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Fate and Faith – A Glimpse – Malik Altunia


A very happy belated new year to all my readers. Thank you for being with my ff in it’s journey so far. Your votes and comments mean a lot to me. Thank you Pooja and Mashthi.
Now , here is another sneak peak of Fate and Faith.
Malik Altunia
Scene 1 –
Background (Altunia’s voice)- (Battles demands blood and so does my sword)

Altunia is riding on his horse in battlefield with a sword in his hand. He gives an war cry and charges at his enemy.
Scene 2 –

Background(Altunia’s voice)- Never doubt my capabilities and vision , they will shock you at the end then.

Altunia fights skillfully with 10 warriors with two swords in his either hands , he effortlessly kills all of them.

Scene 3
– Altunia is in a casual attire , he throws his head back and gives out a humorless laugh , his laugh echoes all over the otherwise silent place .
He is cold , shrewd, sly and lethally handsome , those emerald green eyes have deep and dark secrets safely locked within them . People say he has a hard and eternally frozen piece of ice in place of his heart , people say he has a dark and dominating aura and they were all true or was there any condition for that , will someone ever be able to bring light to his dark heart and soul and melt the ice and let his heart be revealed.


  1. Awesome…thank you…and wish you a very happy new year

  2. very nice. waiting for new ff. thanks to write my favorite serial ff.

  3. whish you happy new year.

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