Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 14


Precap: ashok learns about volleyball. While playing he was hit and was sent to the nurse office.now let’s continue

Chapter 14

Kaurvaki didn’t know how to handle the situation. She decides to do what her mother usually does and pat his head. When ashok was calm, he open his eyes. He pull away and thank her. Kaurvaki blush, before making an excuse to leave. Ashok seeing her getting up quickly got up to grab her hand. ” kaurvak-” he never finish when he lost his footing.

Suddenly their was a big noise. Kaurvaki rub her head and glare at ashok, but stop when she saw their position. Ashok was on top of her with both of his hand on each side of her face. Like he was getting ready to do pushups. They stare at one another, brown meets dark brown. If ashok move any closer they would kiss. But no one was thinking that. Kaurvaki was going through harmons, she never had a crush on anyone before, so she didn’t know why she was reacting different towards ashok.

She denies, liking ashok. And says in head, it’s probably because of the fall, her heart is thumping. Ashok eyes soften ” don’t leave me” he says ” stay for a while”

She became mute, and could only nod. Ashok smile, and thank her, before getting up and giving her a hand. Once up, she went back to her seat and look anywhere, but ashok. Ashok didn’t mind. He sat down and stare at his hand. ” I had a nightmare of my mother , she was crying and calling for me.” He says getting her attention.

” i was fighting pirates trying to turn the ship around, when I was hit by our enemy….kalinga. then I came to this unknown place. Mother must be worried”

Kaurvaki believed him until he mention pirates and kalinga. He must have hit his head really hard, I will tell the nurse to check him. She stop thinking when she caught ashok eyes. Maybe it’s true, I mean his clothes from before is foreign. She shook her head, no…no Kaurvaki, it’s not possible. Ashok is making you think crazy now, theirs no way his story is true

It wasn’t long before the nurse came. She check ashok some more, before they left. While walking, Kaurvaki realize how quiet ashok was. He wasn’t his proud self, but instead looks lost.

She didn’t like it, ” I will have to cheer him up. Maybe take him to the movies” she mumbles

They stop when they heard siamak voice. They turn when siamak came running with his backpack on. ” Kaurvaki… Kaurvaki!! Guess what” he said excitedly

” you won’t believe what I just found ”

Kaurvaki raise a brow ” what is it? ”

Siamak smile ” so I was doing a history report on the kings of magda, and I came across ashok. I wanted to know more about him so I searched the library and even the internet. I found many information, but I wanted a picture of ashok. My professor decides to send me a drawing they did of ashok as a young boy, and look.”

Kaurvaki look at the drawing, so did ashok. She gasp ” no way”

Siamak nod with excitement. ” can you believe this, our ashok is our king that unites India”

Kaurvaki says ” I believe that ashok is a recarnation, and his ancestor probably ashok.”

Siamak frown ” no, he is the real ashok. I’m telling you. Don’t you remember the weird clothes, and the way he speaks.”

” enough Siamak. Theirs no way, someone from the maurya Dynasty Can come to the future. Its just not possible ”

Ashok looking at the drawing says they draw him well. He says they will have to get who ever drew this, to draw a portrait of his mother. Siamak points to ashok ” see, he even acknowledge it. ”

Kaurvaki, thought she was crazy earlier, but it seems like she wasn’t the only one affected by the ashok virus. ” I don’t believe this”

” its believable if someone time travel” he says


Sushim frown ” you can’t seriously believe this ahankara, this men has lost his mind.”

” he could be right Sushim, ashok could be alive, lost somewhere ”

The men told Sushim he doesn’t have to believe him, but the one they seek is in the future. Ahankara asks how was it possible. The men says he Don know. Ahankara frown, ” please… how can we get him back?”

” you won’t be able too, only time will tell. All you can do is wait”

Ahankara frown, she hates being useless. Sushim glares ” let’s say I believe this crazyness. Why is it I wasn’t chosen, but instead he was”

The men fell silent. ” that I don’t know, but theirs consequences.”

Ahankara was now alert ” consequence, like what?”

” history will change, if the one you seek doesn’t come back. He will disappear from our memory and world”

” no, that’s not good. We have to do something ” Ahankara sYs panicking

Sushim smirk, he was loving this now. No ashok means he will be fathers favorite. Ahankara asks the men, if their was a way to send ashok a message. The men nod, Sushim didn’t like the idea at all.

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