Fate and Faith – A Glimpse – Blue Roses !


Razia looked up at her image in the mirror as her personal maid covered her head with a scarf , she looked a breathtaking sight herself with the cream coloured attire and gorgeous jewelries , that adorned her body as if were fated to be on her , her beautiful nose-ring with diamonds fitted perfectly on it sparkled under the moonlight that filled her chamber.

“ Sultan , tomorrow you are going to get married to Malik Altunia , then you will become Malika-e-Hind and Gazni too …but…do you love him?” Her question made Razia look up to her through the mirror “ Falling in loving with him would be like finding natural blue roses.” she replied , her eyes glued to the reflection of her maid at the mirror “Are natural blue roses rarest of the rares ?” the innocent maid asked , Razia chuckled at the question and her childlike innocence “No…..natural blue roses do not exist ! “ she replied , her face void of any emotion.

He did not know to love , for love was a gentle light from the heaven and he was darkness , an eternal darkness wrapped his heart .
She was loved and she loved back , but did not know to forget her love , for she was light herself.
He was darkness and she was fated to bring the dawn of his life , she was fated to become his only light.
But will Razia be able to fall in love with the dark soul of Malik Altunia when she had already given her hear to Yakut , the man who stood against all odds , just to be with her.

Will Razia and Altunia ever become RaziaAltunia , …………………
To know you need to wait for Fate and Faith…when your fate betrays your faith.

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  1. waiting for this ff to be start. good and interesting concept.

  2. Yeah…interesting…waiting

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