Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 2


Precap: a young ashok is found in Kaurvaki backyard injured, while Kaurvaki prepares for her birthday party.

Ashok woke up to the sound of people bickering, he turn his head to see kaurwaki and ayan argueing over god knows what. Kaurwaki was telling her brother to leave his sword alone, but her brother was being stubborn . he told her he just want to see if it was real or not, but kaurwaki told him he’s being rude.

Their mom told them to stop arguing when she saw ashoke staring at them. She turn to ashok and asks him if he was feeling better and he nod. He asks where was he and she told him he’s at her house. “We found you in the garden, unconscious” she says before adding “if my daughter didn’t find you, you would have been dead”, ashoke turn to kaurwaki who was watching him attentively, she was cautious and curious about ashok, but she didn’t show it. Her brother on the other hand was supper curious, he started bombing ashok with many questions which gave him a headache.

The mom seeing this told ayan to help her clean up, ayan pouts before following. Leaving ashok and kaurwaki alone. Both teens were quiet in their own mind. Ashok worrying about his mom while kaurwaki, wondering why his wearing clothes like that. She looks at him before asking him his name. “My name is asho-” he quickly stop when he realize he was about to give up his full name, kaurwaki not missing the pause says ” your name is assho?” She says, he quickly compose himself , I can’t tell her my true identity she might be an unknown enemy. He says looking at her dress , by the amount of jeweleries she’s wearing, she’s probably royalty. I have to keep an eye on her, he thought ” my name is ashok” he says

“Ashok?” She whispers

He looks at her with a smirk before asking for her name “kaurwaki”, ashok smiles saying the name, the room became quiet once again. Just than her mom came and told her, her dad has a surprise for her. She quickly excuse herself and went down stairs, leaving ashoke alone. Now that he was alone, he took the time to look around. He move to stand, not knowing the TV remote was on the floor. He stepped on it by accident putting the TV on. Ashok was surprise to see people on the TV.

He watch as a man name jodah Akbar sit on the thrown while talking. This must be there king, he thought, watching him demand to behead a group of traitors. He walk closer to the box and touch it ” what kind of sorcery is this” he says he watch as the man battle, he admit he was skilled. The man told them that no one can defeat him, this made ashok scuff and puff his chest ” a man as small as yourself can never be as good as I ashok samrat” he says, when ashok said that he watch as the man draw his sword, ashok seeing this draw his sword.

Just when ashok was about to fight him, kaurwaki enters the room, surprise, she asks him what he was doing, “this man challenge me to a duel, so I accept” he says

Kaurwaki look at the TV and than ashok. She shook her head before thinking to herself, this boy is crazy, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to help him. Ashok turn back to the TV to see Akbar walking away, he frown before screaming at the TV, telling him to come back and fight him. He told Akbar that a king never turns his back on a duel.

And so this was how kaurwaki came to a conclusion that ashok must have hit his head really hard.

In the past

Ahankara was searching for clues, any clues in the city, she asks the people if they’ve seen ashok pass by here, but they all said no, a man in a hoody threw a stone at her to grab her attention. Ahankara glared at the man and asks him why he did that. The man ushers her inside, and close the door. She took her knife out, cautiously waiting to see if the man will strike, but when he didn’t she put her knife down. “I’m no threat, I just overheard you asking about ashoke” he says

Hearing his name she grab the man shoulder asking if he really saw ashok, the man nod his head. He told her that he was pulling on the cart when he saw a man running, the guards were screaming to get him. ” who were the guards” she says
The man thought about it, trying to remember. He told her he couldn’t see their face since it was dark, but he knew the one they were chasing was ashok because they said his name. Ahankara frown, she was hoping for more clues then this. She turn around to leave, but the man remembered something “miss” he says

“Yes what is it”
” the guards, they came from the palace direction” he says making her smile. Happily she gave him somencoins for his help, before walking out. ” just found a clue against you sushim, now all I have to do is find those guards and you will be dead” she says walking away. While walking she wasn’t aware of someone watching her. The person walk inside the man’s house surprising him, just when he was about to say something. The person slash the man on his stomach, making him fall on his knees. He walk away ignoring the mans plea for help.

Anhankara walk to sushim while he was strolling with one of the princess’s , when he saw her he smile before excusing himself. “Ladies, I will be right back” as soon as he walk to her, she slaps him. The ladies gasp while he held his jaw ” I see someone is a little jealous”

” why did you send guards after ashok? What were you trying to accomplish by killing him” she says sushim asks her what she was talking about, but she only scuff. ” don’t try to act like you don’t know, one of the people saw the palace guards chasing after him”, the palace guards he mumbles before telling her she shouldn’t believe everything she hears, especially from beggar’s. Ahankara says the man was not a beggar, sushim raise his brows “did you give him money?” When she didn’t speak he got his answer.

” that’s not the point, you wanted proof against you. Then he is my proof”she says

Sushim giving up sighs ” very well, take me to this person, and we will see” he says

Few minutes later ahankara knock on the man’s door, when he didn’t respond, she knock harder. This led the door to crack open, she walk in to see the man lying there on the floor dead. Ahankara was surprise, it wasn’t long that she saw him, and now he’s dead. She held her tears at bay, and close the man’s eyes before saying a few prayer. When sushim got closer he made a joke about the man and insulted his well being. Ahankara out of anger, asked him if he did this, when he didnt reply she stood up and start hitting his chest. “How could you, he was innocent” she says

She told him, he must have followed her, and heard everything. That’s probably the reason why he killed the man. Sushim just stood there letting her hit him. He told her that his life was meaning less, and at least he can rest without worrying about death. Ahankara remove herself from him before telling him, she hates him. Hearing this sushim felt angry, but he compose himself before walking out, leaving ahankara alone in that house.

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