It’s Fate – (KKB & Kasam) Introduction


Its of kumkum bhagya and kasam…..

The story of  two sisters tanushree arora and pragya arora  . Their Journey in life.pragya has been arranged to marry abhi  since she’s 2 years old. but due to circumstances, she didn’t know him as tanu didn’t let her know. Tanu acts strict for some reasons. Rishi is TANU’S Best Friend. But he loves her. Will she reciprocate it when his mom comes with a deal?  Add to this, There is someone from tanu’s past comes for revenge. will pragya and rishi be able to save her?

Main Characters: tanushree and pragya arora are the only heirs of the vast arora industries in Mumbai,India. their mother died when pragya was just 2 years old.for pragya, her elder sister tanu is the only family she have. Tanu after their father’s death,has taken over the family business. she keeps everything to herself and don’t let others know.she is 6 years elder to pragya. she is a strict sister and has reason to be so.Now pragya is fun loving,innocent,cheerful girl who is about to complete her final year MBA in college. she loves her sister so much that she never refuses to do whatever she say and never complains .she obeys to all her words literally.

Rishi Mehra- he was a year and half elder to abhi. he has been madly in love with tanu .

Abhishek mehra- rishi’s younger brother the guy who loves pragya with all his heart.

Ajay – who lives in london (like a brother to both tanu and pragya)

Anjali – ajay’s wife

Karan Mehra- rishi’s dad/tanu’s dad friend

Meenakshi-Karan’s wife

So it’s my intro….guess me….

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