Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 4

Precap: ashok meets sushim recarnation. But sushim doesn’t recognize ashok. Confuse, the family took ashok to a festival for kings, let’s continue

Dharma was at her privet garden, she was distracting herself from thinking of her son, one of bindusara wife told her to eat but she refuse, she told her that ashok wouldn’t want her to starve her unborn child. Dharma told her she was right, she will eat when the sun sets, but she will not break the promise she made to ashoke.

Bindusara walk in worried. He asks his other wife if she’s refusing to eat, and she said yes . he sighs, ” maybe after the child she will forget about ashok” he says, looking at his beloved wife.

Sushim, couldn’t get the words out of his head. He turn to the guards, asking them if they like him. The guards quickly said yes, sushim drunk turn to his friends ” see they like me, so why does she hate me, why does she talk of ashok with such fondness” he says getting angry

Sushim friends tried calming him, he snap his hand bringing girls from the harem. One of the girls look at sushim with want. She told the other girls to leave him, his all hers. His friend smirk, the girl walk to sushim while he was sitting. Sushim was not in a good mood. His friends leave with the other girls.

The girl start singing while dancing to a song call yu hi rei, sushim was somewhat enchanted by it. She move her hips in circular motion, touching her body seductively. At first sushim was going to walk away, but he stop when he saw ahankara, watching from the door. He smirk, before touching the girls face. He spun her around while watching ahankara. She advert her eyes when she saw the look he was giving her.

The girl touch his face, getting his attention. He look back at the door to see her gone. Angry he drop the girl and drunkly walk out, searching for her. He found her outside, getting on her horse. Since he didn’t want her to go, he walk in front of the horse and stood there, she told him to move, but he refuse. Sushim moved back a little drunk, he told her that she knows he likes her, yet she keeps putting an error to his heart.

He says its not just her, everyone does. His father, his mother, and even his brothers. He told her they made him this way, he was suppose to be the successor and bindusara favorite not ashok. She was suppose to be in love with him, not ashok. Everyone love ashok, but what about me. I am kicked into the side line, giving what ever I want. That’s not respect, I wanted to be just like father, and rule, but instead I’m thrown to the side line like the rest of my brothers.

He move closer to her and grab her hand ” what is so special about ashok, that you can’t see in me?” He says looking at her, she looks away before saying he is humble , and give people hope. That’s something you will never be”, when she said this sushim let her hand go and walk back in, unaware of someone watching him.

As soon as he reached the guest room, he sat down, tiered. Thinking about ahankara words. The girl from earlier walk in, she went behind him touching his chest. She told him, that ahankara is wrong, he has a very nice heart. He just have to prove it, she told him that she sees his lonlyness, and that she could help him with it.

Sushim drunk allowed her to drag him to the bed, before laying with her. The girl smirk, thinking he will be hers.

Modern day

Ashok looks at Akbar before puffing his chest. He stood tall and proud. He says you have embarrassed me by walking away from our fight, but this time you will not run. He jump down from the stool and walk there. When he reached, he looks at Akbar before shouting his name. This got his attention, Akbar told them to hault and got down ashok jump on the stage, he told him that their finally facing each other, this made Akbar raised his brow. He thought ashok was a fan, so he asks if he wants a picture with him. Ashoke confused asked him if that was another source of magic, this made Akbar laugh.

Ashok told him, he is not here for a picture but instead to fight him in a duel. He told him, he wants to see his strength, akbarb gladely accept. He was thinking the boy was pretty good at playing a king. He grab his fake sword and watch ashok, ashoke did the same, they both attack one another with speed. Ashok strikes, Akbar dodge, ashok jump when Akbar kick under and strike, ashok attacks head on. Everyone thought this was a performance, they were amazed and they cheered .

When ashok clang his sword , letting it hit Akbar, the sword broke. Everyone realize ashokn sword was real, the security guards quickly grab him. Whilen ashok struggle to get free, kaurwaki seeing this told them to let go of him, but they refuse. She plead to jodah snapping Akbar from his shock. He smile and told them to let ashok go, this made kaurwaki sigh with relief.

Akbar walk to ashok and told him he was a good actor, and that he should get into the industry, this confuse ashok, he didn’t know anything the man was saying, but he assume the man ment joining him for battle. “What is your name kid?” Akbar says , ashoke was contemplating whether or not to tell him, but just by looking at him, he could tell akbar was trust worthy. “Mere Nam ashok samrat” he says puffing his chest, when he said this akbar and the crowd were surprise, but they soon got over it and start clapping.

Jodah told him he played a good ashok, and that maybe one day he might actually land the part for the show. They said there good byes but before akbar left he told ashok, that he hopes to see him again. This made ashok smile, seems like I found my self an alley, maybe he can help me one day, he thought.

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