Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 3


Precap: ashok woke up and found an interesting thing call tv. While ahankara tries to search for more clues against sushim.

Kaurwaki was going crazy, she was running everywhere searching for ashok. See after ashok was well, her mom decides to help ashok find his home. Ashok was very happy to hear that and even told her onces his home he will reward her greately. They had asked him where exactly was his home, and he told it was pataliputa, Patna. They both were happy to know it was near. So one of the problem was the car, when ashok heard it start he took his sword out ” you will release kaurwaki mother, or you will die by my blade” he says

Kaurwaki shook her head, her brother asks him what he was doing, and she told him he was crazy. She grab walk pass him, and open the car, ashok seeing this quickly grab her telling her not to get in. He push her behind him ready to fight the car, kaurwaki had enough. She grab his ears, and drag him in the car even though he was protesting. She tries to push him in , but he was holding on to the car on each side, telling her he will not enter. “Ashok!” She says

” the car won’t kill you, get in” she says
Ashok stop struggling before saying this thing name is scah, kaurwaki nod, she told him that it will transport them to places, like a horse. This got him interested, he sigh before saying ” we will see how fast you are”, kaurwaki pushed him inside while he was distracted and got in. Ashok was sitting straight with his hand cross, he was waiting to see how fast the car was.

When the car moved, he said to himself this car was not fast, ” I can run barefoot, faster then this scah” ayan asks if that was true, and ashok nod, he told them how he beat his brother sushim in a race barefoot. This made kaurwaki turn around, ” your brother is sushim?” She says

“Yes he is, do you know him?”
Kaurwaki gulp, oh no I can’t believe this is sushim brother, what will happen when sushim finds out I touched his brother. He will surely bully me, she thought, she looks up at ashok wondering what had happen to him , and if sushim must have done this to him. She was soon snap out of it when she realized ashok was waiting on her ” yes sushim goes to my school”she says

Ashok was confuse, “how come I’ve never met you there” he says, kaurwaki thought the same. When they reached Patna, her mom drove them to sushim house. They all step out, to see sushim on his motocycle trying to hit on girls. Her mom walk to him earning a glare from him ” sorry aunty your not my type” he says making her laugh

She told him, she’s happily married and that she just want to return his brother to him. ” bhai?” He says confuse “I don’t have no brother,lady” he says, the lady ushers ashok and asks him, if this was his brother, ashok nod, he watch sushim, before wondering why his wearing ridiculous clothes. It could be said the same for sushim , he didn’t know why their saying ashok was his brother when he has no sibling. He frown before telling them to leave him.

Kaurwaki mom sadly turns around. She told ashok maybe he got the wrong person, but ashok just stood in front of sushim, saying this is his brother, this made sushim angry. Sushim got up and look at ashok. ” for the last time punk, I have no brother. I’ve never seen you in my life. So stop telling people that we are related” he says before pushing ashok, making him fall on the ground.

They watch as sushim got on his motorcycle and drove away.kaurwaki walk to ashoke asking him if he was alright, she told him sushim is a bad person, but today she now knows how evil he can be by not aknowleging his own brother. She turn to her mother asking her what they should do, and she told her they will come back when his cool down, so for the mean time ashok will stay with them.

The car ride was quiet, ayan didn’t like when its quiet. He suggested that they show ashok around the city. The mom agreed, she told them theirs a festival going on for the kings. This grab ashok attention. “Kings?” He says

“Yes, to honor them for their bravery”

Ashok thought about it, he says to himself maybe there small king Akbar might be there. Decided he told them he will go. ” maybe we can finally on duel” he mumble

When they reached the festival , they saw huge balloons that looks like Akbar and ashok, but an elder version. People were dancing, walking around and playing games. Kaaurwaki mom told them to stay close, but ashok wasn’t listening. He was searching for this so call king. He jump on top of a stool and look around, when he saw a man sitting on his thrown he smirk. ” there he is, I got you now” he says

So this brought kaurwaki back to the beginning, she search around until finally she heard a commotion. Running to the direction she saw ashok being held against some guards, he was struggling to get free. Why do I always find him in situations like these she thought before walking to them.

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