Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 13


Precap: ashok and sushim race for the flag. Ashok manage to win, but got in trouble. Now let’s continue

Chapter 14

“Hello ashok” tunisha says

Ashok raise an eye brow, while Kaurvaki cross her hand. Tunisha walk to ashok and told him how cool he was jumping from building to building ” it was like..Spiderman ” she finished.

” Spiderman? Is that a friend of yours Kaurvaki?” He asks

Kaurvaki slaps her forehead ” no ashok, he isn’t real”

Ashok gave her the uhu face before turning to Tunisha. She put her hand around ashok and push Kaurvaki with her hips. Making her fall. ” oops, clumsy me” she says

Ashok looking at Kaurvaki, asks if she was alright. She told ashok not to worry. ” you heard her, let’s go ashok”

” bu-“, before he can talk Tunisha drags him along.

Kaurvaki sigh, siamak extend his hand. He asks her if it was OK for ashok to hang with Tunisha. ” it’s not my problem, ashok can do what he likes. We’re not friend’s ” she says.

It was during gym class. Ashok was amazed at the size of the room. He was fascinated by the equipments. He was excited to try them. When ashok saw Kaurvaki coming out with her hair tied and shorts he blush. ” what is this outfit, I’ve never seen something like it before. ” siamak smile ” welcome to the 21st centeres, ashok” he jokes

Soon the girls came out. Ashok close his eyes. He has never seen so many undecent girls before. He was surprise this teacher allows it. Tunisha walks to ashok and told him to sit besides her. Ashok wanted to go to Kaurvaki, but tunisha kept getting in the way. When the coach blows the whistle, they all line up. He check for uniform, but stop when he saw ashok out of uniform.

” why aren’t you wearing your uniform?”

” I don’t have” he says

The gym teacher told him to follower him, while everyone starts to mumble. The gym teacher told ashok to wear the uniform. At first ashok refuse, but he did anyway.when he came out, he was complaining about the texture, but the girls we’re screaming. Ashok was alert. ” waw ashok you look normal”

” of course, I’m always normal”

Tunisha walk up to ashok saying he look hot. Ashok confuse says ” how can that be when theirs no fire around him or the sun”

” what?….no, hot as in you look good”

Ashok puff his chest ” of course, I have my mother looks”

The coach told them to stop screaming and pair up. Ashok seeing Kaurvaki stretching, told Kaurvaki he wants to be her partner. Tunisha object and told ashok to be hers. But ashok refuse saying he only wants Kaurvaki. This made the girls glare at her. Kaurvaki told ashok it was fine, but ashok refuse to work with anyone else, but her. Sushim told her, she can be his partner.

Tunisha roll her eyes and walk past him. Sushim became angry ” this ashok is not only stealing my girl, but ruining my reputation ”

One of his friend says ” what should we do?”

” we will get him during the volleyball game.”

They quickly got into teams and start the game. Ashok didn’t know anything about this game. Ashok told siamak he only knows strategies , and how to fight in the battle field. Siamak thought about it, ” I got it. Why don’t you see this as a battle field. Pretend this is the war zone, the ball is the enemy, your trying to send them back home. By using your hands as a sword. The home is the other side, every time you send the ball home, you win”

Ashok eyes brightness. ” I see….OK… I will try this game” he says.

When the game started, ashok watch as they throw the ball. He did exactly how siamak instructed him, before throwing it and smacking it. The balk went flying to the other side. Everyone was amazed ” wow ashok that was fast” one of the member said

Ashok smile, sushim was angry. The game kept going, until ashok was hit on the face. He fell down before going unconscious. ” ashok!” He heard, the teacher quickly took him to the nurse, he told everyone to stay except Kaurvaki since she lives with him. Few hours later Kaurvaki was by ashok side, she look out the window to see the track team running ” when did I become his baby sitter. ” . She sigh and turn to ashok. watching him sleep. She observe his face and detail. ” he looks so normal ” she says

She was about to touch his face when ashok quickly sat up and hug her ” ma, I’m here. I won’t go anywhere ” he says, Kaurvaki surprise, eyes widen. She could feel ashok breath on her neck, and his hold tightening on her. He was repeating the same thing over and over again saying he won’t go anywhere. She just didn’t know what to do in a situation like this.

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