Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 6


Ashok follow the bus, unaface by people watching him. Kauriwaki on the other hand was by the window looking out, bored. She tried to ignore the kids on the bus, and tunisha calling her anaadee karu, she hates that name. The only reason tunisha named her that was because during the talent show, she screwed up there duo and accidently fall of the stage, she was so embarrassed by the laughs and boo they were getting that after school she told her that she will make her life hell for ruining her chance.

Kaurwaki was worried about that. Couple of days later tunisha wouldn’t sit with her, she started accusing her of stealing her things and even got into a fight with her. Kaurwaki, was suspendedsuspended for a week because everyone claimed she started it. Her mom had told her to not worry, and that everything will be fine, but it wasn’t. When she reached her nineth grade year tunisha spreaded rumors about her and made everyone know her nickname.

She was so popular in a short time, that she became the face of the school. Sighing kaurwaki watch as the trees pass by, I will just try to make myself invisible once I get out. I’m sure they won’t notice me. She thought before thinking I’m glad ashok didn’t come with me, or my life would have been ruined. Just when she thought of that ashok appeared beside her window. By that time she was checking for her notes to study.

She turn and was surprise to see a reflection of ashoke. She turn to make sure and sigh when she saw no one there. Theirs no way ashoke followed me all the way from home, she thought before studying. On the other hand, ashoke got up after tripping on a pebble. Some people asked if he was OK and he said yes before running again to catch the bus.

When kaurwaki reached school, she quickly rushed out the bus and ran to class, missing ashok looking around. One of the kids who saw him, started laughing. Soon everyone that was of the bus started making fun of ashoke. Ashoke confuse asked them why they were pointing at him, and they told him, he looks like a clown with the outfit. Ashoke looks at his clothes wondering what was wrong with it. He looks at the boys clothes and frown, he’s clothes are worse than mine, the material is terrible while mine is the finest amongst the land, he thought.

He told the boy anyone would die to have his clothes, this made people laugh even more. Ashoke confuse didn’t understand them, he heard them calling him a clown, and he wondered what a clown was. These kids are disrespecting my clothing choices, are they mad. He thought, ashoke circle the boy who called him out before saying very loudly, ” I ASHOKE WILL FORGIVE YOU FOR INSULTING ME, but next time I will not be so forgiven” he says.

The boy blink before laughing even harder, he got up before calling ashoke a weirdo. Everyone else thought the same,nodding. Ashoke frown ” what is a weirdo?” He says

“What are you stupid, you don’t know what a weirdo is” he says blinking his tears away. when ashoke nod his head the boy called him stupid, ashoke told him he was not familiar with the word, this made the boy gap. ” this boy is really stupid” he says before saying he’s leaving because he doesn’t want to become dumb like him. So when the boy left, ashoke decides to search for the library. While searching he accidently enters the girl bathroom. He asks one of the girls washing there hands if they know where he can find a room filled with books.

The girls scream , calling him a pervert. The girl he asked slapped him out of anger, this left ashok with a red cheek. ” these girls are really violent, they must be guards for this school” he says holding his cheeks. He continue walking, once again lost. He turn a corner, and bump into sushim. When sushin saw him, he tried to turn the other way, but ashoke put his hand on his shoulder to stop him. “Sushim?” He says

Sushim sighs, he told ashoke to leave him, but ashoke refused. Sushim tried to punch him, but ashoke duck. Sushim tries to kick him, but ashoke jumps making him kick air, ashoke tries to talk to him but sushim refuses to listen. Some kids walking stop to see them. They started cheering, while some call there friends. Soon it was a big crowd, they were cheering, taking picture and even video taping.

Kaurwaki, listening to the teacher lecture, saw kids running out in the hall, saying sushim was fighting some clown with weird clothes. At first kaurwaki thought it was ashoke, but she brushed it aside and continue listening. About five minutes into the lesson she got a video message from the schools page. She check it and gasp when she saw ashoke. Why, she thought before standing up. She told the teacher she has to do something quick before running out the room.

Kaurwaki, while running, wonder what ashok was doing at her school, he couldn’t stay home, now could he, she thought now angry.


Sushim walk inside the palace searching for ahan, he found her practicing her sword fight. He had forgotten how good she was at fighting. He clap his hand, getting her attention before complementing her on her skills. Ahankara roll her eyes, she couldn’t sleep last night because of him, and now he’s here to annoy her. She thought by practicing she could get rid of the words in her head but she couldn’t.

“What are you doing here” she says
Sushim smirk before walking behind her and touch her hair ” I thought you wound miss me” he says

Ahankara turn around with anger ” and why would I do that” she asks

“Because you care for me” when he said this she laughs ” I would careless where you are, and who you spend your time with”

” I never imply that” he says

“Its obvious you want me to be jealous, why else you keep going to that place” she says

This time sushim smirk ” if I didn’t know any better I would say your jealous”

“I’m not” she says

” you are” he finished

Ahankara irritated Angry told him to pick up his sword. ” what?” He says

“You heard me, pick up your sword” she says impatient, sushim was not expecting this, he thought she would at least welcome him, like a lover would. OK, scratch that part, we are in the process of being lovers, he thought sighing. “I won’t ask again, pick up your sword” she says before attacking him

“Wait a second” he says surprise that she attack so forcefully.

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