It’s Fate – (KKB & Kasam) Episode 1


It’s yet another weekend . Saturday to be precise.pragya looked up at the ceiling which had beautiful chandeliers up there. She smiled automatically seeing the beautiful paintings hanging upon the wall.She checked the time, it was nine thirty exact . she does her morning routine and came down to have coffee. their maid laxmi brings her coffee. Pragya quickly enquires about her sister.laxmi said that tanu went to see some clients and will not return till night. Pragya decides to sneak out for the day out with her bestfriend bulbul and return home before tanu returns.bulbul somehow tricked her in making pragya agree to her idea of enjoying a day

I don’t know what’s gonna happen if di finds out. but I promised bulbul that I will this is my best chance as di was also away and I can come back soon before she returns.I looked at the photo of my di hanging in the wall , “sorry di .. got to go…”I took my brand new Porsche car and reached bulbul ‘s house to pick her up. her house is just 10 minutes from mine.she is the only real friend i have as most of others of scared of my di. well there are other friends too just for the money i have..I called out bulbul .. “Princess, someone is waiting for you in there. ” Her dad spoke passing a kind smile to me and pointed towards my car.”Waiting for me? Whoa, who is there?”She asked excitedly and rose her eyebrows. Bulbul came out of her house followed by her dad . she said while stuffing her mouth with bread from the tray her dad holding.” bye uncle. ” I waved my hand at him .” wow, this car is so cool” she exclaimed.” just my luck that di is not at home. so, I am able to come this time. but don’t call me often.” I told her. Bulbul rubbed her forehead “you and your over protective di. sometimes she even scares me . I don’t know how you are staying with her”.I slapped her arm “How many times I have to tell you not to speak ill about my di . I won’t tolerate ” bulbul ” ok ok. I am sorry”on seeing me still upset,bulbul ” don’t keep your face like that .you look like clown.””says the other clown” I ruffled her hair playfully and laughed. she then screamed ” now let the fun begin”I asked “where to go. Bulbul screamed ” cinemax mall”so, we both drove to that place. then only I remembered that I forgot to bring my iPhone. great. last night , di gave me a new mobile number and asked me not to give it to anyone.only She knows the reason for changing my number every two months. I am allowed to give number only to bulbul ofcourse Rishi knew.I asked rishi why she is changing it often . but he has no idea in this matter.

I really don’t want to be here today in this meeting. I know pragya is always up for some fun and now that i am here , she will be over the moon and with bulbul , she will definitely try to do something silly.why do i have a feeling that something is not right ?I need to speak with her.( tanu calls pragya again and again.but it just rings and no one answered the call.)frustrated, i called my landline number. laxmi picked up the call and afraid of lying, she told me that pragya went out on her own .i am really angry with her now.pragya , how dare you step out without my don’t know what you have got yourself into. wait till I get to you.then I called purab and asked him” where pragya is now? “” pragya is going to park her car inside the complex of cinemax mall. I am closely watching her . don’t worry tanu” he answered me trying to ease my tension.purab is the guys I hired for following pragya and keep her safe unknown to her.
We watched aashiqui 2 and I loved almost every songs of that movie. End was a sad one though.while hopelessly roaming around themall, i felt an arm caught my right hand and twirled me around,there stood an angry di with concerned looks in her eyes.” di” before i could say anything , her hand landed on my right cheek.she slapped me real hard. i can instantly feel burning red cheek.when bulbul was about to say something, di gave her a staring look that scared her away.i tried hard but couldn’t stop the tears flowing down from my eyes.”now come on” she said and dragged me along with her to my car. she then told her driver to drop bulbul in her house and with that she drove us away from there.great. it doesn’t get any better than this..well it took another 30 minutes to reach home. di didn’t spoke for once throughout the ride. her eyes were dark with anger.

.tanu’s POV:
Once we reached home, i asked her to stay in the car till i call her. then i sent away all the maids in the house. i don’t want them to see pragya like that.then i called her in and asked to sit in the living room .i brought ice cubes from kitchen and placed it in her burning cheek. i can see my fingerprints clearly there.i am still mad at her but it also hurts me to see her in pain. she makes me do it .i got to punish her for this . what to do? then i got an idea.”err well pragya now that you did not informed me and went out , i decided that you will not speak with anyone till i say so. and you are not allowed to write it and show to people.””is that clear?” i said in commanding tone .she nodded. just then her phone ringed. i know who it will be?bulbul ,ofcourse.” since you are not gonna speak , i am taking your mobile too. then give me your license .’she took it from her bag and give it to me.” you know what. from now on, you are not allowed to ride the car on your own again till i return your license.’ she simply nodded her head again which made me laugh a little. before she can see me smiling, i turned my back and walked away.

:I still can’t believe it. di told me not to speak. even while we are having dinner, she didn’t asked me anything.I don’t know when she will calm down and let me speak. now all I need is sleep. I was lying in bed sudddenly , a thought flashed across my mind.oh my god! tomorrow is sunday which means Rishi will be here to teach me about handling business. god! what am I gonna do!how can i survive his boring talks without being able to speak ?”di. please forgive me before he comes tomorrow.” looks like I said it out aloud as I heard di suppressing her laugh standing at the doors .I got what it meant. She is not gonna leave me easily this time.i don’t know when i slept after that.
Abhi’s POV:
I saw tanu slapping my pragya infront of many people. how can she be so cruel? I controlled my anger . Tanu, you will pay for this!I have been sending greetings, gifts and letters to pragya for the last 4 years. but she didn’t receive any of them.the things that are addressed to their house on pragya’s name will reach her only after tanu sees it. she’s insane!pragya,wait for me , your prince charming to take you permanently away from your monster sister.pragya is not just a beauty outside but she was just as beautiful on the inside. That’s what made me fall in love with her. She is all I want. ” abhi, we got a problem” my friend and PA kumar came inside my cabin.” what? ” I asked him still upset with tanu’s behaviour.” it’s your brother rohan. it seems he refuses to leave the bar . that bar manager called” he replied concern evident in his voice.” it’s 11 pm. sorry man I forgot . you leave. I will get him ” I said as I stood up and took my car key.with much difficulty, I brought Rohan home. I asked kaka to bring something for rohan to eat. Ramu kaka works in our house since my childhood.” today is our 6th wedding anniversary. but she is not with me. I love you , Rani. why did you do that to me? to us? still I can’t forgot you . ” he spoke and passed out.both me and Ramu kaka took him to his room and made him lay down on his bed. still he murmurs ” I love you, Rani” .we both came out. when I am about to leave, ” abhi, stay here at least tonight. it’s late night” Kaka said .” no, I won’t till my family comes here. I can’t see that idiot like this. I still believe that one day Rani bhabhi will definitely come here.I can’t see that idiot like this. I still believe that one day Rani bhabhi will definitely come here. that day, I will also stay here. take care of him, kaka” I said and left to my flat.
In arora’s mansion
Pragya was sleeping in her room, tanu comes there. she moved her hair from falling on her face with tears rolledd down in her eyes,says” I am sorry for hitting you. I didn’t meant to do that. it just happened. you are only one I left with in this world. if something happens to you what will I do? .if your life ruined like he tried to do years ago means ,what will I do? no, I won’t let that happen. I am trying to make sure he can’t even reach you.all I wish is to see you happy and peaceful like this unlike me”then she looks at their parents photo ” sorry mama and papa, I hit her again. please forgive me.” she wipes her tears.then she kissed on pragya’s forehead and leaves.

Hope you all loved…..ajay ,anjali ,rohan and rani are created.

Credit to: guess..

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