had a nerve breaking anger.

I-“Last but question,I guess 99% of the girls of this town would be waiting.Are you single or committed.”

Aakash-“Like always I say.I don’t want to stay committed or just say I don’t wanna fall in love.”

I-“Sounds pretty good though.”I muttered slowly.

Aakash-“You said what?”

I-“Nothing of your matter for sure.”

I smirked.

I said,”Thank you for wasting your precious time with me for a interview.Hope I never get to meet you again.”

Aakash-“Ahh thanks.I could waste a ton for these things always.And for the last part,you sure?”

I-“Of course,Mr Aakash!”

Aakash-“Wait!Answer my one question.Why 99%?why not all.”

I-“Its because that 1%belonged to me.Anyways goodbye Mr Aakash.”I said adjusting my fake specs.

I checked on my things and got out of the building.
“Anjali POV:
I-“Aren’t we too close?”
I was breathing fast.
He-“Shh!Just before we place this at fire lets go and show me the tricks you tried to do at my father.”
And with that,hell with my hormones,I set the place at fire.With what?With a slap at him.He deserved it.”

What made Anjali slap him?Who is him?(Easy to guess though.)

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