Where has fate led us? Episode 1 Small talk


Somewhere in Interior part of Rajasthan,
Anjali and Aakash are married at young age.Their families are arrested and they are adopted by different families.Aakash is adopted by rich Singhania family who were childless.He becomes sole heir.Whereas Anjali is adopted by sweet middle class family.They are currently in Mumbai.
Aakash remembers everything about marriage and feels disgusted about being associated with it.He studies about it and knows it is outdated.He thinks to never ever meet that girl,though she was the childhood crush.She once even saved his life by fighting with a snake to save his life.From that time,he somehow felt nice towards her.But now,he is nice and innocent only to his parents Shekhar Singhania and Gayatri Singhania.Else he is a nightmare and ruthless to his office mates.
Anjali only remembers some part of marriage that too in form of nightmare.She had suffered memory loss after the marriage due to accident of her vehicle which had activist too where she met Raima Maheshwari and Raj Maheshwari.They adopted her and nurtured her with care.She is against child marriage and propagates for it whenever she has time.
This was what they have changed into now.
Lets talk about present………
Anjali’s PoV:

Morning had been cheerful to me.The birds chirped to me and ma woke me up with her melodious voice.She reminded me for my interview at the office.She always hope for the best for me.So,today I again decided not to tell about my nightmare that I get occasionally.I got ready for interview in my cream coloured jeans and a black shirt.I truly look killer but I wear my wig and my fake specs making me look miserable for a interview.But I had already decided,no matter what I will always wear it till I find answers.My parents intially did not consent with this but understanding me,they agreed.I take my files and get ready to go to office.Today,I am having my interview with Singhanias Company,my seventh interview.Why Six interviews failed?Because of my appearance that my clients would not find me attractive.I mean,do they want solutions or do they want to sleep?Maybe latter.But wait,this interview I am going to take.My friend Anushka is ill and I am going to take interview of Mr Aakash Singhania.He is the new young successful CEO and I have heard is coldest.How is my interview going to be…
Episode 2:The interview with Aakash.
I know this was the small update and probably bored you with that above intro,but I wanted you to know how Aakash behaviour has turned and their different attitudes.Mainly I will be writing from Anjali’s POV,but might write from Aakash POV sometimes.Pardon me for my mistakes.Hope you like it and you might give some comments coz it inspires me.
Plz tell if I should still continue?
Till then,Thank you all for those supporting me and Love u all.

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  1. Continue dearcits good one and new
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  2. Its gud tanya. . . Updt nxt part too. . .plz. . . 🙂

  3. Story was superb n was going nicely. Waiting for their meeting .Update ur ff’s also Tanya.Will be waiting for ur next updates.
    Happy New Year tanya.

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